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Yay! These patterns are done just in time for Valentine’s Day! I ♥️ holiday earrings 🙂 #crochetjewelry #tattedjewelry get these patterns now! PDF download in my Etsy shop link in profile!!
Working on a pattern for Heart earrings♥️♥️ wonder why🤔😂 #crochethearts #tattedheart
Alpaca lace yarn from @knit_picks sure made a lovely crochet sweater!! This is a top down sweater from @doraohrenstein book Top Down Sweaters.. it’s the third sweater I’ve made from that book! If you like crocheting sweaters I highly recommend it! ♥️
This was my first year on my new blog Hand Works From The Heart ❤️. I posted articles, pattern round ups , how to’s and 8 original FREE crochet and tatting patterns! 2018 has been a very blessed year. Thank you for sharing the journey with me 🙏 2019 will be filled with more patterns , creative inspiration and expanding skills!! #crochetblog #tatting_lace #blessedbygod
There is a method for everyone and ALL methods produce a beautiful tatted lace! I’ve done all three and cro-tat aka crochet tatting is my preferred method. Make sense because I am a #crochetdiva ! 😂 I have a post comparing the three tatting methods. So pick the method for you and give it a go! Let 2019 be about learning and expanding skills! Link to my blog in bio! Tag me if you give tatting a try! What method is best for you ? 🙂
Now with Christmas behind me I’m ready to organize and plan new projects!!! I made this printable planner sheet to help me and you can get a copy for yourself on my blog! It’s totally FREE! Blog link in bio! #craftorganization
#freecrochetpattern on my blog! I wrote this pattern to specifically work with #handspunyarn #artyarn but it also works with bulky yarns! Works up in no time! Do if you need an extra 🎄🎄 gift! Pattern is on my blog and link is in my bio😁
So yay!! I finally got these patterns all together! There are 3 different patterns for tiny angels.. 1 for crochet , 1 for cro-Tatting and 1 for any tatting method ! They are fun and fast and make the cutest earrings! #holidayearrings give one a try link to blog in bio! 🎄🎄🎄🎄
The pattern is ready!! It’s on my blog in profile ♥️🎄♥️ #christmastatting
I’ve tatted this pattern over and over! So fast and so beautiful 😍🌸 Pic/Pattern from Pinterest
The race is on for all #makers to get their #tatting #crocheting #knitting or whatever done !! Watch my version of this easy pattern #tattedearrrings next week if you’ve still got gifts to make for an earring loving girl! #earringstyle
#sparklinglightcreationstudio recently shared this awesome free pattern on their Facebook page! Check them out! I love their patterns
Gorgeous free tatting pattern from Angela Graphics . Makes some very very elaborate earrings! #tattingpattern
Confused about what patterns work for cro-tatting? I have an informative post about 'Modifying tatting patterns for cro-tatting' ⁣ Link to blog and post in profile⁣ Where A Heritage Art Meets Modern Design #tatting #tattinglove #crotat #crotatting #tattinglace #tattingpattern # lacemaker #lacemakerofinstagram #lizbeththread #crochetthread #tattinglaceaccessory #tattingjewelry #moderntatting #crochettechinque #tattingaccessories #frivolite ' #tattersofinstagram #tattingnecklace #tatting_lace #tattingthread #crotatted #lovelytatting #lacetatting #vintageart #heritageneedleart
‘‘Tis the season .. #crotat #christmastatting
Tatting earrings and bracelet . Loving this Lizbeth thread💕 going to be a fun set to wear ❤️
The last few days have been so busy I haven’t had time to tat any new designs. But it’s time to get creative today. I’ve set aside an hour for Tatting only! 🌸 #creativefix #tattingmakesmehappy
I love getting in that creative flow!! #creativelifehappylife #gomakesomething
I think I get asked about this technique more than any other.. Tatting the chains with a hook. It’s not hard and once you learn it you can use just about any tatting pattern available no matter what method it was wrote for! 💪 only you’ll be able to do it faster 😜 #crotat #tattingtutorial
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