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В разноцветном пузыре Видно все, что во дворе: И скамейка, и цветы, И зеленые кусты, И деревья, и дома, В них видна и я сама.
Dog🐶 is the most amazing partner for a baby👶 🐕 Follow 📸@petsforever_io Visit us 👉 🌐 IG link: www.Instagram.com/petsforever_io 🐶 🌐 web link : www.petsforever.Io/ 🐶
Wenn mal wieder ein Hund an meinem Fenster vorbeiläuft und ich da wieder nicht hin darf🙈 #pugsoninstagram #pugslife ##mops ##mopslove #mopslife #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsphotography #mopsoftheday #sonne #chillen #freunde
I’m a natural with the camera 📸🌅 #dogsphotography #labsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppys #dogsandpals !!
Some rare team photos from our trip to the farm last week 🐾 This photo was taken after an extremely stressful and anxious trip to the doctors, followed by a breakdown and a lot of frustration. Dad was a mess, and really didn't want to go back home, so instead we went to the farm a couple blocks away 🌳 It was super hot, so we had a little stroll around the garden and vegetable patch before settling on the grass in the shade for some relaxing time. I managed to guide dad around all of the twists and turns of the garden, and started doing a new natural task "find the shade", which was really helpful in the heat ☉ Being outside, away from the concrete and the city and all the people has always helped dad to feel calm, and has always been the time when we feel closest. It's when we are both the most ourselves ❤ After that doctors visit, dad then moved pharmacies so we no longer have to make a 1.5 hour round trip every few weeks to pick up his meds. He also made a new plan: every time we go to the doctors, we go to the farm afterwards! 🐝 This means that we now have something positive to look forward to every time we have to go to another lousy appointment. It also means that I get to spend more time with my animal friends there, and that we get more quality time to spend together in a calming and safe environment 🍃🏕
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one‘s soul remains unawakened - Anatole France My girl really is the most lovely and sweet friend one could wish for❤️ Canon 750D 70-200mm F/4L USM 1/500sec f/4 ISO100 #rescueismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #aspiringphotographer #Zauberlicht #dogsphotography #hundemodel
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