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8 months post knee surgery and almost 2 years after breast cancer I can do knees to chest better then I could have back in 2016 before shoulder surgery and get a decent squat in. Never let your past dictate your future. #fulkersonosteotomy #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #shouldersurgery #personaltrainer #armyvet #overcomeobstacles @barbellsforboobs @crunchgarwood #crunchtv #crunchgarwood
Dear mom, Today you would have turned 70 if breastcancer didnt kill you 😔 You were only 45 when the breastcancer hit you. You fight went to a surgery and 45 radiations and it seems that you had won . Then at age 55 the cancer came back, in you liver, 4 months later you closed your eyes 😢 God I miss you, I cant count the times that I wanted to call you.... Because of the high risk I have of getting breastcancer and the change of prevent me of that I have had a double mastectomy 2,5 years ago and I wasnt very lucky, meanwhile I’ve had 10 surgeries and a few to go. It was / is a pretty rough time and many times I cried for you. You where the sweetest mom I could have , have a drink in heaven with dad🍻 Till we’ll meet again , love u ❤️ ......... Lieve mam, Vandaag zou je 70 geworden zijn als borstkanker je niet had vermoord😞 Je was pas 45 toen je borstkanker kreeg. Je vocht je door een operatie en 45 bestralingen heen en het leek of je gewonnen had. En toen , op je 55e was het terug, in je lever, 4 maanden later sloot je je ogen voorgoed.😢 God wat mis ik je, ik kan geeneens meer tellen hoe vaak ik je op wil bellen. Vanwege het hoge risico om zelf borstkanker te krijgen, kreeg ik de kans om preventief te handelen. 2,5 jaar terug heb ik beide borsten laten amputeren, helaas heb ik heel veel pech gehad en ondertussen mijn 10e operatie achter de rug en nog een paar voor de boeg. Het was/ is een behoorlijk zware tijd en vaak heb ik om jou gejankt. Je was de liefste moeder die ik kon hebben, neem een drankje in de hemel met papa🍻 Till we’ll meet again , hou van je ❤️ #breastcancer #doublemastectomy #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #birthday #lovemom #foobs #mastectomy
A pic from our family vacay right before my last surgery. I wasn’t able to walk much but this waterfall in the Dominican Republic was worth it! #fightingbreastcancer #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #HER2 + #lularoe #lularoejessie @lularoe
🏕Four days, three nights, and 60 KM spent walking in the woods with this man.🏕 • This is precisely how I needed to celebrate and explore my three month post-surgery body. There were moments I didn’t quite feel like myself (thanks expanders). I learned many things about this new bod of mine. I’m also thankful @robnicholls was always there to to watch my back (and my front). Together we can, truly do anything. #iwillfollowyouanywhere #intothewoodswego #postsurgery #climbmountains #hikerlife #aintnothinggoingtostopme #hiker #happyhiker #doublemastectomy #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #brca1 #brca2 #brcagene #ontario #ontarioparks #yourstodiscover #westernuplandstrail #westernuplandsbackpackingtrail
A dear friend got married and this momma played dress up and enjoyed a night out with friends. I can’t tell you how great it felt to be surrounded by love, friends, and good vibes. #ThisIsLiving . • Feeling more ‘normal’ every day. Last night was what I needed. Let loose and celebrated life and love 💕 . • I hope everyone had a great weekend ✌🏼
We drove for hours on this day from Disneyland in Anaheim to San Fran. We had this trip already planned before I was diagnosed and we didn’t cancel it. We never canceled any of our plans. In fact, we were fortunate to be able to schedule all of my breast cancer surgeries and treatments around OUR lives. Not once did we rearrange our lives because cancer decided to sneak in. I had my double mastectomy 6 days later. . April 2018 . #mybreastcancerstory #smashlife #saturdaystorytime
Down poured every second but this one, still had to get out of the house 🌧 😎 #rainmakesmethehappiest #andjeans #innerjoedirt #solopicasalways #boys 🙄😆💁🏼‍♀️ For all my breasties 🥊 I am wearing the most amazing support bra by @infinitebeautyintimates specifically made for women that have had a double mastectomy like myself.. it seriously has helped me so much with keeping my chills at bay, compression & comfort! 🙌🏼
Health is wealth Learn to invest in yourself If your overweight just don’t talk about do something about ! If your diet is poor , change it ....you only have one you #healthiswealth #goodskinforlife #yelleskincare #eatclean #healthcoach #lifecoach #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #livingbeyongbreastcancer #inspiringothers #livetoinspire #talkwithtamnealy #nomakeup #ihaveeyebrows #cleanface
Exchange surgery is done!!! Feeling good but still rocking my stylish ted hose 🤣 #postopnumber2 #bilateralmastectomy #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #previvor #brca2 #facingourrisk
I got to see the plastic surgeon today after the oncologist visit & now I’m down to one drain tube!!! ALSO... They removed the air in the expanders and replaced them with liquid. What a difference it made, not only with pain but with the shape of them. ♥️ They’ll remain in this state until after everything is said & done with radiation & chemo. #perky #nobraneeded #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #doublemastectomy #fuckcancer
One-Month Post-Op Update: When the driving restriction is taken away, the stir-crazy #doublemastectomyrecovery patient will play! 😜 And by play, I mean going on a short drive with all my puffy pillows (keeps the seatbelt from pressing/rubbing against my chest) to get a yummy cuppa jo from my favorite coffee stand Honey and Pine and a bagel from Big O (plus a quick stop by school to pick up a work release form so I can start teaching at the beginning of the school year in a few short weeks) then back home to relax and watch some Harry Potter. It wasn’t much, but it felt amazing to go somewhere besides my doctors appointments, and be able to drive myself to boot. Sadly, I’m exhausted, even though I barely did anything, so I’m going to be taking it pretty easy for the rest of the day. Still sore from my fill ‘em up appointment yesterday, so I don’t want to overdo it. Little by little, getting better and better. #nomoredrivingrestrictions #loveharrypotter #relaxandrecover #cancerdoesntwin #doublemastectomywithreconstruction
Let’s face it.. if you don’t fuel your body correctly you won’t get the goals you are chasing. . As a master coach in one of the most successful nutritional plans I want to help show you that you can fuel your body all the while still eating the foods🍔 you love. . While I LOVE working out.. the next 12 weeks will be the LONGEST 12 weeks of my life 🤦‍♀️as I will have alligator arms 🐊 and healing from my #doublemastectomywithreconstruction surgery. . So to continue to help people I’m going to open up a #nutritiononly group... no workouts required. Just #extracredit . If you have tried everything and don’t want #foodrestrictions this is for you! . We will work on our relationships with food.. how to fuel your body and get results without starving yourself! . If your interested in this offer.. drop your favorite food 🍟 emoji or send me a dm and I’ll be in touch with deets! Spots are limited so get at me! . . #dietfreelife #lifestylechange #healthyfromtheinside #itstartswithfood #overcomingaddiction #nutritioncoach #accountabilitypartner #womeninspiringwomen #breastcancerwarrior #momswithcancer #fuelyourbodyright #myfitnessjourney #wellnesswednesday
It is officially 12 weeks since my preventative double mastectomy. While I had an inclination that I would walk myself to the OR, no one prepared me for it. As a #previvor I made the decision to undergo surgery rather than screening - there is no right or wrong decision, only right for you - yet I wasn’t prepared to muster up the courage to push my legs forward each and every step that day. The nurse initiated small talk with me, but all I kept thinking was “Is this really happening, am I really doing this?” It didn’t feel like I was in my own body. I learned much about myself that day. That was the day I walked into my SELF and owned every part of her. I began the grieving process for the woman I left behind and embraced the new woman I would become. I learned by showing up, the true depth of my courage. I saw my inner strength so deeply intertwined to my vulnerability. My friends, in the words of @brenebrown “sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up” • 📸 @karlyschaeferphotography#breasties #fallinlovewithyourself #breastie #showyourselflove #showyourselfkindness #brenebrowninspired #brenebrownwisdom @the_breasties
2 drains removed today, 1 to go hopefully out tomorrow! Then back to work Monday and trying to get back to “normal” life again whatever that looks like before radiation starts. Kids start school next week too, I’ve never been more behind on that prep ever, luckily they don’t notice. #jpdrains #youngbreastcancer #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #backtolifebacktoreality
The boobs are 100% changing. They are getting bigger (ish) really dented and rippled and wow they’re sore! 😣 my surgeon seems to think that most of his patients have better shaped boobs after pregnancy so guess we’ll have to wait and see! #doublemastectomy #doublemastectomywithreconstruction #brca #postop #pregnancy #myjourney #12weeks
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