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🛑❌ BRISBANE CLIENTS❌🛑 Ladies can i have your attention please! I will now be offering my services to all of my Brisbane clients closer to you, I will be located at the @thebeautylofte 1-2 days a week so now it will be so much easier for you to come and visit and have those lashes and brows perfected :) If you wish to book in please dont hesitate, message me and i can book your pretty face in ❤ I will still be offering my services to all of my Ipswich and surrounding area clients as normal! P.S we have the lovely Mia to look after your nails and the loving Bec who will look after all you skin needs and spiritual healing. Lots of love to all my Beauties, Britt xxx #lashesareeverything #brows #lashlove 💗 #lasheducation #educatingclients #careing #loving #feelgood #browshapeandtint #browshapeandhenna
PART 1: **PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE SET OF NAILS WAS NOT DONE AT #pinkmeup ... they were done at a previous salon and I had soaked them off, given it a weeks break, then added just gel polish on to help them grow since they were very badly damaged.** Ladies.. 🙂 I have some stuff I would like to share (hopefully a learning lesson)... This is what happens when you pay R100 for a full set of tips, acrylic & gel. Let’s use our logic & be reasonable... if something is priced too low... something is wrong. ☝️It’s either the products being used is not of quality or it’s not up to standard. Whether it’s your nails or cuticles... you pay for what you receive, so paying a little more for better quality without further damage works pretty well, treatments don’t need to be expensive to be done well. Be highly qualified & skilled is what is needed for a proper treatment to be done 100%. Nails, waxing, facials, etc. At the end of the day.. those cheaper products could possibly react.. and it’s going on your very own skin. 😰So protect yourself, be smart & go for QUALITY not quantity. Example Scenario: A R10 upperlip with generic wax versus R40 with quality professional wax. Hmmm. I’ll go with a R40 because it’s on my face after all 😂😌 #ThrivingThursday #pinkmeup101 #QualityNotQuantity #EducatingClients Please feel free to drop a comment or suggestions! Happy Thursday Ladies!🤗
Russian Volume fullset❤ If you are wanting somthing like a strip lash look these babies are for you! #lashesareeverything #lasheducation #educatingclients #fullsetlashes #volumelashes #fluffylashes #keepemfullkeepemfluffy #contactme #bookingupfast
I always get clients who show me pictures of what they want their lashes to look like and every person has different eye shapes. Please don’t expect your lashes to look like the picture you showed me. You look prettier in your own eye shape.
1031 Exchange : to receive full benefit your replacement property should be equal or greater value. You must identify a replacement property for the assets sold within 45 days and then conclude the exchange within 180 days. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 721 Exchange : allows investors to avoid taxes and keep their wealth working for them in a tax-deferred exchange of their investment property for shares in a REIT. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For tax deferral in a 1031 exchange, a taxpayer must exchange real property for other “like-kind” real property. . . . If you have additional questions, contact me for a deeper consultation with one of my tax advisers from our team. . #taxesmatter #1031exchange #721exchange #floridataxes #atrium809 #mycompass #compassflorida #news #buyerschoice #educatingclients #goals #knowledgeispriceless #taxadviser #realestateandtaxes #realestatestyle #didyouknow #linkinbio 👆👆
Did you know that being a professionally trained, licensed MUA has a plethora of benefits...knowledge of aesthetics (artistic movement) being a major one. Knowing and understanding facial anatomy allows for “us” the “artist” to give the illusion of that perfect facial structure, wheather it involves creating lifted cheeks, or giving hooded eyelids more depth with the right color placement & technique. Which set of eyes most resembles yours? Knowledge is power & non-negotiable Www.tonipaintmecouture.com #educatingclients #makeup #cutcrease #makeupartist #neutrals #makeupartistry #freelance #freelancemua #mua #customlashes #motd #lotd #art #floridamua #miamimua #slayed #beat #miamimakeupartist #highlight #contour #blending #transition #photooftheday #icanteachyou #technique
My answer to every problem. Just tox it! . Let's get informational for a minute here since IG is all about informative and creative content. A common side effect with Toxin injections can be a headache afterwards. Yes, Toxin is used medically to treat tension headaches and migraines, however, it can often cause headaches up to a couple weeks. While the direct answer as to why this happens isn't quite clear, there's a few good theories. . If a headache strikes on the same day you received injections, it's likely a stress related headache. The anxiety of receiving the injections, especially for first-timers, can trigger a tension headache. If you experience a delayed headache - 3 to 7 days after Toxin injections - it could be related to the neuromodulator kicking in and working to relax the muscles. . I usually advise Tylenol for the first week if you're experiencing a headache. While it's important to avoid medications like Advil (ibuprofen) and Aspirin for the first few days to a week after injections as it contributes to bruising, go ahead and pop them afterwards if you need a bit more headache control. With all of this information, the benefits and pros far outweigh the cons and negatives in my professional opinion. . #botoxsideeffects #headachesideeffect #tensionheadaches #botoxtension #dysportheadaches #educationalposts #educatingclients #educatingmypatients #botoxmigraineinjections #botoxmigraines #clinicaluses #botoxapproved #clusterheadaches #medicalusesofbotox #medicaldysport #botoxclinicalstudies #healthcanadaapprovedproducts #informingthepublic #tylenolforthefirstweek #advilincreasesbruising Repost @allureaestheticsfl
Busting one of the biggest myths of buying a house on this week's 60 Seconds with Becky Barrick, feat. special guest: Claire Gregory, one of our Agent Partners. Claire encounters a lot of people, especially friends and family, that don't see homeownership as a possibility because of the money they "need" to put down. Well it really benefits to educate yourself on the ins and outs of buying real estate with someone who knows it best, a real estate agent. Homeownership can be a lot more obtainable than you might have been led to believe by continued misconceptions. If you're interested in talking with us about obtaining homeownership, call or text us anytime. We want to help empower more of you to become homeowners! Claire: 253-320-0064 Becky: 253-209-9641 Or Call 253-802-2202 and one of our agent partners would be happy to talk with you. #60seconds #realestatevideos #realestatemyths #bustingmyths #realestateagents #realestateducation #homeownership #buyingahouse #realestate #washingtonrealtors #becomeahomeowner #washingtonrealestate #educatingclients #realestateresource #realestateexpert #localexpert #pugetsoundregion #westernwashington #kwrealty #kellerwilliams #vlog #vlogger #60secondswithbeckybarrick #realtors #washingtonstate #realestatemarket #washingtonhomes #downpayments #beckybarrickrealty
In the last week we have worked on three clients with Plantar Fasciitis.🚫 Let us work on and educate you on how to keep your calves and feet happy! 😊👣 #plantarfasciitissucks #renewandrestoreYOURbody #licensedmassagetherapist #educatingclients #footmobility
Root Melt & Retoned ✅ . . . . Did you know color naturally yellows because of the keratin bonds in our hair follicles. If you had no yellow left at all after lightening & before toning it means over processed & most likely damaged . As your hair starts rebuilding bonds the more yellow it’s going to look. For some of you that means brassy. Toner & purple shampoo will always help kill that brass. Not everyone’s hair will stand to process to be super light blonde before it starts damaging. The sooner we accept that, the less hair we will have to walking around over processed. . . . Watch out for my next post to show you this clients transition over the years that we’ve done it. You’ll be surprised to see what it’s looked like especially her last appointment to when she walked in to this one. . . . #hairbyclarisapolanco #educatingclients #themoreyouknow
CAN YOU SPOT WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? SWIPE TO SEE!!! Yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting a lovely new client of mine who is still new to the lash world, only 2 months in. After spending about 2 hours with her fixing up her poor little lashes and explaining the difference in lashing. Now dont get me wrong i love educating my clients on lashes and the differences, aftercare and explaining indepth what actually goes into the whole process of a fullset application! But let me stop you there, my poor client had no idea about any of the stuff i explained and she has been having lashes for 2 months! She didnt even know she needed to clean her lashes with an antibach lash shampoo to prevent Blepharitis noone had told her! I will need to rehab her lashes now untill they come back nice and strong to eventually achieve what she wishes, this is due to poor isolation and incorrect application. This post is not a stab at any lash stylist it is simply to educate clients and fellow lash artists what is not acceptable and the damage that can be caused in such little time. We are all in this industry together and need to work together to educate ourselves and clients if we want this industry to survive. Take your time with each and every client no matter how hard you think it might be and the results will speak for themselves ❤ #lashesareeverything #educatingclients #educatingyourself #lashextensions #pleasebeawear #dontdistroytheindustry #eyes #dangers #growasaperson #classiclashextensions
Education Monday: In today's modern world is not necessary to use these harsh "cheese grinders" on your feet to smooth them. Using these harsh tools can cut your skin during your nail service and you can end up with an infection. Moreover, calluses are not to be fully removed as this can cause more damage to your skin. Keep in mind calluses are formed as a way of your body proteting you. As a professional nailtech we can use products and the "safe" files to smooth calluses in a healthy manner. #nailtechlife #educateyourself #educatingclients #fortmyersnailtech #fortmyersfl #capecoralfl #leecountyfl
Communication ✨ . . How important is it to be understood but also understand the process!? . Behind the chair I’ve heard time and time again: “I went to another hairdresser and I asked for this (insert picture) and she gave me this (insert someone looking in the mirror hating there current hair wanting you to work miracles. )” . One thing that I’ve learned big time over the last 6 years is communication and educating people is so important and it’s also a two way street! In a consultation it’s important to collaborate together and not just expect and assume. It’s important to be clear on both ends client and stylist. . But how do we do this?! . As a stylist my job is to really listen to you and make sure we are both on the same page by asking a lot of questions and taking things into account like your life style, how much your willing to maintain and create something that hits everything your looking for and then supply you with realistic expectations whether what your looking for is even possible in the time frame you are looking to achieve it in and a game plan on what we can or should do going forward. . As a client it’s important to have realistic expectations, come with inspiration pictures and as well as doing your research on who your choosing to go see. Does the artist your going to see do the type of style your looking for? By checking artists out on social media you can make sure your making the right pick and then you need to make sure what you are looking at getting is within your budget. . . It’s super important to be on the same visual page and now with Pinterest, Instagram and google there’s really no reason why we can’t be and my job as a stylist is to help you create realistic expectations to advance you towards your hair dreams but remember good things take time! ✨ . If your unsure or concerned if the hair you desire is even possible or what it’s going to cost book in for a consultation ☺️ . Hairstylists, anything else to add ?! Drop it the comments below! 🙌🏼 #yxehair #communication #yxestylist #hairbypaigegelowitz #thefactorybeautyparlor #broadwayyxe #yxesalons 📸@faceandfotosbymk #educatingclients
It’s been over a decade now that I’ve been working in this industry. I have many trainings and courses under my belt, not to mention a kit and a studio full of products that some might consider worth a fortune! I bring this up because lately, I’ve been faced with people who have been questioning my rates and why I’m not offering my services at a discount. And my response is something along the lines of the quote from @sara.l.clarke :: . As a freelance hair and makeup artist, and home based studio owner, my rates cover all the products I use, training and ongoing training, fuel costs, travel time, liability insurance, marketing, the endless hours working on my business, and SO MUCH MORE! Another huge thing is TIME...my time is not accounted for- time spent away from my family, the time I spend on the back end of my business, and I certainly don’t get paid time and a half for working a holiday! What I do is so much more different than the time I used to work as an artist in a salon/store who had a secure, hourly paid job. :: . I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I love that it gives me more freedom to be with my family, and I’m so grateful for everyone I’ve met through my business. But love doesn’t pay the bills. So when people insist on discounts, I say “no” because I strongly believe they are paying a fair rate for what they are receiving. And for all my fellow mompreneurs and small business owners, know that when you stand up for yourself in business and are faced with the challenge of saying “no” to someone, you are telling the universe what you deserve and what you’re worth and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that! Can I get an AMEN?! :: . That said, this doesn’t mean as business owners we won’t offer discounts or have giveaways. Just let us choose when we do it- it is our product/service after all! Have a positively beautiful day lovelies 💕😘
Top: before Russian Volume infill Bottom: after Russian Volume infill If you want your lashes looking tip top full, and fluffy AF dont forget to book in your infills❤ #lashesareeverything #russianlashes #russianfans #educatingclients #knowyourstyle #fulllashes #fluffyaf #fullsets #infills #brows #beauty #treatyoself #booknow #bookingupfast
Let’s talk about FOILS babyyyy , let’s talk about you and me..... 🎼 A foil is a thin section of hair that we weave out to be coloured , whilst the hair left out of the weave will remain the colour it is now. We can do fine weaves, medium or chunky depending on what result we want! And just a few foils or a lot and we end up looking like the tin man for a second! Depending what result we want. Some people think that because there is hair left out of the foil that it won’t be “light” enough as we’re not colouring the whole head. But it is an amazing result and you barely see the tiny strands of hair that are left out the weave. This also helps to blend the regrowth as it grows out and adds contrast to the hair 👍🏻 Hairdressers talk about full heads , half heads etc but what does that mean ? A half head of foils means we foil the top of the head , sides and just below the crown. A full head means we foil the whole head from nape to hairline ! A full head of foils is usually recommended if we are wanting a colour change, have a large regrowth or wear our hair up a lot. But most times we can have a half head of foils or just around the hairline and look like we’ve had the lot done 👌🏻 this also appears more natural as hair is naturally lighter on top of the head then underneath as the sun can’t reach under there . When there is light and shade in the hair it actually makes the blonde appear blonder - how clever is that! this is also cheaper and gives your hair a rest from colouring the whole lot all the time. Foils don’t just have to be blonde either but we will get into that another time. Feel free to ask me any questions you want answered . Sari 😘
+we want to equip you with knowledge!...We are passionate about educating our clients; safety is our top priority when it comes to your procedure outcome ! . . +even though social media makes medical aesthetic procedures appear simple, easy, and risk free we assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth . . . +each client is carefully examined and assessed prior to any procedure; we review the medical history in detail. After your procedure we ensure that you understand aftercare instructions. . . . +there are also many instructions that can be implemented before your procedure to ensure safety and minimal downtime ... 💻head over to our website and under the section FAQ’s you will find before|during|and after procedure instructions (this information is great for any new or returning client😊) . . . #gracebeauty #gbinsideandout #gandbsociety #thursdaytips #aesthetictips #clevelandproud
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