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Día 244. RETRATO. Coleccionista de vivencias...
Traveling and practicing a #digitalnomad lifestyle is super exciting - new places, people, cuisine but yet challenging. 😁 Cause every time you need to get familiar with the new neighborhood and build a new routine around it. Things to do: ⠀ 1. Build your food ”routine” - even if you get bananas, different places have different brands and taste - it takes time to adjust everything. Especially in Kyrgyzstan with our crazy cuisine 🥩🍗🍜 2. Find new fav places to eat & shop 3. Figure out closest running trails, parks 4. Start a new gym membership - the only thing I missed while traveling - my gym in Seattle and now again 😢😣 5. Meet new friends with same interests and vibe 🏄‍♀️ 6. Get used to a new time zone, climate, air quality. ⠀ Am I missing something here? 🧐
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Okay i know it's Monday but who said Mondays have to be boring? Be a rebel and have a super one today. #corporate  #companyprofile MAU: @nzilanikimani
| MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY | Posting before midnight tonight because last time I ended up falling asleep lmao ANYWAYS, last week I ended up making a post about feeling lonely. Loneliness is one of those feelings that really take a toll on me. I felt like I was a flaw because I couldn’t keep up with conversations. I was never ignoring people, but sometimes I get a lot of messages and I get overwhelmed and end up forgetting to reply later. A lot of you have really opened up my eyes though. You guys made a great point that friends will not care if you don’t reply right away. The right people in your life will continuously message you regardless if you reply right away. And it’s up to us to be open with them letting them know that we are never intending to do them any harm. It’s one thing to realize I have this flaw that I need to work on, but it’s another to have individuals who are understanding towards your situation. So as I am working on slowly replying to people, please don’t be afraid to double message me. I don’t want our conversations to die because I got overwhelmed and decided I’d reply later and then forgot. I will try my best to work on this, but I know the right people in my life will always find a reason to talk to me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #portraitvision_ #gramkilla #portraitsvision #bravoportraits #collectivetrend #theportraitpr0ject #moodyports #worldofportraits #unfairandlovely #melanin #mentalhealthadvocate #portraits_mf #portraitsshotz #earth_portraits #assortedportrait #777luckyfish #smallfeature #moodyfilm #portraitgames #portraits_vision #portraitstream #portrait_pros #portraitsedition #portrait_mf #portraitsvisuals #endlessfaces #portrait_like #portraitsofficial #model #thelightsofbeauty
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