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I love cheese. The only reason I agreed to venture into lowcarb/keto in the first place is because I was told I could have cheese. I know I’m not the only one! 😛⁣ ⁣ A charcuterie board is the perfect way to to satisfy keto and non-keto guests alike. ⁣ This beautiful board features 3 wonderful cheeses from @frenchcheesecorner. Oh yeah, and they are all 0 carb. 🙋🏽‍♀️Swipe 👉🏽⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Esquirrou- This is a hard cheese and has a mild nutty taste. I paired it with strawberries and it was perfect. I had to practice a lot of self restraint to not eat that entire wedge by myself in one sitting. 😂⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Saint-André- This is a decadent and incredibly rich cheese. To me it tasted like an intense brie. It’s got a buttery texture and I liked dipping toasted pecans in it. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Saint Agur- This is a double cream blue cheese. It’s salty, spicy and sharp! 😋 It has a spreadable texture and I liked topping it on some Persian cucumber slices. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Head over to @frenchcheesecorner ’s highlights to learn more about these cheeses. Trust me, it’s cheese heaven over there. 🤤❤️🧀⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you had to choose which one of these would be your first pick?⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #ad #frenchcheese #cheeselover #ilovecheese #cheeseporn #grazingboard #grazingboards #charcuterieboard #charcuterieboards #cheeseboardsofinstagram #cheeseboard #frenchcheesecorner
Ever wonder how to enjoy the most out of that cheese plate you made? Let’s guide you through some incredible pairing ideas with @cheesesexdeath ! 🙌 1️⃣Saint André is lovely with a simple strawberry as it adds a juicy sweetness and acidity to counter that rich, salty cream; 2️⃣Saint Albray pairs nicely with some Dijon mustard because it brings some tang to the buttery texture and adds a little salty flavor to balance the savory and subtly sweet notes of this cheese; 3️⃣Le Cayrol is a perfect partner for that patê which ups the gentle herbaceous notes with its luscious flavor and adding an acidic cornichon really brings it all together; 4️⃣Esquirrou goes amazingly with apricot preserves and pistachios which gently nudges this cheese’s fruity notes to the surface; 5️⃣Saint Agur’s best friend is definitely honey because it complements the gentle spicy notes and salty finish of this creamy blue cheese. We hope you’ve enjoyed this pairing guide! Be sure to share your new knowledge with your friends the next time you’re entertaining with a cheese board so they can enjoy the most out of these cheeses too! 😋
Who's luckier than me?? #esquirrou 🏆🧀
We are so proud to present, not one, not two, but THREE gold winning 🥇 cheeses from the 2019 World Cheese Awards held in Bergamo, Italy. 🍾 🎉 Esquirrou took home the gold medal in the Hard Sheep’s Milk cheese category. Saint André grabbed the gold medal in the Soft/Unpressed Cow’s Milk cheese category. And Saint Agur snatched the gold medal for the Blue Vein cheese with Natural Rind category. 🎊 Comment below 👇 if you’ve tried any of these cheeses and let us know your favorite pairings!
Great Art and Great Cheeses are perfect together! @exhibitno9 for the Timmy Sneaks One man show VIP opening! Cheese display by Ron Clagnaz. Looking forward to a great night!!! #timmysneaksart #asbury #asburypark #stagur #esquirrou #oldamsterdamcheese #standrecheese
Here’s a board for the berry lovers! 😍🙌 Pair that Chaumes with some raspberries for a delightful combo, or with some salami for a real treat! As far as the Award Winning 🥇 Esquirrou on the top, we think it pairs best with some blueberries and wheat crackers or some pistachios to enhance the nutty flavors! Honestly pretty much anything goes on this board when you have cheeses this good! 😋 What are you digging into first?
Le meilleur fromage du monde 2018 est l’Esquirrou. Un « Petit Ossau-Iraty”, Authentique AOP (Appelation d'Origine Protégée) basque qui a déjà fait l'objet d'une distinction en 2013 : Médaillé d’or au Concours Général Agricole. L’Esquirrou, élaboré par Michel Touyarou, maître-fromager à la Fromagerie de Mauléon, est "fabriqué avec du lait de brebis entier, issu des races locales basco-béarnaise, Manech tête noire ou rousse. Après caillage, la meule ronde est salée, puis affinée plusieurs mois." On dit qu'il est très apprécié accompagné de pâte de coing ou de confiture de cerises noires, mais aussi de piment d'espelette ou de confiture d'oignons... #esquirrou #ossoiraty #micheltouyarou #fromage #fromagedebrebis #fromager #epicerirfine #lepicerieabj 🌾
If you don’t know this cheese...you should be introduced to it. Esquirrou is an Ossau-Iraty style cheese from the Basque region of France. Paired here with dried figs and honey. You’ll just have to try it yourself. No words. 🇫🇷🐑🧀 #esquirrou #basquaise #mountaincheese #frenchcheese #sheepsmilkcheese #driedfigs #honey #seasaltoliveoilcrackers #murrayscheese #instacheese #chalkboardart #chalkboardsigns
Labor Day weekend has us prepping our cheeseboards in anticipation! 🧀 This one features Maroilles, Le Cayrol, Esquirrou, Saint Agur, and guest appearance of Keep Dreaming from @dorothycreamery. 🙌 Bonus points if you can tell us some reasons you love these cheeses!
先日のチーズビュッフェ😊 夏らしい涼しげな飾り付けです。透明お重はフェルミエ25周年パーティで25も買い揃えてしまったもの。 ちょっと小さくてオッソーイラティと名乗れないバスクのチーズ、エスキルにパイナップルベースのトロピカルコンフィチュール。フィレンツェで買ってきたという紫色のペーパーを空箱に綺麗に貼りオリジナル台座を作り、黒こしょうがアクセントのピエチェンチヌエンネーゼを丸くくり抜いて串に刺して。白かびチーズにジャムをサンド。考え抜かれたオシャレなセンスいい犬ちゃんらしいビュッフェでした😊 #チーズビュッフェ #esquirrou #piacentinuennese #エスキル #ピアチェンティヌエンネーゼ #犬田ゆり #メゾンプルミエール #フェルミエ
Simplicity at its best! Everything you see on this board has a perfect partner! Can you guess which pairing goes with which cheese? Here are the 🧀 from top left clockwise 🕰 Le Cayrol ( 🐐) Esquirrou ( 🐑 ) Saint Agur ( 🐄 ) Saint Andre ( 🐄 ) Saint Albray ( 🐄 ) 📸: @cheesesexdeath
Where do you even start on a cheese board when everything is so good? On the edge with Esquirrou or the middle with Maroilles?
Bon dia formatgers!! Ahir ens va arribar el formatge que ha estat escollit aquests dos últims anys com el millor del món !! L, OSSAU IRATY ESQUIRROU AOP Formatge de llet d,ovella basco-bearnesa, de pasta premsada. El.laborat entre la Vall d,Assau, provincia de Bearn i la selva d,Irati (fageda més gran d,Europa). A la zona se la coneix amb el nom de "Brevis" (ovella en francés) o "Aulha" (ovella en occità). És de fabricació estacional doncs les ovelles donen llet de Novembre a Juliol. Així doncs, el seu consum ideal és de Juny s Novembre. Al 1980 van rebre l, AOC(D.O). Ja sabeu, si el voleu tastar passeu per la botiga. Salut i formatges! #ossau #ossauiraty #esquirrou #aop #brebis #aulha #bearn #aussau #iraty #laformatgeriadevilassar
Saw eggs and salmon on here yesterday somewhere, and it makes me miss Scotland so much that I had to make some this morning. #visitscotlanddoesittoo #missingScotland #consolationprize #smokedsalmon #eggs #salmonandeggs #esquirrou #parsley #chives #melbatoast
A sign you have wheels of cheese in your checked luggage 🤣 The #esquirrou made it home! ❤🧀
This is the Provençal cheese plate of your dreams 🤩 @cheesesexdeath takes us on a journey to Southern France with this cheese board inspired by the flavors of Provence, a kingdom of olive oil, figs, and lavender fields. Pair our Esquirrou with some olives or lay it on a buttered up baguette 🥖 with some drizzled honey for a real treat 🤤
Building a cheese board is as easy as 1️⃣,2️⃣,3️⃣ thanks to @cheesebynumbers ! 🙌 1️⃣ Select your cheeses. Le Cayrol, Saint Agur, and Esquirrou are excellent choices as each have a distinct flavor and come from different animals and regions of France. 2️⃣ Pick your pairings and garnishes. It’s always great to diversify with a selection of sweet, sour, and spicy on your board. In this case we have Spicy Salami, Blackberries, Radishes, and Cornichons. A French Baguette 🥖 and Pistachios are great additions and garnishing with Rosemary adds a nice touch. 3️⃣ Include a dip! Adding a sweet jam like Blueberry can elevate a board and add an incredible flavor kick to a French Baguette topped with cheese. There you have it! A beautiful board prepared by @cheesebynumbers
Esquirrou is a hard sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque Country made in the Ossau valley. This cheese is the winner of the World Championship Cheese Contest of 2018! 🥇 We have a few pieces available at the FCB today so be sure to stop by to get your own! Thanks @lepicerieabj for the photo! #esquirrou #ossauiraty #brebis #pyrennees #frenchcheese #fromage #makeitmagnifique
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