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Here’s a photo of the beach to brighten up the mondayest monday that ever mondayed. ☔️😴
I’ve met some of the most amazing people thanks to social media. . I remember how against it I was in the beginning. The only reason I joined Facebook was to share my handmade jewelry. . I had no idea all the relationships I would make, all the things I would learn, all the ways I would grow- just by trying something that was a bit out of my comfort zone. . I’m seriously so blessed by my Visibility Mindset Coaching business and the impact, income, and relationships it has created in my life. . What’s your favorite thing about using social media?
Soft sets, the GOAT. 💤 Don't forget to shop everything 30% off.
I realize now that I’ve been terrible at keeping up with Instagram. here’s a throw back from a couple months ago in Slovenia. 🌼
today is #WorldBeeDay ! as your friendly local bee enthusiast and militant vegan, here are some reasons you should ditch honey to #SaveTheBees 🐝 • contrary to popular belief, honey is not actually a waste product. bees make honey to sustain themselves through the winter, and in poor weather, when pollen is not as readily available or it is too dangerous to go outside. • when beekeepers remove the honey from the hive, they have to replace it with something for the bees to eat, so the hive is fed artificial sugar syrup which lacks the essential micro-nutrients of honey and is detrimental to their health. • commercial beekeepers also selectively breed their bees to produce the most honey, which leaves the already-endangered bee population more susceptible to disease and large 'die-offs'. diseases are easily spread to other colonies or wild bees, too! • buying honey is often cited as a way to encourage beekeepers to keep and breed bees, but often hives are culled after the honey season is over to save the cost of caring for them when they're not producing. queens also often have their wings clipped to stop the colony leaving the hive. • farmed bees are also impacting wild species! they create too much competition for other nectar-eating creatures, like butterflies and wild bumblebees. honey production is actually one of the leading causes of wild bumblebee decline. unlike bees, humans are perfectly capable of surviving and thriving without honey in our diet! there are hundreds of vegan alternatives out there, such as date syrup or maple syrup, and even dedicated vegan 'honey' brands. leave the honey where it bee-longs!
Are your littles out of school yet?? We homeschool and will continue through the summer with a lighter amount of work and a few weeks off here and there! It nice to able to be flexible and make it fit to our plans! We are definitely excited to be getting things together for first grade next year! These sweet chalkboards from @chalkfullofdesign are on our list for our school room! I would love to hear of any other small shops or tools that you guys love and recommend! ❤️ . . . . . Photo @thebrownfieldbabes . . . . . . #thepursuitofjoyproject #outfitideas #captureyourstyle #buyhandmade #favehandmade #handmadebusiness #handmadelove #handmademovement #supporthandmade #kidfashion #kidzstyle #minifashionista #trendykids #everysquareastory #flashesofdelight #reclaimthehappy #seeksimplicity #letthekids #dearphotographer #livethelittlethings #momentsofmine #letthembelittle #littleandbrave #motherhoodrising
Share you favorite memories of D with me 🎉❤️ Here are some of mine... the countless bags of purple skittles she picked up on her long 6 hour road trips from Austin to Lubbock (that long distance era), every Beyoncé concert we’ve been to together (4), all the freestyles she has spit for me (y’all know Lady D), the first time I saw her dance (she got moves), that time she asked me to marry her (on the beach in Mexico 🥰), and every other second with her over the last 7 years. Love you the most @dhernandz_tx .Happy Birthday 🎉😘 . . . 📷: @sarah_e_photo
Here’s the part where I’m supposed to say something sweet like “best friends forever” or “the greatest gift they have is each other”... . BUT, Evelyn’s new thing to say when she is mad at Gabby is: “I wish I was born first and then mom and dad got me a brother.” 🤣 . So maybe they will be best friends, but maybe they just don’t know it yet 😉 . . . . #mydaughters #dayinthelife #everydaylife #beautyintheeveryday #realmomlife #momcommunity #pursuepretty #momtruths #modernmomma #scarymommy #realmotherhood #bestofmom #acupofmotherhood #motherhoodthroughig #funnymom #everysquareastory #target #targethome #targetstyle #outdoorliving #girlmom #howwedwell #momblogger #joyfulmamas #honestmotherhood #momlife
Running on sunshine🌞
I can’t believe today was my last day of school... You wait your entire childhood to come to this day and honestly I feel happy and sad at the same time so confusing ! 🙈📚 Bye Bye High School #lastdayofschool #dubailife #everysquareastory #stillswithstories
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