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HP deeper themes hypothesising and fan theory ideas. I wonder if the reference to Ollivanders being an establishment of antiquity (c.300s BC is a reference to this tale of Apollo & Hermes?) Tom Riddle (Named after his father in book canon) also translates as "Twin Riddle" or "Riddle of the Twins". Also, I wonder if "Mercy" as in "Merci" or "Thanks" is a language encoding from the Pax/Peace between Apollo and Hermes? The Gallic rooster may represent the Sun and Morning Star of Mercury after all. #writing #notes #magic #book #wand #tomriddle #hermetic #esoteric #occult #harrypotter #harry #potter #ronweasley #weasley #hermionegranger #wandlore #diagonalley #mythology #apollo #ollivander #journal #notebook #folklore #harrypotterfandom #fantheory #wizardingworld #voldemort #caduceus #philosophersstone #sorcerersstone
This is my @GabrielMcCarty 's She-ra Season 2 theory Based on Noelle Stevenson's Emoji post. Potential Spoilers WARNING! The whispering woods have been frozen which calls for a new princess of tech so Perfuma and Mermista go out to find one when they encounter Entrapta who is studying the strange rainbow effect of the powered runestones and their effects on powering the princesses. Glimmer,Bow,and Netossa go out on a mission to find out what Catra is up to. Catra follows SwiftWind and Adora to to where shes training with the runstone of her sword with LightHope. LH gets corrupted by the virus developed by the hoard delivered by imp and Adora and friends must find a way to heal her before Atheria is plunged into destruction. The hoard sends a message to Scorpia, kyle,Lonnie and their lizard friend who come bow hosting a tabletop rpg where everything is mixed up and they must defeat many monsters or it is game over. new alliances are formed strengthened by the full support of Mermista and frostas kingdom. However Shera's sword is infected once again by the dormant virus they ridded from LightHope And shera goes on a rampage which allows her to be trapped. And causes the SweetBee to come out of hiding with the help of Seahawk who set off to hold out against Scorpias forces. Shadow Weaver concocts a plan to use Shera and be freed but MadamRaz frees She-ra form the virus and reverses the chaos by controlling time and bringing light to Etheria before it is destroyed. This causes Adora to run away again for fear of losing her friends and meets a new mentor ?) where she gains new clothes(armor), knowledge, and the ability to transform the sword into things like a pot. Adora learns many secrets about Mara, Etheria, and her own home From another galaxy at castle Greyskull where she finds out she was kidnapped from her real mother by the hoard. Imp and other members of the hoard try to attack bright moon again but are stopped by Spinnerella and others awakened powers. Catra and her super pal trio learn about the true leader of the hoard that has been in slumber all this time and is now awake and watching. Hoard Prime. #shera #sheraprincessofpower #fantheory
What do you guys think? #ts7 #4 .26 #taylorswift #swiftie #fanaccount #theory #fantheory
Avengers: Endgame A word is WOW! The amount of ideas that have been collected over time to create this masterpiece of a story is insane. It has worked; it has power; it is creative and brilliantly designed. Visuals are stunning. I was very pleased to see previously viewed characters with a lot more realism and creativity in CGI or make-up or even costumes. The effects were perfect for the style - such as the way lightning was added or even explosions and how it was coloured to set the right tone. A part of this are the sets and how well the green screening has been edited. I absolutely loved having my eyes fixed on the whole screen. Once again, the music is incredible and crazy how they use a combination from all the preceding films. It was timed well in overlaps, and just set the atmosphere of the mood. Sound effects also catch your attention and has a lot more power in the movie. You actually concentrate and listen when you hear the movement of Thor's hammer - or the swooping of Falcon. I couldn't be happier with the visuals and sound that create this masterpiece. Camera work was epic! Each shot and angle would rotate through and show off a new perspective or viewpoint. Among this it was mostly unique in how the camera shakes and steadies between characters to create a sense of realism and interactive moments. I loved the foreshadowing as it was subtle but obvious and did it in a powerful way. The camera would always use revelation well and that helped it be quite creative in sending multiple messages. Each of which belonged to particular characters. The film flows beyond well, as it doesn't jump badly which helps it all fit together! Can we take a moment to appreciate the time and effort the actors and actresses have gone to for all the movies. It was unexpected and shocking of how much realism was portrayed. There was tonnes of detail and emotions were a tough and lovely part for the film. YES - the emotions were definitely passed on and something that just made the film a masterpiece. Overall, it's a movie that perfectly ends the preceding films - a film that lives up to the expectation. Just watch it. 10/10 #endgame #avengersendgame #avengers
A year ago, Infinity War left every Marvel fan, every comic fan, every MCU fan, and every movie goer speechless. And after the passing of Stan Lee, my cowriter came up with a theory and drew it out. You can read the full short at his page #Repost @brainslug_art • • • • • • My partner and cowriter @antdujar94 did some amazing coloring to my "Excelsior" comic. Without me telling him anything he managed to color it the exact way I thought it should be. Check out the fan theory/ last cameo for #stanlee in avengers 4. Read the full story and theory on my prior post. "Excelsior" a little comic of what I think #StanLee 's final cameo would/ should be. Based on comics that he wrote and a couple things he's said in interviews I would hope it is the most important cameo yet that would lead to the continuation of the #mcu . Before this moment they finally defeat thanos at the cost of many lives and cap is left with a decision. Stan Lee (who has been at the question of who he could possibly be) outs himself as being Eternity and talks to Cap through the power chaneled in the glove which he did not do or could not do with thanos because of the war going on at the moment he brought together the stones. They have a much longer convo than I wrote out, but it brings the idea to cap that he wants to restart/bring back everything in the universe but differently. More so to save those he believes should be alive as well as solve the valid issue thanos thrived to fix. " -brainslug_art. #mcu #marvel #comics #captain #america #captainAmerica #avengers #4 #avengers4 #Disney #thor #marker #digitalcomic #cameo #fantheory #brainslug_art #avengersendgame #endgame #comicbooks #superheroes
It's happening this week!! What If All Of "Avengers: Infinity War" Was A Time Loop Started By Doctor Strange? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanhatesthis/avengers-infinity-time-loop-dr-strange?utm_term=.unEOPb5XYL#.unEOPb5XYL #drstrange #fantheory #mcu #endgame #avengersendgame #avengers
Last details for Thor Ragnarok! In the play on Asgard - it's actually Chris Hemsworth's brother Luke who plays Thor and Matt Damon (good friends and neighbour of Chris) who plays Loki. The last frame is a bit to explain. It takes about 10 seconds between when Loki and Thor were hit from the bifrost onto Sakaar. Yet Loki arrived weeks earlier. I calculated how long Hulk has been there (2 years) compared to the 10 seconds being maybe around 2 weeks. Just that calculation results in what I've posted. That's how many years would've passed on Sakaar whilst Hulk was gone. This means Hulk himself might be now the most Ancient Avenger in the team. This also means the events of Ragnarok on Sakaar only took up a couple of minutes in the outer world. Happy Geeking! 😊 #movie #film #filmrecommendation #movierecommendation #techniques #filmstudy #geek #superheroes #action #details #geekoverdetails #thingsyoumissed #fantheory #littlethings #littledetails #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #dc #dccomics #heroes #villains #hiddendetails #hero #geeks #super #marvel #thorragnarok #chrishemsworth
Surely you’ve noticed how #kingcandy in Wreck It Ralph is super similar to #themadhatter in Alice in Wonderland. What other similarities are there between Alice and the Ralph movies? And, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?!? Check out our latest video by clicking the YouTube link in the bio to answer some of these questions! • • #disney #disneyfantheory #fantheory #wreckitralph #aliceinwonderland #disneymovies
#DefenderoftheCrypt I don’t know why you guys are worried The #NightKing will turn the dead #Starks into #wights ? She’s perfectly capable of saving everyone! #StarkCrypt #GoT #GameofThrones #BattleofWinterfell #geek #fantasy #tv #series #show #fantheory #gameofthronesseason8 #demthrones #thronesyall
Avengers: Infinity War A mind-blowing and outstanding piece of work! It fits so many separated ideas into one perfectly structured, working and creative story. It easily perfects the idea for a movie. On one side of the visuals with the sets, costumes and make-up I couldn't be happier. It was impressive and stuck to the realism and creativity needed to engage an audience. On the other side of things with CGI and effects, I was a little bit dissapointed. Whilst the effects were realistic and creative in a way, they weren't as dominant. CGI was great in some areas - but coming down to Thanos and his Black Order and the army - it wasn't as refined as it should've been. For sound however, it was perfect. The music set a perfect balance between the scenes and was realistic as well as creative by using every theme from preceding movies. The sound effects also show realism in every detail as well as creative parts in the not so commonly seen parts. Camera work was amazing, as was most angles and shots. As much as that stood out to me, I would've loved to seen a unique aspect to how it was done - but even though I didn't, it was good to see so much revelation with the camera. The movie foreshadowed a bunch of times and sent a lot of messages with one big one to wrap it up. It was creative but straight to the point. Once again, it never gets old with Marvel - the action scenes especially flow soooooo well. Wasn't jumpy at all and in the cinematography side of things, everything fit together beautifully. The realism in the acting is unbelievable. The actors and actresses have poured their hearts out into delivering their best of their character. It was filled with detail, engaging with the audience in realism - they also definitely show a strength with emotions and it becomes very infections towards the audience. It's an epic adventure, an awesome story and an outstanding performance. 9.5/10 #movie #film #moviereview #movierating #filmreview #review #filmrecommendation #movierecommendation #techniques #filmstudy #geek #superheroes #action #details #geekoverdetails #thingsyoumissed #fantheory #littlethings #littledetails #avengersinfinitywar #thanos
I’m doing a new kind of post. I’ve sometimes predicted what a movie is about before it comes out so I’m putting my prediction down here. I would put a spoiler warning but I’m probably way off. (And here we go...) #AvengersEndgame will start with what’s left of the #Avengers assembling, #TonyStark and #ScottLang return, and they travel to #Thanos to fight him. And... they lose. They all lose. Everyone dies and Tony’s #AgeofUltron vision comes true. The only survivors are Scott and Tony, who then create time traveling wrist bands that utilizes the time vortexes found in the quantum realm. (This is beginning to sound ridiculous.) Then they go back in time to gather the Avengers through time. (As seen on the set photos of old Tony and young #SteveRogers ) Then the finale is all of the Avengers from every movie (not the tv shows, sorry #Daredevil ) fighting Thanos at once. And together, only together, they can defeat him. And this... sounds like a terrible idea. But also it’s all I’ve got. Actually I have one more secondary idea. #BruceBanner and #TheHulk merge. This way they can have the mind, and the strength to wield the #infinitystones . The Russo Brothers did say they were doing a three movie arc with the Hulk, and this is a way to finish it. Some of this might happen, it probably won’t, so we’ll see. What do you think is gonna happen? Comment below and let me know. And if you have actual spoilers and you plan on spoiling the movie in the comments like someone did for #InfinityWar then there is a special place in hell for you. Have fun. As always don’t forget to follow. #russobrothers #chrisevans #robertdowneyjr #paulrudd #joshbrolin #fantheory #endgamefantheory #scarlettjohansson #jeremyrenner #markruffalo #marvel
**UNVEILING: IRON MAN** Genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is on his way to earth after losing the battle on the planet Titan. Along with the fellow Avengers, he is also ready to avenge his loved ones and defeat the Mad Titan Thanos. #contestquestion WHO WILL RESCUE IRON MAN FROM SPACE? Tag 3 or more of your friends, follow @supersox_india & submit your answer to this question and get a chance to win some exciting gift hampers ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ON THE CONTEST POSTS Be the 1st one to avail the exclusive “Marvel Edition” pair of Iron Man socks now. Don’t miss this opportunity. Link mentioned below https://www.supersox.in/collections/exclusives . . #contestwinners #fantheory #avengersendgame #avengersfans #marvelindia #marvelfans #avengersinfinitywar #teamironman #contestsinindia #onlinecontest #contestislive #avengethefallen #avengersendgametheory #ironman #teamironman #giveaways #contestgiveaway #contestgiveawayindia #contesthunter #contestentry #tuesdaythoughts #competition #wincontest #saveironman #avengersendgameoffer @marvel_india @disneyindia
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