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Expectation vs. reality. I’m still working hard on my senior collection. It’s been slow going and things have had to been altered, but I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. 🤞🏽
These pictures are of my favorite project that I've made so far. Junior year we were told to create an upcycled garment based on the theme "Sense of Place" It was inspired by the trip I had at comic con with my sisters. The idea of people coming from all over the world and fitting in at this one place, kind of like a mosaic, because we all shared a love of the same thing. The jacket is made from an old trench coat and slacks. I'm in love with how it turned out, now I just need to find somewhere to wear it!
This Little Black Dress was my second project at KSU sophomore year. All the students were given the same fabric and tasked with creating a LBD.
One of my favorite place ♡☆ ____________________________________ #fashiondesignstudentslife #weekendworkflow #bachelorcollectioninthemaking #amdlife
Mode off for today ♡ ____________________________________ #amdlife #fashiondesignstudentslife #specialmemories
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