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Personalized jewelry is a special gift from the heart. Give today, with 4Ever Expressions.
This gorgeous bespoke 18ct yellow gold fingerprint charm choker is ready for Mum to wear with pride. ❤
Fijne vaderdag allemaal! Deze ring heb ik al weer een tijd geleden gemaakt voor een vader met 4 dochters. De hartjes met initialen en de samengevoegde vingerafdruk van zijn dochters zijn in de geelgouden ring met de hand gegraveerd. Love always 💙 . . . . . #kaatjevjewelry #jewelry #jewellery #schmuck #jewelrydesign #schmuckdesign #handmadejewelry #custommadejewellery #handmade #recycle #recyclegold #oldgold #yellowgold #yellowgoldjewelry #fingerprint #fingerprintjewelry #daughters #fathersday #hearts #handengravedjewelry #frosted #handengraving #sanded #lapideehandgraveur #instadaily #instajewelry #instafathersday
Again, the best of both.... an actual handwritten signature with a custom fingerprint on the other side. #handwritingjewelry #mayabellejewelry #fingerprintjewelry #fingerprintkeyring
Evening everyone! We are so excited as some of our new fingerprint jewellery has gone live today on our website! More new pieces will be added to the site next week.
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers! This is the last order from a busy week. Have a wonderful week!
Alex’s fingerprint. He may no longer be here physically, but he will be forever in my heart. ❤️ Thank you for this beautiful bracelet, @ruggedgifts
Capture your loved ones touch and keep them close to you 4ever. Pictured here is the Large Heart Fingerprint option. ♥️
Just a touch away... We all know someone who is grieving, who has lost someone. Maybe it is you, a friend, a parent or a relative. Do me a favour....do them a favour and share this. Let them know that these keepsake pieces are an option. I want to tell you why this is so important. When I started this journey I did so because I saw a need. I saw a window of opportunity that allowed for people to feel connected to loved ones...gone from this world or even just gone on a holiday, or to kindergarten or overseas to serve. I can not count the times that people have come to me to say...”I wish I would have know about this”. My goal is to encounter this statement less and less. Let them know, pass the info along or get the info for them. Sometimes in loss there is just too much to think about, to settle, to plan and folks just do not want to make one more decision. If you have someone you know that could benefit from what I do, please please share. 💗 With the utmost gratitude I thank you. #solitudeandsoul #lastingimpressions #memorialkeepsake
What I know for sure... 🌿 When you follow your heart you can never go wrong. 🌿 When you have a feeling in your gut trust it. 🌿 Your business will only work as hard as you do. 🌿 Nothing is ever perfect. 🌿 Love is the answer....always! This business that I have built is built on this foundation. I continue to grow myself and be open. I continue to create and listen to that pull inside me. It has never lead me astray. Tell me...what do you know for sure?? and...if you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for my quarterly newsletter. My very first will be flying into email boxes this Saturday!! I need you to read this summers story shared by a phenomenal woman who shares her story in a hope of healing... 💗 #solitudeandsoul #shareyourself #speakyourtruth #connections #healing #newsletter #canadianmom #showup #lastingimpressions #watchforsigns #gonebutnotforgotten #bereavement #sharewhatyoulove #passion #create #handmade #keepsakes #treasured #timelesskeepsakes #fingerprintkeepsake #fingerprintjewelry #fingerprint
Twins fingerprint charms. Twins but very different prints. Perfect keepsake for Mums. Order at www.puresilverimpressions.com#babykeepsake #silverjewelry #fingerprintjewelry #fingerprintjewellery #handprintjewellery #twins #twinpregnancy #twin #twinsbaby #keepsakes #puresilverimpressions #presentformum #presentforyou
I ♥️ hearing from my customers! For those of you who don’t know, Silver Soul parters with many hospitals, hospices and charities to ensure that families have a special keepsake of their loved-one. It is wonderful to hear how cherished this jewelry can be to families going through tragedy and loss. 💕 . . . . . . . . . #handwritingjewelry #bestgiftever #fingerprintjewelry #memorialkeepsakes #memorialjewelry #madeincanada #madeinalberta #silversouljewelry #silversoul #silversoulcreations
Design your fingerprint charm to suit your style, leave it with a high polish finish... (or take it to the next level and personalize your design by adding a birthstone with engraving)
Had the best time with Glenys, a lovely lady who is setting up a new business making fingerprint jewellery on the Sunshine Coast. We had so much fun, had a similar taste in music and she learned all the basics about making fingerprint jewellery! A day well spent I’d say!
This is only available until June 15. $25 from each order goes directly to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. PM me or place your order on the website www.silversoul.ca . . . . . . . . . #fingerprintjewelry #customjewelry #fundraisingideas #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisfundraiser #silversouljewelry #madeincanada
Sometimes, despite how happy I am with how a piece of jewelry turns out....I simultaneously wish it didn’t have to exist at all. 🧡 When Amelia was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer in October, her family had just moved to our town. They hadn’t yet received benefits from their new jobs and, because their health insurance had lapsed in the interim, our local services refused to transport them to the children’s hospital. Fortunately, the Elk County EMS accepted; they drove 2 hours to pick up the Sharer family, transported them 2 more hours to Pittsburgh, offered Amelia stuffed animals, and declined any payment. 🧡 The @ameliamsharerfoundation now strives to ensure other families are not faced with similar confusion and stress on top of an already earth-shattering diagnosis. Please visit their page to learn more about Amelia’s life, legacy, and the effect her butterfly wings will have in helping pediatric cancer patients and their families. 🦋🧡 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 #Repost @ameliamsharerfoundation ・・・ I just have to share this-- I met Kaleen just a few months ago through our boys, who became close friends this year in 3rd grade. Shortly after we found out that Amelia was going to start hospice, Kaleen asked if she could send molds to take Amelia's fingerprints. I honestly wasn't familiar with what kind of work Kaleen did, but I accepted her offer wholeheartedly. Today she presented us with the jewelry she made from Amelia's prints. All of this she designed, crafted and fabricated herself. She even incorporated the feisty cat logo into the clasp of my necklace. This is the most beautiful and perfect gift I could ever receive. Not only is the jewelry stunning, but to be able to carry around a little piece of Amelia forever is beyond amazing. I wish I could come up with more profound words but I'm overcome with emotions. I can't even begin to say thank you enough, Kaleen. Your talent, thoughtfulness, beauty, and kindness is such a gift; and I feel blessed to be given a part of it. Please follow Kaleen and check out more of her artwork at @kaleenwolfedesigns 🧡🦋
Stop by Hazel Baby in Jersey City for Fathers Day Loveprint gifts! #loveprintjewelry #camillecesari #camillecesarijewelry #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #fingerprintjewelry
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