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Wonderful news! Hank was adopted today by a wonderful family 🖤 I am so happy for you and wish you a happy life!!! #fosterkitten #adoptionday #goodbyeisthegoal
My chunky little crybaby 😍 #kierascuties
This cutie is 3 weeks old now!! We’ve been fostering him for 2 weeks now and we’re so happy he’s healthy and doing well!! #fosterkitten #bottlebaby
BREAKING orphaned kitten just came in as a possible hit by a car with a compound fracture of the femur and is currently in the hospital getting ready for surgery. If you’d like to sponsor this little baby’s veterinary care and surgery you can donate below or on our site. We’ll keep you updated on his (Toby’s) journey. Save the Kitties 🐈 . . . . #savethekitties #nkla #vettechlife #catshelter #veterinarian #vettech #adoptdontshop #bestfriendsanimalsociety #aspca #kittenlady #fosterkitten #catmom #catlady #thedodo #catsofinstagram #buzzfeedanimals #animalplanet #specialneedscats #humanesociety #animalrescue
Just explained to Rowen what the vet willing doing to him on Saturday. #rowen #rgrang #fosterkitten #neuteriscuter
Round 3..and thankfully the final round!! Finally was able to trap our feral warehouse cat and have her spayed. Poor thing 2 years old and this was her 3rd litter. We've watched her grow from a tiny baby and we love her, she gives us beautiful kittens but I am so so so glad the cycle is over. #tnr #trapneuterrelease #catlover #round3 #littleLightening #myheartistoobig #animallover #lovemylife #fostermom #catsofinstagram #fosterkitten
I will feed stray cats + the inevitable raccoon and possum, but I draw the line at feeding roadrunners. ___________ #whattheheck #whyareyouhere #notacat #newmexicostatebird
Attic Grandma: Precious won't eat anything but her food. Precious: I'll show you! :::eats romaine lettuce::: Me: 😹😹😹 #formerfoster #fosterfail #fosterkitten #tortie #spayandneuter #spcawake #adoptdontshop
I shared a quote yesterday about legacy and it really got me thinking about purpose. How do you make this world a better place? What would the world be missing if you weren’t in it? How do you add value and love to the people around you? 🌻 I feel so grateful to be involved in so many activities that are truly aligned with my core values and allow me to benefit this world in a positive way. I am absolutely blessed to be able to run my own business inspiring healthy living and helping women improve their health and happiness every day. My passion is helping babes feel confident and empowered in their body and learn to love themselves unconditionally. It is so blissfully rewarding to be a part of someone else’s journey towards their dream life. I also study and work in genetics, and my passion is disease. I hope that the work I do will positively benefit animal welfare and make this world a better place for our beautiful animal companions 🐶 But undoubtedly one of the most rewarding (and hardest) things I do is volunteering as a foster carer for orphan kittens. Waking up every three hours (even through the night) is exhausting and sometimes I cry when the alarms go off 🙈 the mess is endless and the result isn’t always a good one. Three years ago I lost one of my babies at three days old, and my heart still breaks for my little warrior Oliver. But seeing them grow and thrive and live a beautiful healthy life with their new owners makes it so, so worth it, especially when they send me Christmas cards 💗😂 On the hard days I know there are little lives in this world that wouldn’t be here without me, and that means everything... So, on that note, meet my three new babies. They might not make it through the night and I’m not likely to get much sleep, but they’re worth taking a chance on. Please send me lots of luck and love 💓
Keeping a kitten's mind healthy should be JUST as important as keeping their body healthy! Many people don't realise that mental stimulation is so important in everyday life for a cat and kitten, especially if they are indoor only! Thanks to our friends at @snuffletime for our awesome kitty snuffle mat! Not only does it make their dinner time fun, but it provides a LOT of mental stimulation during the day! It's safe to say Luna & Harper love it! 🧡
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