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Солнечный вторник! И вот вам мой #язычокповторникам Happy T👅T #tongueouttuesday
don’t underestimate me just cuz i has no teef
Always riding shotgun with pops.🦍🔥😤
Me cute🥰
We try and celebrate everyday like it’s #EarthDay over here, so get on out there and do the same! 🌍✌🏽❤️
🥜Peanut in foster🥜💙 This little man is doing amazing every day is new & exciting for him His toileting is brilliant for his age He's being taught how to behave & play by his surrogate mummy FLOOF Tallulah who loves him like her own even when hanging off her face 🤦‍♀️ He played in the paddling pool yesterday which he loves but foster mummy forgot to take photos 📸 No Applications this boy has a big op to go yet #frenchiepup #puppylove #cleftpalate #harelip #surgery #adorable #frenchbulldogsofinsta #frenchiefun #surrogatemum
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