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Alright, as promised, there is a part two. So now that I have even more space to write, I wanna shout out the people who truly made this shaadi a time in my life that I will never forget. First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Fatir Bhai's phenomenal and enormous family for all of the hospitality, love, warmth, generosity, etc. that they never failed to show any of us at every single event that we saw each other. Mashallah the valima in Chicago was amazing and getting to see all of Fatir Bhai's aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, of course his beautiful parents and just automatically feel like a part of the family. I miss you guys like crazy and can't wait for all the visits to Chicago and all of the visits to California inshallah. It puts me at ease to know that having my cousin move so far away was completely worth it for the amazing new family she has gained who will love her just as unconditionally as she loves all of you. And who would I be if I didn't shout out the MOST AMAZING BRIDESMAIDS AND FRIENDS IN THE HISTORY OF SHAADIS! To say that I adore each and every one of you would be a severe understatement and I'm so incredibly happy that I've gained so many new sisters that I look up to and truly have a blast with. All of the dancing and partying will be missed, but inshallah we will just have to make sure to continue to see eachother and make so many more memories (especially when Zainab Baji visits!). Last but not least, I want to thank one of the kindest, generous, most hilarious guys I know (even though he hates when I hype him up), Bilal Bhai. I am sure that the pride I feel to see Zainab Baji so happy doesn't even come close to the pride and undeniable love you have for her. You are seriously the most amazing brother, cousin, son, friend, etc. (Mashallah) and I'm so excited to see what your future holds inshallah. So that's a wrap folks. Ugh can someone just get married again already???? #fromHameedtoKhan
Well folks. It's officially over. It has been for about a week but when you have so much fun, you want it to last forever. But, in the real world, things always have to come to an end, the only thing we can do is ensure that one end is the start to a million more beginnings (dang look at me being all profound). Zainab Baji and Fatir Bhai, these past few days, all I've been able to think about is how beautiful these past few weeks have been and how it's all because of you two and both of your amazing families. I will admit that at first I doubted that anyone would be good enough for an amazing, hardworking, accomplished, intelligent, kindhearted, gorgeous cousin like Zainab Baji, but I can safely say that I cannot see any person other than Fatir Bhai that makes Zainab Baji as happy as he does and makes me so proud to call him family. Thank you Fatir Bhai for all of the kindness, generosity, hospitality, etc. that you have shown me and all of our family, I'm already so in love with all of you and will always cherish the memories we have made this wedding season. And of course, who would I be if I didn't thank one of the most amazing and inspiring women in my life, Shaheen Khala for throwing breathtaking parties that showed the world that Zainab Baji's family parties with style. You are such a fantastic woman and an even more fantastic Khala and mashallah your children reflect your compassion, intelligence, drive and so many other fantastic qualities and with everything that you've done and been through, you deserve that and so much more. Thank you for making this the best wedding I have ever been to to date. I could go on thanking every single person who made this shaadi season so incredibly memorable but this has turned into a novel, so I'll probably have to in the next post. But while I'm here, I want to say thank you once again for this beautiful, amazing wedding and I thank Allah every day that two incredibly special people like Zainab Baji and Fatir Bhai have finally found eachother and inshallah may they have countless more years to come. ❤ #fromHameedtoKhan
congratulations @the.khan.project and @zzzaiiinabbb ♥️♥️♥️ had so much fun celebrating you guys!! #FromHameedToKhan #LAtoChicago
Zainab + Fatir 2018 I am still in awe of this Shaadi I attended last Sunday celebrating miss Zainab. The colors, dancing, food and pure joy from everyone was just magical! I personally cannot sit still at weddings so I just had to bring my camera and this is what I captured as a guest. Thank you for having me @zzzaiiinabbb & @the.khan.project ! #fromhameedtokhan
Greatful for wide angle selfies and my Chitown Crew. Another one bites the dust! #fromhameedtokhan #nofilter
I have to say, I’m quite fortunate to get the opportunity to capture special moments in people’s lives through my eyes. Zainab’s Mayoon this past weekend was absolutely magical and reminds me why I love my hobby so much. The vibrant colors, beautiful sounds and seeing everyone happy makes my heart full. Thank you for allowing me to document this special evening for you @zzzaiiinabbb ! #fromhameedtokhan