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Training Days for Tiny 🐶🐾#DogsofInstagram #GermanShepherd #GermanShepherdMom
The best view on a Monday 😍😍 . Reppin the benefits of yesterday’s meal prep. Having my fridge filled full of yummy & heathy eats, makes my heart ❤️ so happy. . Even with everything we had going on yesterday celebrating Fathers Day, I still made time to do a little meal prep for the week. I always feel SO much more prepared to start off the week! 🤸🏼‍♀️💪🏼 . I can’t tell you enough, how much this has helped me through out my journey. Especially if you’re always busy, like me. Meal/Food/Snack Prep is one way I stay on track eating nutritious foods. . Setting yourself up for success is the best way to accomplish your goals & most importantly ~ feel your best!! 🙌🏼✨ And it’s a great timesaver to have all your meals ready for ya! It helps you from making unhealthy choices & reach for something less satisfying & filling. . Just like with anything else in life, organizing things in advance helps free up time and energy to kick some major booty in other areas of your life! 😎
Confidence is a hard thing to come by at least it always has been for me. It was hard to make conversations because I was always afraid of what others would think.✋🏼 . It wasn’t until I found this community, this support, the workouts, the easy to follow nutrition, that everything feel into place. I felt better from working on me & my confidence just came right along with it.🤘🏼 . It is easy to say I have never been happier & I am so thankful I took the leap even though I had so much fear & so many doubts. Now I am crushing fear with confidence!✌🏼 . . . . . #crushingfear #rockyourconfidence #confidenceisbeautiful #confidenceoverfear #germanshepherdmom #choosingme #liveyourlifenow #improvingme #changinglivesdaily #livingmybestlifenow
My best friend. My love. My better half. Life with you makes perfect sense.🖤
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