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Why. Why are you so cute yet can be the biggest goblin in existence. 🥰😍 #cat #kitty #sleepycat #content #pets #gingercat #gingerkitty #catsofinstagram #weirdpose #cats #okay
Just another Sunday afternoon.... This is pretty normal for my house. . . Do your cats sleep on anything weird?? . To be fair this was her spot first!! Lol. . #catsofinstagram #gingerkitty #guitarkitty #lespaul #greco #crazycatlady #catworld
Paint me like one of your French girls #gingerkitty #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram
Princess Gingerbalz reigns over the deck. #cat #gingercat #kitty #cutecat #gingerkitty
“could we PLEASE sleep with you tonight?” 🥺🥺 who can resist these cute little faces!? do you sleep with your cats?
Our foster boy Oliver is now known as "Buster" and he's up for adoption at the Austin Humane Society @austin_humane . He's a wonderful boy and we miss him very much, but we did our part in getting him off the streets, getting his tail fixed, getting him healthy, and reminding him what it feels like to be loved. Austin Humane Society has much more exposure and better resources to get him adopted into a great home, so we wiped our tears and did what is best for him. He's still at AHS as Buster, so if you're looking for a calm, mellow boy who loves to take naps together, go meet him! We love and miss him, and hope he gets the best home possible. @austin_humane if you want to know the story of him and his tail, just let me know and I'll give you all the pics and info! #austinhumanesociety #austincat #adoptable #adoptme #adoptdontshop #rescuecat #streetcat #centraltexasfelinerescue #gingerkitty #marmaladecat #orangecats #kittylove #fostercat
My baby girl Gryffindor (Griffy) isn't feeling well. After acting dizzy and tipping over Thursday night, I called the vet on Friday and got her in yesterday morning. The vet said she's exhibiting signs of vestibular syndrome (vertigo) which is not common in cats. They have no definitive reason what's wrong, and the vet said that it will be trial and error to help her. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and a shot of steroids. 😢 She spent all day yesterday under our bed. I was able to get her to drink some tuna juice by sliding the plate under the bed. She came out once in the evening and went pee in the litter box. 🙏 After spending all morning and afternoon under the bed, she ventured out around supper time. I was able to coax her out into the living room with some food. She didn't eat it, and eventually returned to the bedroom. I went back to her old friend tuna, and got her to eat about a tablespoon of tuna watered down with a few tablespoons of water. 😿 After using the litter box again for both jobs, she is now back under the bed. Please pray that my baby girl starts feeling better soon. I love her with everything and am not ready to say goodbye. 💜 #gryffindorthecat #griffy #mypookie #orangetabby #orangekitty
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