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°~this is a scrap but it took me way too long to just delete this so here it is☺ enjoy it until I post another edit in an hour😎 sc:alightmotioncolour cc:me dt:whoever is emmasexual😍😍 #elliephantgrp #talentedgrp
@elliethumann <3 she is the cutest ok?ok ac enthoosiast dt ashleigh, hannah, and val!
been missing them 🥺 ac oop- i forgot cc vhstuts dt you 🥰 #girdies #omgpage
i love this girl so so so much.
a power couple
i want them to go on tour again like really bad
i cant stop staring at this photo of grayson oh my god
grayson and emma i cant-
How is this a real picture that legitimately exists I'm-
i don’t care if you’re in ethan’s lane, THIS IS ADORABLE AND U BETTER AGREE
i’m lowkey confused with what’s going on with noah and the twins can somebody like explain
this picture is so popular of emma like where have i not seen it
look at his cute ass 🥺
honestly, this is the best thing i’ve heard. and yes, i was on twitter at 2am i am NOT doing well 💀
look at this girl. don’t you just want to hug her?
scrap sc @fqmale for tags
go follow literally my favorite person ever @icedemmac. she’s ALWAYS there for me and when somethings going wrong, she’s there to talk. half of the time we’re drooling over the twins pictures, talking about emma and how pretty she is, and sharing our lives together. we live SO far away and i want to meet her so bad 🥺 she’s almost at 1k and id highly appreciate it if you followed her. it would make me so happy and she completely deserves all of it. ❤️
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