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Un plaisir en famille pour célébrer la fête des mères! Nous sommes allé manger au restaurant @le_cellier . Je n'ai pas été déçue par la qualité du repas. Le seul petit inconvénient fût le fait que le service a été un peu trop long, mais nous avons tout de même bien été servis. Voici ce que j'ai choisi comme repas : Entrée de gravlax de saumon. Excellente entrée! Je n'avais encore jamais mangé de gravlax de saumon et j'en reprendrai sans hésiter! Repas de magret de canard. J'ai malheureusement trouvé le canard un peu trop cuit, mais les à côtés étaient très bons! Dessert une crème brûlée au fromage! J'aime beaucoup les crèmes brulées et je dois dire que la touche de fromage vient ajouter un très bon goût à ce dessert 😁 #resto #restaurant #gravlax #gravlaxsalmon #canard #magret #duck #cremebrulee #cheese #family #mothersday
😋 Saumon gravlax et ses légumes a crû #gravlax #legumes #saumon #vinaigrette #tomate #pamplemousse
New products still in development. we are also exploring other recipes , details soon! Dill on sale at C.Sinclair in burntisland #gravadlaxsalmon #gravlax #salon #salmon #eatlocal #newproduct
HOMEMADE SALMON GRAVLAX 🎣 Recipe: ⭐️ Place salmon on a bed of dill ⭐️ In a bowl combine 500 ml of orange juice, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons of peppercorn ⭐️ Pour mixture over salmon, cover with Saran Wrap and refrigerate for 14 hours ⭐️ Flip salmon after suggested time and refrigerator for another 14 hours ⭐️ Rinse salmon well ⭐️ Rub mustard (Dijon and French) lightly over the top, sprinkle finely chopped dill ontop of the mustard ⭐️ Serve on cracker with cream cheese
W bueno inspirujemy się kuchniami z różnych zakątków świata 🌎 Prosto ze Skandynawii na wasze stoły trafia GRAVLAX Czyli Łosoś peklowany w soli z dodatkiem cukru. W naszej interpretacji w marynacie pojawił się również Burak 😋 Idealna przystawka na wiosenną aurę 🌞 #gravlax #salmon #scandinavianfood #beetroots
En entrée ce midi, gravlax de thon rouge, labneh fumé, oignons rouges marinés, quinoa frit, suprêmes d’oranges Réservations: 450 906-3886 #menumidi #lunch #gravlax #labneh #quinoa #orange #resto #terrasse #Boucherville #chezlionel
Gravlax de saumon, salade de haricots verts au gingembre et quinoa au citron #saveursandco #faitmaison #platdujour #saumon #gravlax #salmon #fish #quinoa #green #greenbeans #chef #paris #restaurant #france #goodfood
I polední menu musí lahodit oku. Marinovaný #losos #gravlax dobrou chuť #hospudkaeliskacz #kamnajidlo #jiznicechy #ceskebudejovice 🦊
Making our way through the smoked salmon menu at @caviarhouseprunier Which would you choose; gravlax, plain and simple or pate? We all had a different favourite 🐟 (invite) 🥂
메종살몬 연어 그라브락스가 현대백화점 판교점으로 찾아갑니다!👍🏻 . 🔜5/24-5/30 현대백화점 판교점 식품관 이벤트매장
I FEEL THE 🐟 ❤️ @preservedgoods ! #Repost @preservedgoods with @get_repost ・・・ Local salmon season is here and it’s shaping up to be the longest salmon season in several years here in the Bay. The change should mean more salmon available at lower prices! We spotted some Monterey Bay King Salmon at the Temescal Market just last week and we look forward to more salmon opportunities throughout the summer. Check your local farmers markets, @montereyfishmarket , Hapuku Fish, and Tokyo Fish Market and consider smoking, pickling, pressure canning or curing some local fish! . When it comes to salmon, we favor making gravlax, as it is one of the simplest recipes to re-create at home and requires no special equipment. Fresh salmon is rubbed with sugar and salt to help it stiffen and cure; fresh dill and a splash of gin adds herbaceous flavor. It’s tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and weighted down for three-days in your refrigerator. You’ll find it’s entirely worth the reasonably short wait! . Find this recipe and more in our favorite book on meat and fish preserving by local author @bolognarose ! The book includes other preserved fish favorites including salt cured anchovies, pickled herring, salmon jerky and so much more! . #preservedgoods #gravlax #curedfish #salmonseason #supportlocalfishermen #preservingtheseason
Excited to announce our #writtinby team will be there! Join @pspoets tomorrow night, as they celebrate four years of art and community! 🍾
Throwback to one of our readings at @vintageonvenice during @marvistaartwalk. Can you believe it's been four years since @pspoets began? It's been an amazing journey to be apart of. I've met so many talented poets, musicians, and artists that have inspired me, that I've collaborated with, and that I get to share my words with. Thank you all who've stepped in to offer support to our community in one way or another. We'd like you to come celebrate with us tomorrow night at @gravlax ! Arda and Magnus have provided us with our home venue since the beginning, and we are very grateful. Come show them support, too! Party starts at 9. Let's boogie. 🥂
Gravlax Crostini | local salmon, cream cheese, pickled beets, dill, baby greens • • • • #gravlax #localseafood #sustainableseafood #oceantotable #ocean2table #santacruz #monterey #ediblemonterey #sfeater #downtownsantacruz #eatlocal #dinelocal
One of my favourite places in Toronto is Schmaltz Appetizing. Super small, cute, hole in the wall tucked away behind Fat Pasha on DuPont is this cured fish joint. I have regular cravings for a good lox bagel, and this is the place to go for it. Their gravlax is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. I mean all their fish are amaze really, but this lox bagel is always a yasss. Pro tip: extra capers always @schmaltzappetizing #yasssfood
@anamariareposteria Deliciosos paninis con salmon, jamón serrano desmechado de pollo de cerdo, roast beef, pavo ahumado, pernil de cerdo. #paninis #sandwiches #bocadillos #bocatas #opensandwiches #danishopensandwiches #salmon #gravlax #smokedsalmon #norsksalmon #jamonserrano #jamoniberico
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