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Dope cunts m9 #grapefruits Sugar rush coming at ya soon
Aku lagi seneng moto orang 😁 . . Hii mba @mottybotto salam kenal.. Sehat selalu yaa 😘 . @po.to.ku #potokucuy #pt_makesyouhappy Done yaa mba sayang @nuke_hergiswil Cc @eritapanjaitan72 Mbaknyaa suka moto apaa😁 @fransischachristie @indr1411 @nurhudayanti.saleh
Managed to make it through last nights show even after my Les Paul fell and broke. Great people made that possible. I love getting to play music with @asfmarshall 🎸 @daughters.official @gibsonguitar @craigwill
Tomorrow is school exam ......
Riffing around with some song ideas.
Stream our tunes on Spotify, add us to your playlists, share us with a friend, whatever you're into. JUST DO ITTTTT // here's some live vid shot by our dude Sandwich #spotify #rockthis #LinkInBio #shialeboeuf . . . . #guitarsofinstagram #guitarworld #guitarplayermagazine
37 seconds of mid 2000s (Profanity)
Shreddin’ too hard 😅
New pedal(s) day! @jimdunlopusa Vintage Bass Octave. @mooeraudio Envelope Filter. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - facebook.com/richieadamsguitar
End of the day post ✌🏻
Shred Arpeggio Patterns You Need To Know Improve Your Soloing https://www.practicetheguitar.com/videos/rock-guitar-exercises/arpeggio-variations-in-d-minor In this insane thirty-two measure Arpeggio Variations In D Minor solo, Chris Zoupa gives us some more essential soloing techniques. hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, many position shifts, many variations of arpeggios, the D minor, and harmonic minor scale, minor pentatonic, and even two handed finger tapping. Join http://www.practicetheguitar.com/ and become a member with access to many video lessons at multiple tempos, including full tablature and notation, and backing tracks to practice with. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to leave a comment on the page, or send us an email to practicetheguitar@gmail.com
This is not what I had planned. 😔😫
Sun kissed
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