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Words have been hard for me lately. I’ve been “feeling” a lot, but I’m not able to articulate any of those feelings into words. One day soon I hope 🤞P.S. your wandering soul deserves a soul just as bright, curious, passionate and determined as yours. Never let someone dim your light! Xo #herlifeoutside #lakedillon #dilloncolorado #summitcounty #colorado #mountains #sunset #optoutside #peace #love #wanderlust #mountaingal #mountaingirls #wanderingsoul #wander #writersofinstagram
My life’s been pretty chaotic lately and my mind hasn’t stopped racing. I’m so grateful for this afternoon and the couple of hours of stillness and peace. I literally didn’t think of a damn thing while watching the sunset and it was magical! I love these GD mountains! #goodforthesoul #omgitsnotaselfie • • • #herlifeoutside #mountainvibez #lakedillon #dilloncolorado #summitcounty #colorado #mountains #sunset #optoutside #peace #love #wanderlust #mountaingal #mountaingirls
In another universe, it’s you and me. I hope those two (you and me) are doing all the things I (we) wish we (I) could do together. #herlifeoutside #iwrite #writersofinstagram #writers #writeaboutit #write #writerscommunity #iwrotesomethingfinally #optoutside #mountains #colorado #snow
This is my mind right now. I haven’t written anything in thirteen days. Where did all the words go? #blankspace #mymind #herlifeoutside #writersofinstagram #write #writersblock #words
And just like that, the words stopped coming. Come back. I miss you. I miss the sound of my pencil scratching the blank pages of my journal. I miss the feeling of having to stop everything I’m doing just so I can get all the thoughts in my brain out on paper. I miss writing. Come back...please. #herlifeoutside #writersofinstagram #write #writersblock #mountains #estespark #rockymountainnationalpark #colorado #winter #hike #optoutside
My niece Winter Ann R. (WAR) It snowed today (2.6.19) #herlifeoutside #winter #winterishere
Megan: mom I’m headed to a poetry open mic night • Mom: are you going to recite one of yours • Megan: no • Mom: why not? I feel like your acting classes have brought you out of your shell a bit. • Megan: Mom, I can write my thoughts and have others read them, but I can’t say them out loud. I’d be so vulnerable. • Mom: I don’t want you to think that your acting when you are reading your heavy thoughts. I understand you more than you know. This class has made you a happy person with deep feelings. That you can express the true Megan without people knowing who you really are. Only people like yourself can understand. This is just another stepping stone in life to find you and enjoy the person you see inside. Love you. You do MEGAN. • Megan: mom!!!!! You just made me cry! Ok, I’ll do it. • First time doing a poetry open mic tonight. I think I’ll do it again. Thanks mom! #herlifeoutside #youdoyou #listen #poetry #openmicnight #mercurycafe #denver #colorado #writersofinstagram #writer #write #writeyourstory
I write I write about heartbreak I write about heartbreak to heal I sometimes wonder if I write too much about heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I am too open about my heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I am being selfish writing about heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I’m hurting others when writing about heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I am wallowing too long in my heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I am the cause of my heartbreak I sometimes wonder if I NEED heartbreak to write I don’t want to stop writing, but I AM scared without heartbreak, I won’t know what words to write I don’t want to be selfish, but I AM selfish I don’t want to censor myself to cause less hurt to others, but I AM sorry if my words hurt you But I won’t stop writing But I can’t stop writing I will do my best to be mindful I will do my best not to make your identity known But if I do write about you, it’s because I cared for you But if I do write about you, it’s because you impacted my life Good or Bad, you’ve shaped me Good or Bad, you’ve taught me Good or Bad, you’ve left me Just because I write about you doesn’t mean I (still) resent you Just because I write about you doesn’t mean I (still) “care” for you I write about you for me, not for you I write about you to heal I write about you I write #herlifeoutside #iwrite #writersofinstagram #writers #writeaboutit #write #writerscommunity
I have this thing where I give a nickname to a man I’m dating or interested in until I feel like there’s potential then they get to have their real name (I don’t say these names to their face, just to friends and family). It’s a defense mechanism. It’s me keeping that wall up a little longer. There’s been... boring guy, drummer, science guy, grass guy, van man, crazy eye, Australian guy, loud mouth Boston... just to name a few. I don’t want anyone to be offended by these names, it’s just something I do to protect myself and my hopeless romantic feels hah! But I wanted to say your name. I did say your name. I didn’t even come up with a nickname for you because it didn’t seem right. I just wanted to say your name, but now I wish I didn’t. I wish I gave you a name. #herlifeoutside • • • #writersofinstagram #tellyourstory #writing #writingcommunity #mystory #snowboarding #optoutside #girlswhoshred #girlswhowrite #iwrite
[felt this should be a post not just a story] This all might sound jumbled and a bit hard to read, but these are the moments burned into my memory. The last relationship I was in was four years ago... The emotional abuse started right away. “You’re beautiful, but you shouldn’t wear that outfit.” “Girls like you pine over guys like me” “you’re not the normal girl I fall for” “those guys were only lookin at you because you were the only woman in the restaurant, what else were they suppose to look at, plus look how you’re dressed you were asking for it and wanted to make me jealous” I stayed. And the lies, they never stopped. “What’s in your pocket? Nothing? I just saw you put a baggie in your pocket. Megan you really want to see what’s in the baggie? It’s Vicodin. It’s Percocet. It’s OxyContin. It’s dilaudid! Wait, my dilaudid from my tonsillectomy?? Are you going to get clean? Yes, just need to finish these off, but I don’t really have a problem.” I stayed. Anther boxed wine? Didn’t you just buy one last night? You’re drunk again. It’s Tuesday at 11 p.m. I stayed. It was Thanksgiving and he had fallen asleep at the kitchen table with a fork in his mouth. He’d taken too many Vicodin. My father “tell X to stay out of his dad’s pain meds”. I stayed. We were driving back from the hospital. He tried to jump out of my car going 50 mph. I just went in to grab the rest of my stuff. He knocked the box out of my hand and as I went to go pick it up, he hit me “what, you like that in the bedroom, what’s different about it now.” I stayed. I went to visit him in the mental institution. I saw his diagnosis - bipolar. I stayed. He got home from the hospital and he told me he was fine. And everything was my fault. I left. • • • #herlifeoutside #writersofinstagram #tellyourstory #mentalhealth #writing #writingcommunity #mystory
[a love letter to the mountains] You can have all of me. I'm yours. My heart. My soul. My eyes. My smile. You make my heart race, my lungs burn and my legs shake. You challenge me. You scare me. You give me pleasure and happiness no other can. Our connection is the ONLY connection that will last forever; the only connection I can truly trust and find comfort in. #herlifeoutside #snowboarding • • • #hikeupsnowboarddown #optoutside #colorado #keystone #photosofherlife #photosofherlifeoutside #explore #pushyourself #pushyourlimits #mountains #mountainlust #mountaingal #mountainlove
I took your picture today. But where are you? You’re in your mommy’s belly of course. Just a few more weeks little winter baby! I already love you to the top of the highest mountain and to the bottom of the deepest ocean. I just can’t wait to meet you! ❄️ I had the honor of taking my sister’s maternity pictures today and ahhhh she’s just soooo beautiful! Love you seester! @tiflets #herlifeoutside • • • #winter #maternityphotography #photography #colorado #coloradophotography #pregnant #aunt #auntlifeisthebestlife #snow
You’re nothing more than just a memory; not a good memory or a bad memory Just a memory. You weren’t a waste of time nor time well spent Just a glitch in time I didn’t love you nor did I not love you I just thought I loved you in not a real love kind of way You’re not a bad guy, nor a good guy But just a boy finding his way Honesty should not be that difficult. You should do better. Act better. Lie better. My feelings were collateral damage for your selfish needs But that’s ok because it was never meant to be. BUT You’ll never forget these eyes. They’ll haunt you in your dreams. #herlifeoutside #writersofinstagram #write #writeyourlife
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