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— peter parker’s snapchat // #peterparkersocialmedia 2/5 this took me like,, 12 hours?? so appreciate it PLEASEE in case you can’t read everything: - user: pbparker | password: fR E sH a VoCa Do - friends: ned | fr e sh a voca do (gc ned + mj) | shuri | mj - p: y’all i just met tony mf stark mj: so,, did he radiate bde? (bitmoji: rad) - p: finally getting a haircut - p: what a good doggo i have, am i right?? s: one word: (bitmoji: yasssss) - p: y’all (suit) (bitmoji: daaaayum!!) n: (bitmoji: WHOA) - p: (pic with shaving cream) i’m tony stark y’all n: wow. mj: you don’t even have any facial hair?? (bitmoji: loser) p: (bitmoji: rude) - ned’s story: he says he’s tony stark.. - p: look at this good dog!! - peter’s story (airport fight) - p: still can’t believe i kicked captain america’s ass!! n: he dropped a container on u.. mj: ye thats not kicking his ass my dude p: rude (i rendered this like five times and it still has glitches what the fUCK AE) (also some of the chats ib @shannon.schwarze ’s and mine convos bc we’re weirdos) dt @shannon.schwarze @denise_2411 @ohmydramione @ircnspidrr @ambiquous @multifandomurie lowkey ib @_webheads ac me :) 23rd aug 2018 - 400 #cassinigrprct
sorry y’all,, he owns me ————————————— #loki #lokilaufeyson #thorragnarok #damn #fave #lokiedit #lokilaufeysonedit —————————————- Dt: @loki.locked @all_about_loki @pusuan.moto (ALL LOKI STANS) —————————- Ac gxlactic.mp3 Tc videostartip & videostarcodes ——————————- #avengers #lokisarmy #tomhiddleston #hiddelston #hiddelstan #laufeyson #marvel #marvekedit #edits #multifandom