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Have a great weekend everyone! I’m #hiking into Cougar creek, #vernonbc on this adventure. Hanging out in #nature all day is the best part about being a #climbingcat . I love to explore rocks and listen to the birdies sing. Another #cragcat day.
My first time on the board. I’m finding my balance, catching the views and watching the ducks. The last picture shows where we went boulder hopping the day before. Having my winter coat on in this heat makes me want to take a dip. #watercat #ellisonprovincialpark #vernontourism #beautifulbc
I had a few #wildlifeencounters in #Ellisonprovincialpark with different animals. First I was watching a ground squirrel from the camper roof and I got so excited I fell off. (the squirrel is standing up to the right of the big red leaf). When mama came down to get me, she found me jumping straight up and pouncing on all four feet, but I didn’t catch him. Photo 2. I saw this #deer a few times. We watched each other for a bit, then I saw some ground squirrels that were more interesting. Deer smells don’t get me excited. Photo 3. This is where I spent time in the bushes close to camp. I practiced climbing the tree in case I needed to use it. “Early one morning Bodhi was at the end of his leash in the bushes below this tree -I was at the other end by the picnic table. A #coyote came to within 20 m and didn’t notice him until he got this close. Yikes! I was keeping him close in the evening starting at dusk, but now he will be very close in the am too. Many coyotes can be heard yipping in the evening. There was only one walk that he probably smelled him and had to stop and look around more than usual.” . Photo 4. I was sitting on mamas lap in front of the fire one evening when I sensed something in the bushes. I looked 5m towards the bushes not far from a big ponderosa pine tree, got scared and growled. My body started to shake and tremble. Mama got worried, grabbed a few things and took me inside. I instantly went to the window to watch the action. “I went back out to grab a few things and found a #raccoon climbing up the big ponderosa tree. You never know what kind of wild animal you’ll meet out here in the #canadianwilderness .“
I’m off to meet up with @el_berto_the_cat ,Otto @otto_gundy is somewhere behind me after nagging at me like an old woman to get a move on and stopped me cooling off in the #deaniesstinkyfishfountain 😼🐟💦⛲️ We’re on a two mile hike lead by @katnisstuxedocat and Sprinkles @cflickcats through @rosie_milo camp grounds. Got lots of goodies in my 🎒😺🦟🦗🐞🌳🌲🌱 #furriends #furriendship #furriendsforever #furriendsfurever #indoorcatlife #indoorcatoutside #hikingcats #hikingcatsofinstagram #18yearoldcat 💙😽 👀
Today is International Mother's Day. Unfortunatelly I don't remember my mother, because she died right after my birth. Luckily I have my Human. I know, she doesn't like when someone calls her my mother, because we are more like a little gang,but she really takes care of me like mothers do. So today I want to wish her and all the other mothers happy mother's day!💐 _______________________________________________________ #piiksugram #mothersday #bestfriendgoals #cat #catphoto #catsofinstagram #tabbycat #tabbycatsofinstagram #chcatsofinstagram #hikingcat #hikingcatsofinstagram #animalsofinstagram #animal #animalphoto #pet #petphoto #petsofinstagram
Camping is the best! I get to hang out in the bushes and explore. Photo 1. Driving into the campground. Everything is so green and the forest is alive with many sounds. Photo 2. I found a good spot to sit and look around but later find out that it’s not a kitty bed. It’s a fire pit and it’s kinda dirty. Photo 3. Cruising around the campsite. There’s so many things to see and bushes to explore. Photo 4. I found a great spot to rest and enjoy nature. I’ve never seen so many green leaves before. #spring is here! #naturecat - - - - - - - - #Bodhitheadventurecat #travelingcat #vancat #camping #adventurecat #adventurecats #catventurer #explorercat #catadventures #catexplorer #backcountrypaws #catventures #walkingcats #catexplorer #hikingcatsofinstagram #catonaleash #catsonleashes #adventurecatsofinstagram #explorebc #mainecoonadventurecat #blacksilvermainecoon
We’ve went from being unsure about the outdoors to being sassy as $h*t when we haven’t went for a walk - Canadian Rockies 🍁🐾|
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