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Blissful Life Corporation has some new weekly classes to share with you! Join us on Tuesdays at 6:30pm for Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy with Eli. This special class is limited to 7 people - so make sure you get there early! https://www.facebook.com/events/2151584964878456/ Want chair yoga but can't come during the day for our class at 10:30am? We'll see you on Wednesdays at 6:00pm. A great class for those with desk jobs or limited mobility! This class is also limited to 7 students. https://www.facebook.com/events/463460247745948/ All classes at Blissful Life Corporation are donation-based. This means that you can give any amount that feels appropriate and affordable to you. When asked, we recommend $10-15 per class, or $60-80 per month for an unlimited class pass-equivalent donation, to help us pay our teachers and the bills. Donate now at http://bit.ly/2rZ5GyJ. #ocalayoga #ocalawellness #chairyoga #restorativeyoga #yoga #aromatherapy #blissocala @thingstodoocala #wellness #essentialoils #natural #health #essentialoil #healthy #naturalhealth #oils #healthyliving #naturalliving #holistichealth #healing #selfcare #holistic #lavender #peppermint #classes #yogaclass #donationbased #nonprofit #yogaeverydamnday #wellbeing #relax
Who else is committed to making their health a priority this year 🙌 and by health I don’t mean fad diets, diet pills, quick fixes, restriction or obsession... My definition of health may be different from yours, just like if you asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you a different story. I view Health in a holistic view now. feeding your body with food that nourishes you, high vibe food that not only fuels your body but fuels your soul too, moving your body with kindness & having fun doing it but also knowing when it’s time to rest, choosing gratitude & replacing negative thoughts with kind ones 💭 I view health as an investment, and I LOVE putting money (energy) aside each week for my health & wellbeing. Instead of saying, “that’s too expensive”, try saying “my health isn’t worth the investment.” And see how that feels.. So many people say that they can’t afford to invest into their health, but let’s be real, if you can’t afford to give your body what it needs to nourish it, then you definitely can’t afford the hospital bills, heavy medications & sick days 🤷‍♀️ It’s totally up to you... Listen to your body whispering, before you need to hear it shout ✨
💚 365 dana...DAN TRI STOTINE I ČETRDESET PETI💚 Svako stvorenje sa kojim se ukrsti naš životni put, na poseban način prenosi nam poruku i određeno značenje, a to se odnosi i na životinje koje mogu biti naši duhovni vodiči. U stara vremena je kult životinja imao jako veliki uticaj na ljude. Kako mitološke tako i sve ostale životinje, ali se to zadržalo i do današnjih dana. Među ŽIVOTINJAMA KAO DUHOVNIM VODIČIMA, javljaju se : zmajevi, psi, mačke, orlovi, jastrebovi, sokolovi, vrane, medvedi, vukovi, konji i još mnoge druge.  Ta bića su posrednici između nas i spiritualnog sveta, oni su naši saveznici, zaštitnici, pomoćnici, vodiči, družbenici. Takođe reflektuju ili sažimaju, suštinsku bit našeg sopstva. Jedna od važnijih stvari u našem životu je pomaganje ljudima da poštuju druga stvorenja sa kojima dele Majku Zemlju. Postoje različiti načini na koje se čovek može identifikovati sa svojom životinjom- vodičem,  među kojima su meditacija, vizuelizacija, unutrašnji uvid i inspiracija. Evo jednog načina kako da se povežete : sednete na neko mirno mesto, ispraznite um, zamislite svoje omiljeno mesto u svetu prirode i mentalno zamolite da na njemu upoznate svoju  životinju - vodiča. Posle izvesnog vremena, osetićete ili ćete videti tu životinju svojim unutrašnjim okom. Ne retko se dešava da recimo ako imamo smrt bliske i drage osobe, da se ubrzo u našem životu pojavi neka životinja. Dešava se da vam iznenada dođe pas ili mačka ili doleti neka ptica i ostane stalno sa vama. Kaže se da su to bića koja su došla da nam pomognu u daljem životu... Svakako ćete dobiti znak ako zatražite pomoć... Želim vam Svetlost, Ljubav, Mir i Harmoniju💚🙏 #reikimaster 🙏  #reiki #lecenje #lepotaizdravlje   #lifecoach   #365daychallenge   #fitness   #zdravlje   #mastercouch #happyness   #istrajnost   #zivotinje #pas #macka #orao #soko #ptica #zmaj #vuk #heven #isceljenje   #vodici #sreca   #beautyfullday   #illness   #reikienergy   #holistic   #bodytrpansformation   #bodypositivity
Mindfulness ∥ ‘Don’t place your mistakes on your head, their weight may crush you. Instead place them underneath your feet and use them as a platform to view your horizons’ - Anonymous. . . Wise words from my favourite magazine Breathe ✨. . . #bodhiandrose #organicsalon #holistic #mindfulness #breathemagazine
God is bigger than any obstacles you face today. Throw your concerns on Him. He can handle it and He cares for you. ❤ • • #keolafitfam #faithandfitness #identityinchrist #spiritsoulbody
Chiropractic care gives your body the release it needs to heal. It's not magic, we're just giving it the tools, the alignment it needs to cure itself.
Tough day on this 3rd day. Five years ago today we found out we had lost our little baby at 21 weeks of pregnancy. The day continued on as a tough day with lots going wrong, flat car battery, flooded caravan, no jobs here in Robinvale and the caravan battery has gone flat. In all of this I stayed grateful and patient and kept up my routine sticking to what works, my 7 pillars of holistic living works and no matter what I continue with it. Gratitude was the lesson for Jaimee today and she witnessed its affects first hand. Through pain and challenges I was still grateful for what I have, Jaim also learnt that her Dad is patient now even in tough times. Unfortunately for the whole of Jaims life i taught her to get angry and give up when life got tough and in the way, no more, only positive thoughts in any event. It's easier to be grateful when you wake to the beauty of nature at its finest. Exercise, meditation, mindfulness, reflection, communication, gratitude and healthy eating is easy in such a beautiful environment. I feel so grounded here, thanks to Guru Dave I'm bare foot and feeling the positive energy transference without the sensory deprivation chambers on my hoofs. Shout out to Dave for his exercise program.❤ this man. My love, strength, gratitude and strength is all sent to my amazing selfless wife. I love you babe.❤ #findingjaimee #bettermentall #exercise #holistic #7holisticpillars #lifestyle #choices #healthyliving #wife #family #grieving #mentalwellness #Murrayriver #personaltrainer #guru #fishing #youii #bipolar #wellnessjourney #depression #church #belief #purpose #mission #mentor #lifecoach #livewell #happy #keto #grateful
Is that a sick Mia outside of her house? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ciondoli Albero della Vita 🌳. . L'Albero della Vita è simbolo di protezione saggezza, bellezza, forza, salute e naturalmente della vita stessa. Le sue radici sprofondano nel terreno e sono a contatto con la terra, mentre i suoi rami si rivolgono al cielo. L' Albero della Vita è un mediatore tra il divino e il genere umano.💫🌱. . #lapiramidecristalli #Ravenna #shopforyoursoul #holistic #stonetherapy #crystalove #healingcrystals #igersravenna #igersemiliaromagna #cristalloterapia #crystaltherapy #crystalover #booklover #healingstones #gems #minerals #lapiramideravenna #shotz_of_emiliaromagna #alberodellavita
Connection is the foundation for life. It is what allows love to flow through, it allows for understanding and non judgment. It opens up hearts and leaves us feeling in tune with life and the all that is. With nature, animals, elements... with people. It gives space for harmony, peace and compassion. Stillness. It uplifts and strengthens us. It brings us light in dark times, softness in the rough and makes the good times even sweeter when we get there.. without true connection can you truly know another’s experience? Can you truly know what’s right for others or know their path if you’re not connected to them? Understanding and connection, under rated.
Bonjour Instagram !!! Aujourd’hui je voulais vous présenter ce nouveau bracelet en cornaline et cristal de roche ✨ . • . La cornaline est une agate. Sa couleur l’a relie au chakra sacré. Elle apaise les personnes colériques et est utile pour la concentration. La force créatrice s’exprime à travers elle, et en fait une parfaite accompagnatrice pour les personnes ayant du mal à procréer ☀️ . • . Le cristal de roche est un quartz neutre relié à tous les chakras. Il peut être utilisé pour n’importe quel problème car c’est une pierre « jocker » lorsque l’on ne sait pas laquelle utiliser pour un problème en particulier car il est facilement programmable. formidable amplificateur, il augmente les vibrations des autres pierres avec lesquels il est associé ✨💛 . • . 🛍️ Disponible sur la boutique karlaholistuc.com 💻 (Lien dans la bio ☝🏼) Envoie dans la journée 📮 Réception en 48 heures 📬 Lettre suivie 💌
#WellnessWednesday You don't have cancer, let's keep it that way! 💪💜 Don't wait until the bad diagnosis to start eating cleaner. I encourage you if you only eat one or two on this list, pick it up......💞💜🌞 . #MyOolaJourney #BeYourOwnAdvocate #DoItNow #FoodIsFuel #FoodForHealth #BadassCancerWarrior
Tea dates are the best dates☕️
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