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I'm not going to lie, I did this workout and ended with my tongue hanging out, so I think you should give it a try if you are looking to challenge your respiratory capacity and burn fat without too much strain on your joints. Zumba did a remix of the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight for its Zumba Kids program, so your kids can join you in this 3-minute workout that it's going to be like a game for them but definitely will challenge your endurance. . . . . #noequipmenthiit #hiit #zumba #outdoorworkout #homeworkout #shortworkout #workout
🚨TAG A FRIEND🏋️‍♀️ . 🐶 Sunday Core Circuit 🐶 —- The pups were definitely interested in this one 😆. —- ✏️30 seconds each, minimal rest between exercises. 1️⃣Plank walk. 2️⃣Cross crunch. 3️⃣Shoulder tap, foot tap. 4️⃣Side Plank with hip drop & leg left. 5️⃣Plank jack with knee tap. —— . 📲Download my app for minimal equipment #workouts you can do at home or in the #gym . The link is in my bio and story highlights ✨. . —— 💗DM or email me with questions and enjoy your day! . —- ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ . . . Cc: @steph.derby_fitness . . . For more 👉 @simplefitnezz For more 👉 @simplefitnezz . . . #core #coreworkout #abs #homeworkout #abworkout #womenshealth #homeworkout #bodyweightworkout #igfitness #igfit #workoutideas #stephderbyfitness #teamsdfitness #sundayfunday
First of 30 days of abes workout 😊 I'll tell you in the end if there are any differences 😅😁 #homeworkout #workout #abs #30dayschallenge #bellynobelly
Kapaklı servis borcamlarımız geldi 🎈 Metal kısımları makinede yıkamaya müsait değildir Borcam kısmını fırında kullanabilirsiniz 💫 Gümüş ve altın rengi mevcuttur 💜 Bayram önce 375 lira idi, sizleri kırmamak adına bir süre daha 375 lira. Sonrasında 400 lira olacaktır👀
Leather sport bra + Workout legging high waist 💙 ☎️Orders (305) 587-6006 www.BananaFitWear.com #gymclothes #gymclothesaddict #yogapants #yogaoutfit #bananafitwear #realbody #fitnesswear #fashionfitness #workoutwear #homeworkout #activewear #postpartumbody #fitmom #peachbutt
Tips på en core-övning. Navel in mot ryggraden. Lätt tryck med knä och hand mot bollen hela tiden. 90 grader i benen. Diagonalt ben och arm ner. 20 reps*3 Om ryggen lyfter från golvet behöver du inte gå så långt mer med benet.#homeworkout #coreworkout #coretraining #corefordancers #dansstyrka #strengthfordancers #flamencodancer
#repost @beblackfit 💪🏼 ・・・ . ... El cuerpo sufre los resultados de la falta de conciencia, pero contiene los recursos que necesitamos para despertarla. Es más sencillo de lo que pensamos, aunque requiere continuidad y paciencia en el darse cuenta y en la transformación… . Nuestras células escuchan constantemente a nuestros pensamientos y se ven cambiadas por ellos. Por ejemplo un ataque de depresión puede causar desastres en el sistema inmunológico; enamorarse puede fortalecerlo. La desesperación y falta de esperanza aumenta el riesgo de sufrir ataques cardíacos o contraer un cáncer, acortando así la vida. El gozo y la satisfacción nos mantienen saludables y prolongan la vida... . El ejercicio físico no solo te ayudará a verte mejor creo que lo fundamental de hacerlo a consciencia es que vos te sientas bien con vos mismo después de haberte descargado... Si uno se conociera tal como es, comprendería que es la fuente, el curso y la meta de toda la inteligencia fluyente, te invito a que confíes que la actividad física te ayudará a encontrarte con vos mismo y por sobre todo a divertirte en cada clase que hagas!. . Mi compañera @dannasalome_ Elementos @reaxingofficial. . . . • Producción y cm @sparks.redes . . #core #work #workout #stronger #workoutroutine #training #motivation #fitnessmotivation #wellness #video #homeworkout #gym #lifestyle #fitness #boys #box #boxingworkout #funcional #functionaltraining #boys #girls #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivations #hiitworkout #hitbox #fitnessgirl #training #workoutroutine #booty #quotes
I may have been a tad excited for my chocolate muscle recovery which is doing double the job these days. If your curious on how it’s made it’s in both my stories today and will be in tomorrow’s YouTube video. ——————————————————————————————————————- Ready to transform in 2019? I took part in my first group in 2017 it kick started my journey & changed my life.Time to change your life too and stick to your resolutions. Lose weight, share recipes, make friends and most importantly have fun while doing it!. Interested in joining or want more information? Link is in my bio or christinalouisefitness.com fill out the application and I will be in touch. #musclerecovery #chocolate #chocolatemusclerecovery
I’ve been trying to balance out the imbalance that was revealed so clearly to me in the move on the first 2 slides as a personal goal this week. It’s amazing what 5 days of practice can do although I think it comes down to momentum from the beginning. My bridge being stronger on my right ultimately makes the move easier on that side. Love this week and can’t wait to do it ☝🏼 more time! #tamily #tarealtime #tracyanderson #tracyandersononlinestudio #tracyandersonmethod #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #consistency #hotandhumid #sweatlife #sweat #connection #form #selfcare #dancecardio #kickballchange #meredith #dance #tuesday #tuesdayworkout #homeworkout #fitnessroutine #health
Hi #tamily ! My phone died on the beach while doing yoga and thinking that I need to stop being on it so much! I guess it was offended and decided I should experience life without it. I went a couple of days without replacing it and really enjoyed be phone less. Although, I did have a WiFi iPad and of course I stare at a computer for 12 plus hours at work. The only thing I missed was seeing all of you on my phone!!! 💖💖💖...I am really enjoying Fundamental this week. It’s a great class and I love the flow of it! Wishing everyone an amazing week! #tracyandersonmethod #consistencyiskey #tamilyfriend #homeworkout
WORKOUT: 🔸 bridge, overhead reach knee tuck 🔸 side star plank 🔸 plank alternating reach outs, to heel taps 🔸 roll back to half burpee Four exercises, four rounds 🔥 Be sure to listen to your body and go off what is feeling good. . . . . . #core #totalbodyworkout #totalbody #bodyweightworkout #bodyweight #fitnessgoals #workoutflow #workoutathome #strongfit #hiit #hiittraining #bodyweighttraining #upperbody #workoutroutine #exercisemotivation #hiitcardio #lowerbody #absworkout #hiitworkouts #exercises #homeworkout #lowimpact
Absolutely loving this program...realizing I am worth the time and effort has been hard. . These past few weeks I've struggled with many things physically and mentally... my mindset was not in a very good place at all. . I recognized that I needed to focus on me and getting my mindset where it needs to be not just for me but for my family!! . Working out and eating healthy shouldn't feel like a chore or a burden, it started too. I started to feel defeated in more ways than I can explain. . Today I doubled up my workouts and I feel great... see the hardest part of this journey is just pressing play. Once I start the workout I feel amazing and accomplished!!! . So, today was a great day!!!
BRA BULDGE WORKOUT 💪🔥 ͈ Please give this video some love (double tap) and save for later! Sipping on my fave @womenbest BCCAs this morning 💕 ͈ It’s not possible to spot reduce but you can target, tone and shape! Combining strength toning workouts with HIIT workouts and a healthy well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to improve the “bra buldge” area AKA that lil bit that sticks out when you’re wearing a tight top/bra. Most women, including myself, have this bra bulge and you shouldn’t see it as a “problem area” but give this workout a try if you’re looking for a quick, effective and fun way to train and tone your upper body at home! ͈ All you need is a positive attitude! ͈ … Just kidding, you need dumbbells. ͈ WORKOUT: ͈ 3 SETS ͈ - 12 x Around The World - 12 x Dumbbell Flyes - 12 x Dumbbell Chest Press - 10 x Push Ups - 12 x Hand-Release Push Ups - 12 x Commando Planks
CELLULITE . This summer I’ve had lots of you DM me asking how I “don’t have cellulite!” so I thought it would help to make a post about the topic . First of all: I DO have some cellulite! Having a (natural) big booty🍑 means you might have some cellulite (and stretch marks)!!🤷🏼‍♀️ #SorryNotSorry ! Before I dive into what it is and how to reduce it... I want to say it’s completely NORMAL! Even very muscular people and very “skinny” people can have it. Before I started my fitness journey I was “skinny” but had lots more cellulite than I do now! If you’d like to reduce the appearance of it, I have a few TIPS! . Through training/building muscle and a proper diet I’ve probably gotten rid of 95% of it. Genetics come into play a bit too- because I don’t carry much fat in my legs it doesn’t really show. However if I go 4-5 days without hitting the gym, it actually comes back...but as soon as I’m training again/drinking lots of water/back to my healthy diet it goes away again... so weird🤷🏼‍♀️ . 💡Tips: 👙Losing extra FAT (IF you have extra fat)- the only way to lose fat is to eat in a calorie deficit. Losing the fat that surrounds a muscle can help reduce cellulite. 👙If you are a healthy weight and have cellulite I would focus on a *weight training* and being more active! 👙Building muscle can drastically decrease the appearance of cellulite. Don’t be afraid of those weights! 👙Keeping active - if you are sitting at a desk all day, make it a point to get your blood flowing!! 👙Eating nutritious foods - Lots of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Feed your body GOOD stuff!!! 🥗 👙Stay hydrated💦 - your muscles need water to function properly and keeping hydrated is so important to keep your skin healthy 💡Basically STAYING ACTIVE/MOVING MORE and healthy eating is the best way to help it. There are NO quick fixes (“cellulite reducing creams”🤦🏼‍♀️) its completely normal! I don’t really care about mine now but I know that’s bc I look after my diet and train hard. Looking after yourself is so important in how you feel about things like that! Knowing your treating your body well will always make you mentally feel more confident!💕❤️
After all the clients have gone home it would be so easy to sit down on the sofa & do nothing, but then I wouldn’t reach my goals! tonight the legs are ‘avin’ it starting with a little lunge! 🦵🏻 #sealfitsquad #startevolveadaptlive #fitfamuk #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #homeworkout #workingonme #metime #motivation #strongwomen #strong #stronglegs #girlswholift #plyobox #thisgirlcan
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