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"Where I'm from, pain is a fact of life." . . Sefira & Other Betrayals is a collection of 8 stories from John Langan, and this was my introduction to his work. I really liked the concepts of these stories, and it was fun to see the author's creativity. I buddy read this one with @gowsy33 & @mother.horror . Although I liked the concepts of the stories, I had trouble connecting to the execution. John Langan writes so well, but at time, it feels like things are overly detailed. His style is very literary, and sometimes I felt like I was in school again. This collection is absolutely perfect for the right reader, but I struggled to maintain interest at times. I think I was the problem, and not the book itself. This is not a casual read, and I may have just been in the wrong mood for it. At times, it felt like every story had the same format, and I was longing for some variety. There was slow build up with a lot of dialogue and description, and then some horror tucked in at the end. Not all of the stories were like this, but many of them were. My top 3 stories in this collection were Bloom, Bor Urus, and Sefira. These were such intriguing stories, and I enjoyed them. Even though I struggled with the collection as a whole, it's good, and I think many readers will enjoy it. Thank you to Hippocampus Press for sending me a copy to review. I gave Sefira & Other Betrayals 3.5⭐ on GoodReads. . . Bloom for #nightwormschallenge - my favorite story in this collection was called Bloom!
The mythos surrounding the Cult of #Medusa has been distorted deliberately throughout history. Reported events of the powers of Cult members have been spun so as to blend truth with fiction. All with the intention of keeping the Cult hidden from society. #thrillernovel #TheMedusaClone
English below. 🇲🇽 Hace tiempo tuve la oportunidad de colaborar con una de mis editoriales favoritas @megustaleermex con este gran libro llamado "La mujer en la ventana". Algunas personas me han preguntado qué tal está y mi respuesta siempre es la misma: Uno de los mejores libros que leí en el 2018. Es un libro que sin duda te va a ayudar a comprender el temor de salir a la calle, sentir que no estás solo y ver cómo la gente desconfía de ti porque creen que eres una persona que no es apta para expresar algo. Además, te hacen vivir con la duda de si en realidad vio algo que no debía ver o era solo producto de su imaginación. El autor, A. J. Finn, expresó que este libro lo escribió después de ser diagnosticado con bipolaridad y que el tener una enfermedad mental sin diagnóstico es como vivir en un thriller. Sin dudas, un libro que te devorarás.: : 🇺🇸 I've been asked a lot about this book, which I consider one of the best readings in 2018. PRH in México sent me the book and I was really impressed with the writing. What makes the story more interesting is the fact that represents what the author lived in real life. He wrote the book after been diagnosed with bipolarity and he said that "living with an undiagnosed mental illness is like living inside a thriller". The book tells the story of a woman who saw something she shouldn't have seen, but we are not sure if that's true or not. The story moves around the feeling of loneliness, fear and sadness. A must read.: : #thewomaninthewindow #lamujerenlaventana #ajfinn #megustaleer #bookstagrammx2 #horrorfan #horrorlover #libro #libros #bookstagram #bookishfeatures #horror #horrorbooks #librosdeterror #horrorreads #stephenking #stephenkingbooks #funko #funkopop #bookstagrammexico #bookishfeatures #horrorbooks #librosdeterror #bookish #reader #bookoftheday
I'm buddy reading House of Sighs with @tracy_reads79 & we're enjoying it so far! It's such an interesting setup & we're looking forward to seeing what happens. I picked up this one after @drunk_on_bookz recommended it! I love the cover of this book so much. Here's the synopsis: . . In House of Sighs, Local bus driver, Liz Frost, pulls the gun from her mouth and decides to live with her loneliness for one more day. She dresses, combs her hair, and goes to work. Nine souls board her route that fateful morning in rural Australia, nine souls who Liz drags back to her home against their will. She wants to build a new family from these passengers, men and women who are willing to kill to avoid becoming her kin. The bus leaves a trail of carnage in its wake as it rockets towards a house that has held its secrets for far too long, a place where crows now gather, ready to feed on whatever is left behind. . . This amazing bottle was part of my Easter basket & I adore it!
"The Great American Nightmare continued." . . I loved Tim Meyer's new collection Black Star Constellations! I read a couple short stories from him at the end of The Switch House (which are included in this book), so I was really looking forward to this one. This collection is a mix of linked stories surrounding the Black Hill, and other unrelated weird fiction stories. It was so much fun to read. I rated all of these stories between 3-5⭐. Everything was entertaining. My top 5 stories were The Stargazer (The Black Hill #1 - 1959), The Sky, How it Should Be (The Black Hill #3 - 1959), Grume, On the Ears of Deaf Gods, and Aperture. I read Aperture in The Switch House, and have been obsessed ever since. I always enjoy Tim Meyer's work, and I can't wait to read more from him! I gave Black Star Constellations 4⭐ on GoodReads. Thank you to @timmmeyer11 for sending me a copy to review! . . Sci-fi for #allthebooksapril - several of these stories would fall under sci-fi horror.
Hello lovelies! 🌸 I'm at home again, and work starts on Wednesday for me. So today and tomorrow I'll be spending reading and watching TV shows that I missed on my trip. My plan is also to write a review for Daisy Jones and The Six and post it on my blog (probably tomorrow). 📖 I'm currently reading Kill Creek by Scott Thomas. Horror is one of my favourite genres. However, I usually hate horror films (jumpscares gets me every time 😭). • Q: What's your favourite genre? Feel free to drop a recommendation from that genre as well! 📖 • • #killcreek #scottthomas #horrorreads #fromabove #booksandcoffee #coffeecup #coffeeandbooks #bookaesthetic #bookflatlay #currentlyreading #currentread #onthebedproject #bookstagram #readerofig #readerofinstagram #bookblogger
Two guys take a road trip through the Australian outback. Out there, it’s not just the wildlife that they need to fear. Read ‘Tumbleweed’ in Lac Du Mort and Other Stories. 😵 😱 #horror #suspensestories #darkfiction #horrorreads #horrorbooks #macabre #whattoread #shortreads #shortstories #australianhorror #bookteaser #bookrecommendation #authorsofpain #horrorauthors #booksofig #bookstagram #jvlpoet #mistressofthemacabre
Today's #allthebooksapril is classic! The amazing @penguinclassics sent me the classic horror set & I adore it (thank you forever)! I read a lot more classics in the past, and haven't read many in recent years. I'm planning to read Wuthering Heights with @bookdenjen & @tracy_reads79 this summer. What classic have you enjoyed most recently, or are looking forward to reading? . . @astrangerdream restocked this weekend (and has new designs)! Use HAPPY5 for 5% off.
This is NOT the book to read when you are all by yourself in the house. On a dark and stormy night. If you're scared of things that go bump in the night. But, this book is a really good survival manual to help you through Boogerman attacks. You never know when he'll jump out from behind a tree. . Beware The Boogerman by D Glenn Casey . Available as ebook (Kindle Unlimited) and paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. . Also, check out Shattered Prisons, the newest story in the Cold Shivers Nightmare series. Things that go bump in the night would probably best be left alone.
Morning my Freaky Darlings! Enjoy your Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a dark and twisted read. Burning is a sexy horror novella and you can download your copy from your favourite ebook store now. https://books2read.com/b/4DAEnr #horrorfiction #Horror #erotichorror #supernaturalhorror #scarystories #ebookreader #ebooknovella #ebooksofig #ebooklover #ebookreaders #kindlebooks #kindle #kindlereads #ibooks #kobobooks #koboreads #kobo #nookbooks #googleplay #googleplaybook #ebookdragons #horrorreaders #horrorreads #horrorebooks #whattoread #morningcoffee #coffeeandbooks #darkandtwistedfiction
The Sorrows - 🌟🌟🌟/5⁣ ⁣ I have mixed feelings about this book. I found the setting and imagery of this story to be fantastic, and I loved the idea of the castle itself. Honestly? I sort of want to go there. I don't even care if I might die a horrible death. I just want to go check this place out for myself! Secret passages between rooms? An area just called 'The Pit'? Sign me up! I'm a sucker for a good 'haunted house' story, you just can't keep me away. The atmosphere and the setting in this book were so on point and I have to say, I love the way Janz writes. ⁣ ⁣ On the other hand, I was not entirely sold on these characters or their motivations. I could have done without the hyper-sexualization of the entire situation, and I struggled to care about anyone's incentive for going to this haunted mansion of doom.⁣ ⁣ Some parts of this story really worked for me and others didn't. I will say, though, that I had a hard time putting it down. I was definitely intrigued to find out what came next.⁣ ⁣ Overall this wasn't my favorite Janz book. (I am still working my way through his backlist, but I will keep directing everyone I know to The Siren and the Specter!) That being said, it was an enjoyable book and I look forward to reading more by this very talented author.⁣ ⁣ #bookstagram #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookish #bookaddict #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #bookaholic #lovetoread #instabook #bookbookbook #readersofinatagram #bookreview #horrorreads #horrorstories #horrornovel #horrorbook #hauntedhouse #bookshark
A happy find today. I have been searching for this book for a while. I have heard so many good things about it.🤓 #johnajvidelindqvist #horrorreads #vampire #lettherightonein #horrorfiction #bookstagram #happyfind #saturdayvibes
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