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what do you prefer: H&M merch or official merch? 🖤 - - most of the clothing-items are/were available at @hm - perfumes are still available basically everywhere, aswell as the CD. ask @rebeca.riana.2 if you have any more questions! 🖤 - - - pics by @rebeca.rina.2 #arianagrande
Aside from the BTS merch there was a Polly Pocket shirt that I REALLLLY wanted but they only had a size L-XL :-( if you find one in a medium send it to me!!! I need it!!! . . . . #hottopic #edgy #dailyfashion #dailycringe #bts #bt21 #imademyshirt #eatmyfeet #instagay #ilovebts
Answer: 🧐 What time does the fairy godmother instruct Cinderella to return home? ____________________________________ 📸: @photopass ____________________________________ Something about walking down Main Street. My blinders just turn on and everything around me is a blur, except Cinderella’s castle. My dream is to one day visit Cinderella’s castle suite. I don’t have to spend the night (although how amazing would that be) I just want to bask in the glory of such a spectacular space. It’s kinda saddening to think that I may never ever ever get the chance to experience such wonder. @waltdisneyworld / @disney do you want to make a Disney dreamer’s dream come true?
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