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Stop the Russians with Steve and Robin's Scoops Ahoy uniforms! They're the perfect costumes for Fan Expo or Halloween!
*PRISON MIKE SOLD OUT* . Yule love the Pops we have for tomorrow!!! Yule Ball Harry and Victor are here to protect Prison Mike, Venomized Rocket Racoon, and Aughra from all the dementors!!!
Kamehameha on in and grab this sick new Dragon Ball Z varsity jacket for only $98!!!!
It's the perfect storm because Venomized Storm is here and she's a part of the $15 pop 3 for $33 deal!!!
Be the ghost with the most with these Pop tees and wreath! We have a xsmall and medium in the tees and the wreath is $42.00!!!
She seems like a real doll! Take Annabelle home this morning when we open at 9:30 am!
*DWIGHT, PENNYWISE, AND BOTH BATMAN ARE SOLD OUT* . *WE HAVE VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES OF THE DWIGHT POP!* What's the matter? Bat got your tongue?! Get ready for a spooky morning cause we've got Bats, Pennywise, restocks and a scary surprise for 9:30 am!
Don't push your fingers into your eyes, you can stop the ache with this new Slipknot sweater!
What are Mario's overalls made of? Denim, Denim, Denim! Right now our denim is Buy 1 get 1 $15!!! Get a 2nd pair of jeans for only $15!!!!
Be legen-Derry with this brand new Pennywise dress!!! Who here actually hates clowns?!
#gameofthrones tees are $12 and 3 for $24!!! In the game of deals you win or you die, and this is a win!
No Rick, no reward! $15 Pops are 3 for $33 right now!!
It's time to float on in! Stay dry today with a Pennywise raincoat for $51.90!!! . . #itchapter2 #itmovie #pennywisetheclown #hottopic #hottopic_oc #hottopicexclusive #htfashion
*BOTH ARE SOLD OUT* . Yellow everyone! We've got a special surprise for tomorrow morning along Yang Xiao and Kevin! Trust us it's better than Kevin's famous chili! . . #rwbyyangxiaolong #rwbyyang #kevinsfamouschili #kevinmalone #hottopic_oc #hottopic #funkohottopic
Come and get It!!! 🎈🤡🎈 We're open till 6 pm today!!! Doesn't @vanloosen look dapper in this It button up shirt and our red Hot Topic jeans?!
Hogwarts House backpacks are 50% off for $30!!! Everyone says Slytherins and Hufflepuffs make the best of friends! What house are you and your bff's?!
We've got our biggest @yungblud fan Bennett rocking all of our new Yungblud merch!!! Come check out the tees, longsleeve and sweater we've got!!! . Watch out @adam.mcmaster Bennett is coming for your job!!
*DARRYL IS SOLD OUT* . He's hot. You're hot. Let's get it poppin'.
Our new It Chapter 2 collection has us floating with joy!!! 🎈🤡😍 Grab it today and you'll float too!!!
*SOLD OUT* . We've got some of Kevin's famous chili for tomorrow! It's probably the thing he does best! Whose ready to get to know each other in the pot?!
You can fight evil and win love but can you find all the differences between both of these pictures?! How many are there?!
*PRISON MIKE IS SOLD OUT* . The worst thing about prison was the... was the dementors! The Hot Topic Exclusive Prison Mike is here!!! . We've also got HT Nerdette! Spend $50 on Funko pops and you'll get her as a free gift!
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