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[THE OTHER DIARIES || PAGE 58] Away from all, close to everything _____________ @filariohotel #filariohotel @menandcoffee #menandcoffee #questoeilmassimo
Part of being an adult is only having time for selfies in the car 😬🤷‍♂️
Darrah went to get some food so I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know that her partner is a hunk. Like from those movies. Where the hunk is hunky. America apparel sneakers W5 $22 SOLD. #hunks #thrift #halifax
Good Morning! Bored in a bus. 😁🤪
[THE OTHER DIARIES || PAGE 18] Se non sapete come affrontare il lunedì, provate con un’altalena ______________________ @sinathegray @sinahotels #sinathegray #sinahotels #sinaexperiences
[THE OTHER DIARIES || PAGE 30] Servirebbe del talento per amare uno come me ____________________ #questoeilmassimo
fridays = beachdays #atlanticocean