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Sound Up! Who's ready for September? This bull had about 10 cows with him but he wouldn't let me get any closer than about 60 yards. I stopped calling after this last answer and moved in closer to the herd. I could see the tips of his antlers but never could get a shot through the brush. Always a great day in the woods when their answering like that. #elkhunting
Come check out our first scouting video of the year! So excited to start getting some trail cameras out. Thanks to @sportsmansshield we will no longer worry about our trail cameras being stolen. #letthefunbegin
Wow mountain biking is definitely a sport that needs some recognition! To all you who can just rock it going uphill ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป! New challenge to take on! Early morning mountain biking 3x a week! #huntingshape #huntfit #thebiggerthewhytheeasierthehow @calibersmart
Spend more time hunting and less time sucking air. #huntingshape #elkshape #mouthbreather #elkhunting #prepared #mindset #gymtime
Thanks to Uphill Adventures team member Jared Hanson @archeryaddictsnw my new bow is setup and shooting great. The 2019 PSE Carbon Air Stealth looking pretty sweet in the Kuiu camo. Cant wait to go sight it in for hunting season. #bowhunting
Putting in the work... getting stronger every day! @mtnops helping me stay in the game! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ #activatethehunt #healthylifestyle #conquermore
Just a nice little 10% incline, 3 mph walk this mornin on the olโ€™ treadmill this mornin before my crazy day starts ๐Ÿ˜ฌ #ohanation #2020goals #huntingshape #treadmilldiaries #roadtothetop #nojunkfood #thereisnooffseason #workout #behealthy #noexcuses #keephammering #dontgiveup #workyourassoff #backcountryathlete
Its that time of year again, when we start to pull cameras left over the winter and start putting out new cameras to scout for the season. Little Macy Hanson is helping her dad Uphill Adventures team member Jared Hanson check some cameras that were left over winter. Macy would like to remind you to stay hydrated while scouting and to keep living that Uphill lifestyle. #uphilladventures
How many days a week do you train???? #septemberiscoming #huntingshape #lift #lockhornoutdoors
Most of the work starts after the shot! It is a lot of work pulling a large animal out of the woods, skinning, and butchering it. Late nights for me this bear season after carefully skinning and quartering bears; going to sleep well past midnight. Yes, we did keep all of our bear skins, as well as use all of the meat! We didn't keep the hides because we are 'trophy hunters', but because we are utilizing every bit of the animal. So what if a bear rug reminds us of all of the hard work, it also honors that animal. I share pictures like this because in the not so distant past, it was the norm, to see how food was processed. It's only been recently that people have become so detached from the blood, sweat and tears that go into food procurement. If people were more involved, they would have much more respect for animals, land, farmers, hunters, gardeners, gatherers, fishermen etc... After all of this work, I didn't gain any weight despite my cheating on my diet; big time. Celebratory beers; bacon, eggs, candy, and chocolate can't compete with the calorie burn of hunting! #springbearhunting #womenthathunt #bchunting #wildgameprocessing #blackbearhunting #taxidermy #messofsuccess #aftertheshot #huntinglife #huntingshape #huntingfitness #nowtheworkstarts #organicmeatharvester #provider #predatormanagement #huntingheritage #wheredoesyourfoodcomefrom
Kids having some fun racing there mountain bikes @newbelgium_foco #archerytraining #huntingshape #traintohunt
Going Turkey hunting tomorrow with my great grandmas 410 Savage model 58B. On the right is my normal turkeys shell and on the left will be the Turkey shell I'll be using for the rest of season. Should be alot of fun going after a big Tom with a gun that's over 80 years old. #turkeyseason2019
I was doing so well until I got sick, that was a month or more ago. Not sure what my excuse was but its time to get back on the horse, or in this case the elliptical. Going to take it easy this week then start ramping up the incline and resistance as the weeks go on, hopefully speed follows. 3 months until season opens. #GetIntoShape #ImAQuitter #NoMoreExcuses #HuntingShape #fitnessmotivation #SoTiredOfJiggling
A gang of Jake's pushing the big guys around this morning. To bad they didnt push them over to the public land. #turkeyseason2019
This Tom is strutting for all the lady's. This spot was meant to find some bears, which there is some around but alot more elk and turkeys right now. #strutyourstuff
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