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Arms are my usual go to when I find myself with a last minute cancellation and I have 30 minutes to burn. Try to limit your rest times between sets to no more than 60 secs ----- Interested in workout tips or a free nutrition plan? Have questions about what supplements are even right for you and your goals? Email me at mike@gymherogear.com ----- Download my eBook "The Gym Hero Guidebook: Or How To Build Your Own Superhero Physique" today by visiting www.GymHeroGear.com ------ www.GymHeroGear.com #gymherogear
One of my goals for 2019 is to be able to do a pull up. Although I’m not there yet, I am working hard to get there. .. .. I started the year by hanging 10 secs, up to 15 secs. Then added in shrugs, now I’m using bands to get the full range of motion of the pull up. I’m happy with my progress thus far. .. .. “ Don’t be afraid to be a beginner, everyone had to start somewhere...” — — — #pullupgoals #WeDotheWork #resistancebands #Progress 💪🏽 @superior_sweat
Ok I’m going to nerd out for a second but track with me. You need to be paying attention to things like stress, sleep quality, food quality, and training if you want good results. If you paid attention in high school you’ll know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. When you eat macro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) your body can’t do anything with them until their chemical bonds are broken down into usable elements. The mitochondria is what accomplishes this task. Roughly 95% of the body’s ATP, or energy, is produced by the mitochondria. So, if the mitochondria isn’t functioning well then neither are you. Micro nutrient deficiencies can impair mitochondrial function. Things like statin drugs, fibromyalgia, and even depression are linked to low co-enzyme Q10 which can harm the mitochondria’s ability to produce energy. This is one reason I supplement with CoQ10. Translating this practically to training we can see why it’s important that a solid plan has a metabolic phase. This high intensity phase can actually stimulate the body to make more mitochondria. More mitochondria paired with proper micro nutrients equals more powerful cells, and in turn, more powerful muscles. Now, metabolic phases are incredibly taxing and costly on the body so phases should only last between 2-4 weeks for most people before deloading into a hypertrophy or neurological phase. Ok, I’m done being a nerd, but hopefully you see the importance of getting quality micro-nutrients along with good sleep, and proper stress management. #health #wellness #nutrition #sciencebasedcoaching @ragnarokstrengthequipment
Now that I’m back to work convenience is king. These egg muffins are perfect for on the go. • We batch make the eggs a couple times a week in a muffin pan. Using one whole egg and two egg whites. • Today I obviously made a sandwich with the egg and an English muffin. My macros also afforded me a half tablespoon of mayonnaise (the olive oil kind). • Yesterday I mashed the egg up with some salsa and ate it with some rice cakes. So they are very versatile which helps to prevent boredom.
3 or 4 years ago, I never thought I would be where I am today. ⁣ ⁣ I never thought I would’ve changed my path. ⁣ ⁣ I never thought I would’ve lost some of the relationships I have. ⁣ ⁣ I never would of thought I would be WHO I AM TODAY. ⁣ ⁣ Strong. Independent. Happy. Hardworking. Dedicated. Positive. ⁣ ⁣ If you knew me 3-4 years ago, I’ll be honest, I was very few of those characteristics. ⁣ ⁣ I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t very positive. I wasn’t strong. I wasn’t independent.⁣ ⁣ I felt very alone. Very dependent on others. I tried very hard to “fit in”. I was very reserved and hated being the center of attention. I was self-conscious. I was ALWAYS worried about how others saw me or thought of me. ⁣ ⁣ Today, I have become someone I wish I was then. ⁣ ⁣ I am strong, independent, and happy.⁣ ⁣ I do not rely on others for my happiness. I rely on myself. ⁣ ⁣ This has been the biggest game changer. I have learned that I am the only person I need. ⁣ ⁣ It took me a very long time it feels to become the person I am today. ⁣ ⁣ Every day I am working to better myself. To become more of who I aspire to be. ⁣ ⁣ One step at a time.⁣ ⁣ One day at a time.⁣ ⁣ One goal at a time. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣♥️ Believe in yourself. #1stphorm #Iam1stPhorm #1stphormlife #1stphorm4life #legionofboom #iam1stphorm
Happy Wednesday! We’re switching up our routine as you know, so more upper back. My workout included some traditional exercises, one of my favorite slightly odd ones, and one oldey-but-goody that I saw from @themusclephd. Low Row & Wide-Grip Pulldown Superset 3x15 Shotgun Lat Row & Shotgun Row Superset 3x15 Eccentric Pull-Up 3x10s In the video is my Shotgun Lat Row and Shotgun Row. Essentially, I’m recreating a pull-up motion and a chin-up motion one handed. This one really does a number on your biceps and grip, but if I’d slowed down like a normal person, it would fry my lats too. This should’ve been slower, gone out to full extension, and squeezed at the back end. I was focusing hard on my first superset and really felt great about my back stress. I could really feel the fatigue in my lats. Honestly I’m having stress dreams. Might’ve been spicy food. Might be my life 😂 that’s about all I’ve got going on right now. Today’s song of the day is Frontline by Pillar. Mostly just because it’s awesome. See you tomorrow!
This little miss is 15 today! She is a pet lover. She is also choosing to raise money for @contra_costa_animal_services instead of asking for gifts. If you wanna donate to her GoFund Me and help in her efforts there is a {LINK IN BIO} All money raised will go towards her picking out food, supplies and of course a toy (or ten) for all the animals there. When I posted my story about being the person who does good even when no one is looking...this is what I am talking about. At 15 presents, flashy things and money are cool. What’s more cool and not often done is using your important day to make someone else’s life better, in this case, little fur babes. This will be the 3rd year donating and I don’t see her stopping! Happy 15th Birthday Neya. YOU are growing up to be an even more amazing human than I could have ever imagined. Momma loves you. #iam1stphorm #proudmomma
Hey 👋 all It’s #workoutwednesday I’m here to give you some motivation, I’d like to call it #WilesWisdomWednesday . Are you letting the excuse of “missing the gym” from holding you back from your goals. Well stop 🛑 I’m here because I knew that struggle of missing gym hours before I was at my current job. Take advantage of the FREE GYM outside this spring and start doing outdoor sprints. If you’re looking for new ideas on what to do or try. I left a little mini sprint for you guys to do. Always remember to warm up to keep your joints and muscles warm. I suggest a mile to be save. #run * Week 1: 10 x 200 meters at 30 seconds with 2:00 minutes rest * Week 2: 9 x 200 meters at 29 seconds with 1:56 minutes rest * Week 3: 8 x 200 meters at 28 seconds with 1:52 minutes rest * Week 4: 7 x 200 meters at 27 seconds with 1:48 minutes rest
“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” -Jim Rohn- Everyone is busy and everyone can make excuses but what you can’t do is take the time you have for granted. You are only promised the now and we must do our best to be better for tomorrow and days to come. No better time to chase your dreams, to be healthier, to better your community, and to be a better version of you. Get out there and take control! #legionofboom #lifequotes #celebratesuccess #hatersgonnahate #life #iam1stphorm
I somehow always get stuck carrying the extras G brings on our walks. 💁‍♀️ #workout #muscles #gains #Iam1stphorm #walk #safetyfirst
It's #goingdown for #greens30 - Putting together my #Greens with some #Creatine today. - Hit recovery and precovery hard so I can do big things at the gym tonight. - #ThrottleDownEyesForward _ __ _ #CrashGang #RhinoMovement #ApocalypseFit
Today was rough. My hand is all bruised still from Monday’s mishap and I’m sore as all get out, but I did it! It was gruesome. Happy HumpDay!! #humpdayworkout #humpdayvibes #humpdaymotivation #iam1stphorm
Be 1% better today than you were yesterday. Repeat. | @bensimmons . . . Original 📸 - @asubers
Wore a sweatshirt so no one could see how sunburn tan line I got yesterday 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Get that #humpday going early! #iam1stphorm #duespaid #legionofboom
It’s Motivation! 💪🏻 Happy Hump Day! Started the morning with a full body work out. This works the legs, glutes, arms and shoulders. I did about 10-12 reps each for 4 rounds at speed. 1 minute rest in between. ‼️Listen it is not easy starting over! I had anxiety thinking about it. The thought of failing, the thought about the pain my body will feel due to Lyme or how am I going to feel motivated or supported! 🙏🏻 Give your worries to God! Pray to him to give you strength to find your own Motivation! Than find yourself some supportive, like minded people who is willing to support and guide you! 💚To my fellow Lyme disease warriors or anyone suffering from a disease DO NOT GIVE UP!! Do not allow this disease to take over! You are stronger than you think if you let your mind give up your body will follow! A year and half ago I didn’t know where my life was headed and with faith, research and determination I’m here to prove it’s possible!! #iam1stphorm #1stphorm @1stphorm #lymewarrior #fitspo #motivation #goals #mevslyme #gymmoms #takingmylifeback #womenwholift #supportoneanother #womanempowerment #strongwomen #fitlatina #doitforyou #musicislife #lymediseaseawareness #takingmylifeback
So after almost 3 months after my back surgery, I’m finally back exercising! Taking very easy at the beginning but Ill be back soon, do not count me out!!!! #gym #training #cardio #iam1stphorm #1stphormlegionnaire #1stphorm
Fill yourself up with fruits and vegetables. If you have a hard time getting all nutrients ; you may want to consider a multivitamin to fill in gaps... Every morning for breakfast I have a LEVEL -1 protein shake and 1 packet of MICRO FACTOR ( multivitamin) to ensure I am getting a proper dose of nutrients as well as quality protein.. #iam1stphorm #multivitamins #proteinshake #omega3
So after almost 3 months after my back surgery, I’m finally back exercising! Taking very easy at the beginning but Ill be back soon, do not count me out!!!! #gym #training #cardio #iam1stphorm #1stphormlegionnaire #1stphorm
Happy Wednesday🌸😇🌞! I had pt outside today and lemme tell y’all.. it was an amazing start to the day because of this perfect weather. . . . The stress is definitely building up with finals coming up; I have so much other work to do and many goals to focus on but we’re still focused fam 👏🏼. I suck at posting during the school year lol, but I’m workin on it! . . . Just wanted to remind y’all though, that if you feel like you’re struggling to get somewhere don’t look at it as a bad thing. Think of struggle with a more positive outlook, because that means that you will reach your goals and you’re doing everything in your power to get there. Blood, sweat, and tears... when you want something you gotta struggle a little to get there because it’s inevitable!!! IT’S LIFE!!! BUT all that struggle and hard work WILL amount to something as long as you are giving it your all! . . . #rpdiet #focus #motivation #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #dedication #bikinicompetitor #mealprep #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #payyourdues #nasm #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #fitnessjourney #fitchick #beavisionary
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