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ADOPT ME, PLEASE! This is the first photo my human family saw of me that made them want to bring me into their home. They had to wait an extra 3 weeks to get me. I was worth it, though! AND they drove from Houston to Fredericksburg just for good-looking-ole-me! 🐶👍🐕 #iamadopted #bordercolliesofinstagram #adoptdontshop
💕I choose Kindness💕 . 🌷Life has dealt me some pretty shitty cards over the years and I could choose to be seriously angry and bitter about it. - I could even hate a lot of people for the wrongs they have done me. 💕 BUT I DON’T 💕 . 🌷Instead, I choose to be kind to others and accept the path that I have been given. 🤔 Why 🤔 - Because anger and bitterness only lead to being seriously unhappy and it eats away at you on the inside. - Living in this state of mind only causes resentment, Illness and a need to escape the painful feelings you feel. . 🌷As hard as it is and as shit as life can be sometimes you can only control how you respond to it. - Choosing kindness over every other negative, destructive feeling is a daily challenge, but it certainly brings peace and contentment when you practice it 💖. . 🌷So Just For Today Choose Kindness Over Everything. . #myrawstory #adopteeuk #kindnessovereverything #justfortoday .
💕Keep It Moving💕 . 🌷I’m tired, my body hurts and I feel exhausted but I promised myself I would go to the gym today as I haven’t been consistently for a few weeks. . 🌷I could of made lots of excuses not to go but I kept the promise to myself and off I went. 🤔 Did it feel good? - Not particularly, but I kept it moving and I feel a lot better for going than I would have if I hadn’t of gone. . 🙌🏼Sometimes all you have to do is keep it moving🙌🏼 . #myrawstory #adopteeuk #keepitmoving #backinthegym
34 years ago at the age of 5, God placed me in my forever home. I am eternally grateful for the love of my family, and for everything my mom and dad have done for me. You gave me the best childhood anyone could hope for, and your dedication to me has shaped me into who I am. I love you both so much! #gotchaday #iamadopted #chosenandloved #fromfostercare #intomyforeverfamily #fosterlove #bestlifeever
Long post alert: 🚨 To you this may just look like a green beaded bracelet, but to me it’s so much more. This bracelet was given to me by my dad, who absolutely means the world to me. My dad has always been the person I can run to with a problem or if I’m upset and he will help me solve it or call me down. Two Christmas’s ago for a gift my dad got me an Ancestry kit. See, I’m adopted. I have known my whole life, it was never something that was hidden from me. Growing up I always had two birthdays: December 7th my actual birthday, and December 11th the day that they got to bring me home. My biological parents were young and made the brave decision to give me up for adoption, and for that I’m forever grateful. But growing up I always did struggle because I knew I had a great family that would always be there for me, but a part of me felt so lost. I didn’t grow up knowing who I truly was, I didn’t know if I was Italian or German, or if this little quirk I had came from my biological mom or dad, or if it was just me. The older I got the more I realized that that stuff didn’t matter. I am who I am. And I am that person because of who raised me: my parents. Now back to the bracelet- so, my dad gifted me an Ancestry Kit. And I found out that I am primarily Scottish/Irish and European. It was the Scottish/Irish that surprised me the most. A few weeks later my dad handed me this box, and in it was this little green bracelet, and a little note card explaining the meaning of these little green beads. And it meant the world. So everyday I wear this bracelet, and if I ever feel lost or confused I look down at this green bracelet and I know my roots. Although by blood I’m not Serbian like my father, my Serbian roots run deep. And those are the roots that keep me grounded. 💚 #adopted #adoptedchild #iamadopted #thisisme #thisiswhoiam #irish #whoiam #whoiamisenough #myroots #greenbracelet #irishbeads #highmaintenancefarmerswife #mystyle #insta #instadaily #bracelets
Happy National Rescue Dog Day! Put a smile on a dog's face and adopt one! Because the best dog breed in the world is rescued. #adoptdontshop #happynationalrescuedogday #rescuedog #iamadopted #doggysmile #lovedog
No one thing is ever just one thing. Learning is growing and growing is expanding..... Allowing your mind to stand still is not just harmful to you, it destroys everything that you bring into it. #expand #grow #learn #change #openyourmind #lgbtqia #lgbt #sexuality #openyourmind #learnmore #equipyourself #adoptee #iamqueer #expandyourboundaries #iamadopted #weareadopted #adopteevoices .
It’s #nationalrescuedogday which are SUPER cools cause it’s also my #gotchaday ! 6 years ago my Person cames and gots me froms the foster, and I started my new life! Likes lotsa rescues, I still haves issues from my life before (anxieties and fear based aggression) but my Person helps me ands I know I is loved. I also haves amazing friends all over da world AND rights here in my hood...I is lucky to gets to live my best life now...and dese pics proves it!! Please remember and reminds everybuddies to adopt...ands love your rescue dog today!!! #iamarescue #iamadopted #pleaseadoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavouritebreed #mydogiscutest #springsummer2019 #iamloved #rescuedogsrock #everydogmatters #lovewins #kindnessmatters
💕Love💕 - Mental Health Awareness Month - . 🌷I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it is that got me through my darkest times. . 👉🏼Swipe Right To See👉🏼 . 🌷My conclusion (other than sheer determination) is the unconditional love I received from these 2 little fluff balls. . 🌷When I was at my lowest and the thoughts of taking my life were present the only thing I could think of was leaving these 2 behind and who would look after them once I was gone. . 🌷As much as I didn’t want to be here because I felt in so much pain, the thought of never seeing these 2 again made me even more sad. . 🌷I literally owe my life to these two beautiful souls because their unconditional love has been what has kept me alive and grow into the person I am today. . 🌷To anybody suffering mental health problems I would highly recommend getting a pet or volunteering at an animal shelter. -Unconditional Love from an animal is the most beautiful and healing feeling you can ever receive. . #myrawstory #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #adopteeuk #catsarehealers
💕Smoke Free💕 . 🌷Today I get to celebrate being 2 years cigarette free 🙌🏼. . 🌷First I gave up drugs and my unstable life and then when I was ready I managed to give up cigarettes by swapping to a vape. . 🌷Giving up cigarettes was weird for me as I loved smoking and I never actually intended to give up, but I can honestly say it has been the best decision I ever made and I actually cannot believe I ever smoked for so long as know I can’t stand the smell of it. . 🌷If you too want to quit/cut down then I would highly recommend getting a vape. It’s hard at first to adjust but with a little perseverance you can do it. . #myrawstory #smokefree #quitsmoking #adopteeuk
💕Knowledge Is Power💕 . 🌷On route to the #londonschoolofastrology for the final term of year 1 🙌🏼. . 🌷2018 was such a shit year as I experienced so many loses but I also felt like I was on a path of self discovery. -I have always been fascinated with star signs and the universe, so learning about It seemed like the natural thing to do, so I booked myself on a course in September 2018 and Here I am. . 🌷I have learnt so much about myself in such a short space of time and I finally feel like my life is starting to make sense. -I also love how I am beginning to see the world through the eyes of astrology. . 🌷Knowledge is power when you use it correctly. . #myrawstory #knowledgeispower #astrologylover #adopteeuk
Hey!! I’m on my own movie poster I’m so famous!!😜 . . . Today @adogsjourneymovie came out and I’m excited to watch it!! My life before I met mom is unknown because I can’t talks but I do knows this is my furever home and my future is bright!! . . Share your poster using #MyDogsJourney , #JourneyToSaveThemAll , and tag @adogsjourneymovie and @bestfriendsanimalsociety on Instagram, and Universal Studios will donate $5 to Best Friends, up to $25,000 cumulatively.
Often adoptees are placed in a position where they/we are, expected to educate and inform others on who we are and why we are. Supposedly safe spaces, such as schools, churches, youth groups, the list could go on, is where so often, we are invited to share our stories. This is NOT our job. It is not your job to enlighten those around you. It is NOT your job to tell your story. You have permission to say no. You have the right to turn down the offer to tell your story. You have permission to stay silent and disappear. Your story is your story alone. #itsnotyourjob #youhavepermission #sayno #wegotyou #southafricanadoptees #adopteespacessouthafrica #iamadopted #weareadopted #southafricanadoption #adopteerights #adopteenarratives #adopteevoices .
💕What Defines Us💕 - Mental Health Awareness Month - . 🌷Yesterday I posted a really raw video of my story around being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 7years ago. . 🌷At the time I felt it was a label I really resonated with and I was happy to have the diagnosis as I felt like finally I fitted in somewhere and I understood why I was the way I was. . 🌷Know days although I still resonate with part of this diagnosis, I am SOOOO much more than this. 💕 I Am 💕 - A business owner - An auntie - A sister - A home owner - A friend - A trainee astrologer - But most of all a loving caring women who loves and accepts herself as much as she humanly can given her circumstances. . 🌷Just because you have a mental health diagnosis it does not mean that you are not so much more than this. . 💕Mental health does not define you as a person. 💕What defines you as a person is what you choose to do with it. - I chose to live and fight every day to get better and so for me that is what defines me. 💕Strength, Courage and still being a loving kind person even though life has tried to break me on numerous occasions. . #myrawstory #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #adopteeuk #yourdiagnosisdoesnotdefineyou
I was 7 years old here when my mom adopted me and brought me home to america. I love here she gave me life.. A new life 🤗 #ilovemymom #iamadopted #greatful truly #blessed
Mental Health Awareness Week: My journey with being Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
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