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college bound 🎓
time for her next chapter! 🎓
sr szn | 🎓
How does 200 balloons look against a wall - IT LOOKS 🤩 Looking for that banzi creativity > www.shopbanzi.com
@youngthegiant performed a highly entertaining set for those that waited patiently through the rain delay. 📸: @tony_vasquez_
I'm looking forward to a week of blue skies and calm skies. Unfortunately, it looks like this coming week is not the one. Maybe the next one ! 😉 .... ....... .......... #positivity #igersindiana #igersmidwest #igersindy #shareindy #hoosiergrammers #indiansveryown #indygrammers #keepindyindie #myindiana #loveindy #perspective #indiana_of_insta #317shooters #canalwalk #blueskies #downtownindy #cityscape #visitindy
We decided an indoor activity would be good for a rainy day, late birthday outing with my mom yesterday.
Father’s Day is a mixed bag for me. My husband and baby daddy is the best father I could ask for. But my own father was and is a truly awful person who has left damage and tragedy and heartbreak in his wake. I don’t see him and my kids don’t see him. They are lucky to have a terrific grandfather in my Stepdad Stan. But my heart does hurt every year because I didn’t and won’t ever have a dad. And more. My bio dad has caused me so much pain. I know I’m lucky in the men I’ve know. - In this photograph my father is on the right, holding me. Next to us is Grandpa Frank, my mom’s dad. A good good loving man. My Chris wears his holy medal every day. But it has to be acknowledged on this day. The hurt that comes with the happy of Father’s Day. To all my friends for whom this isn’t an easy or simple day. I send you love and solidarity. We have survived. We have thrived. ❤️
Father's, lead by example.
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