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Let’s face it. Problems, and our dealing with them, can be heavily influenced by our ego. Our taking things personally. Our misunderstanding of each other. Our getting angry, or upset. This is why we retain our anger for so long. Why our hurt feels so bad. Why our disappointment is so overwhelming. Because we view the person and the problem, as one. But when we put our feelings in check, and see the problem as a single entity, we can alleviate some of the difficulties that enter into our negotiations, allowing us to better solve our problems and resolve conflicts. 💛
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It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling. - JK Rowling [2500 x 1593]⠀ Tag-or-DM-a-friend to share the wisdom⠀ from /u/K1nsey6⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #meditationmonk #meditation #motivation #headspace #meditationspace #meditationquotes #meditationteacher #motivationquotes #motivationalquotes #motivationalquote #quotesaboutlife #inspirational #powerfulquotes #inspirationalquotes #powerofpositivity #quotestoremember #selfbelief #positivethoughts #quotestoinspire #positivepeople #positivevibe #choosetobehhappy #livelifehappy #ichoosehappiness #lovethelifeyoulive #liveyourlife #behappyandsmile #enjoythemoments #bepresent #bepresentinthemoment
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This post comes with instructions: I would like you to swipe through these photos paying attention to one coaster each. You’ll notice that the depth, movement and color shifts with the lighting and angle changes. There is a new detail to notice with each photo while the design remains the same. • • THIS is the value and beauty of not only art, BUT US AS HUMANS! In different circumstances and stages of our lives, we have the opportunity to discover new, beautiful details about ourselves and others. • • Much like these pieces, you too shine brighter under specific circumstances all while remaining beautiful as a whole!! How fucking dope is that!?! • • My hope is that all of you discover a new passion and drive you never really noticed before. Or even a new softness towards certain humans and animals that you’ve never really acknowledged before! • • You are the canvas! You’re painted with incredible, outstanding, absolutely stunningly detail! I hope today you notice these details a little more! • • Alcohol ink on ceramic💜 • • Available💜 DM for further inquiries.
I’m sure most of y’all may not even know that I did drink but I’m an open book and I often forget to talk to you, the ones that cheer myself and others on, gain knowledge, are inspired etc! I’ve had too many days I woke up and said “I gotta quit drinking” or “next time I’m just having two”... ever done that? I’ve only committed to quitting once and that was when I was training for a marathon a few years back and I knew I had to be at my best physically. There have been plenty times I committed to just 2 or “3 and thats it for me”... Well folks 5 weeks ago I woke up with injuries and 100% not sure how exactly they all happened but I know some of the events that led to them. An encounter with a few police officers, them chasing me cause I wanted to see if they could catch me, me being tackled, twisted like a pretzel and face plant the pavement 🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😢🤕🥴 and was dropped off at hotel with a headwrap! As the day went, memories came back and they scared me. You see I was a fun drunk that liked to get crazy but humorous for all. Well when a person gets blackout drunk that’s when things turn and you may regret what you did. I’m thankful I do not have any lasting regrets or serious things that led to serious future consequences. Charging forward I knew for my safety, best health, my family and the amazing plans I have for this business and my physique... it was time.. God has spoken and I have listened! There are things in life that are not sinful but there are things in life that when you abuse them, you do sinful things.. running from a policeman ... yeah that’s a sin no doubt y’all! Here’s to such an amazing continuation of everlasting improvement and happiness. I love the heck out of my life, I’m so blessed and truly ecstatic of what the future holds!! Tighten up the bootstraps as we are all going for an amazing ride!! Whatever you need to change, please don’t wait!! #bringonthefuture #sober #texas 🇨🇱 #wegotthis #inspirational #dads
I won’t lie, I spend my last 2-3 weeks crying. I got kicked out of my university program for not meeting attendance last year, even though I got an official statement of hindrance, doctors statements, and legal proof of my personal circumstances and family situation. I discussed all of this with the student councilor and advisor but apparently that didn’t make a difference. I was so surprised to get the news that I just laughed. I thought they made a mistake. My grade average was high, I was asked as a guestlecturer, I was asked to join their research team, worked with prominent researchers in the field before as equal partners, worked on official research before starting the program, and one of my teachers even graduated working on a project in my startup. Yet I wad deemed ‘unfit’ for the program by people who never met me before. I told them that I had a hindrance statement and took care of everything already, they responded that there had been no mistake. I send my appeal, they send their rebuttal. I ended up hiring a lawyer and went to an official hearing to plead my case. It turns out that a statement of hindrance is just a suggestion... So yeah... I was kicked out of the program that I was supposed to graduate from this year. Legally this means I am not allowed to enroll in this bachelor for the next 4 years. But they gave a second verdict “we acknowledge you were hindered so you are allowed to start over in September.” You heard that right - start over from scratch. Sigh. I haven’t figured out what to do next, yet. But I am done feeling sad. They focussed on protocols and were blind for the person behind the number. I think they gave the second verdict because they found out during the hearing. The strange thing is that I am hired by the university and now assist in designing their masters program, the one I was supposed to start. Good enough to design the MA, unfit to follow the BA. Unfit my ass. Time to proof them wrong 💪🏻 They managed to get me angry and now I am driven as f*ck
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