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京都🌳 이틀간 머물렀던 동네. 정말 정말 조용한 곳이라, 밤에 작게 들리는 소리에도 겁을 먹곤했다. 아침이면 아기자기한 화분들과 햇빛 받은 회갈색 작은 주택들이 참 예뻤던 곳🏘
Anticipation for the big day 🤵🏻 __________________________________ Otterburn, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 __________________________________ 📷: Canon F-1N 🎞: Kodak TMAX 100 __________________________________ Stoked that some of these photos turned out. It was dark on a slow speed film. And I was having camera troubles... but thanks to @shibuifilm for the amazing turnaround and service 🙌🙏🏼 #nofilter
Flags in the peace . . 2019. 03 | Olympic Park , Seoul 📷 : Canon Autoboy S + 🎞 : Kodak Gold 200
Death eaters // #nikongang #compactcameraclub
Slipknot - World Domination Tour (2000) • Fun Fact: Before I had a proper digital camera, I would sneak a point & shoot film camera into almost every show I could.
Early morning snow over Sakya Tangyud Monastery India, 2018
That’s the way everyday goes ♪(´ε` ) 💓💎 #pinknwhite - @cherrybrinkle and I have started a little project for our selves called @sakinolila . Please follow it for us, to see our future projects to help us expand our creativity! 💓 #35mm #ultramax
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