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Double exposure:"merupakan sebuah gambar yang dibuat dengan teknik menggabungkan dua objek sekaligus yang menghasilkan potret gambar multi paparan" • • • • • •original pic:@foursident •--------------------------------- SUPPORT HASTAG: #agameoftones  #pursuitofportraits #earth_portraits  #discoverportrait  #ourmoodydays #makeportrait  #leagueoflenses  #shotzdelight #contestcaromicc #expofilm  #moodygrams  #tonesbox #gearednomad  #urbanandstreet  #createexplore #rsa_streetview  #ig_street  #portraits_mf #symmetricalmonsters  #hypebeast  #twgrammers #artofvisuals  #wwgrams  #thecreatorclass #streets_vision  #squaretones  #streetmagazine #streetshared  #streetframez
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It was time to awaken my inner @kelv --- Feeding the babies! (They know they get fed at the house so they literally come around at the same time everyday... s'cute) ---- #DEER #ONTARIO #CANADA #doe #art #artist #photography #create #gramslayers #BUCK #exploretocreate #justgoSHOOT #heatercentral #moodygrams #NATURE #BROTHERNATURE #createcommune #way2ill #artofVISUALS #AoV #ExploreCANADA #LEAGUEofLENSES #igtones #InsideCANADA #ShotzDelight #agameoftones #loaded_lenses #natureboy
I fell from an orphaned star one night and landed somewhere within the cracks of consciousness - where the sun dances a shimmering tango with the sea - A.Flo
"I have a story also, a little simpler than yours. Many years ago, I had a friend, a dear friend. I turned him in to save his life, but he was killed. But he wanted it that way. It was a great friendship. But it went bad for him, and it went bad for me too. Good night, Mr Bailey" - David "Noodles" Aaronson
Trevor had mastered disappearing gracefully - elevated it into an art form: show up fashionably late, mingle just long enough to leave an impression and always leave 'em wanting more. Much more. He'd become a legend in prominent circles, so much so that when he disappeared for good one night - nobody suspected for even a fleeting second that it was foul play. Funny thing was when detectives finally came sniffing around no one even knew his last name - A.Flo
Came across an old man sitting on a park bench, studying bees buzzing around through the blanket of the sun, pollinating bathing flowers as they went about their business. I watched him watching the bees for twenty minutes - or perhaps three hours - admiring his quiet intensity, his curiosity contagious. He eventually turned to me and said "Son, bees pollinate the flowers which in turn fertilize the earth - but we each got a responsibility to pollinate the world with empathy and truth, our truth. Without either of those we'll never live up to what we can be. What we should be. Do you got enough of both to change the world?" I wasn't quite sure how to respond. It's probably because I'd never been asked that before. It's probably because I knew I hadn't lived up to my part. In fact, I'd fallen far short of it. "You should probably get started before it's too late. Your curiosity of my curiosity in watching them is no coincidence. This moment is no coincidence. Magic only works because you will it to" - A.Flo
I'll give you your wish and race you to the moon but I ain't comin' back. In return you gotta promise to cherish every laugh and never try to find me - A.Flo
They drove through the night, through the rain, through their own psychosis - across Widow's Bridge - directly into the bosom of hell. They didn't have enough for the toll but that didn't matter. Little did anymore. When you cross the wrong people, choices are few and good outcomes are fewer. Only real choice you got left is how dope you'll be dressed when they finally find you - A Flo
They don't hate ya 'cause you're smart or 'cause you're pretty or 'cause you're eloquent, got some money, plenty of charm - or 'cause they know they ain't got a snowball's chance in hell of ever fuckin' you. Nah baby - that's all surface. They hate ya 'cause you're free - A.Flo
Throughout the course of human history there has been and there will only ever be one you. If there's more you'll never know it or you won't remember so it don't fuckin' matter. Now armed with that invaluable little juicy nugget of information, Confucius said there's only one thing left for you to do: EMBRACE. THAT. SHIT. That's a direct quote. Page 76 paragraph 3 line 2 of his non-fiction novel "Confucius Say What??!!" Now don't go tellin' lies in mixed company and say I never gave you nothin'. Gems baby. Gems - A.Flo
You reach for me through memory's gossamer, slithering tears in a tempest, footfalls and shadows in a stark landscape, the cries of the newly born and the lonely. You feel my kiss on your face, see only the blue mist of my breath wrestling with evening's chill, but time is an illusion, God's nimble sleight of hand. Maybe I was the light sent from the other side or the hope whispered on a ruffled pillow or maybe - just maybe - I was never there at all - A. Flo
They observed them with mild amusement and a glimmer of pity, couldn't grasp how they could betray their own saviors then build memorials for them - then betray each other by failing to apply the teachings of the very ones they crucified - then memorialized. It was a never ending cycle of crucifixion and memorializing that made their observers dizzy. Made them wonder if they were even worthy of tutelage or understanding - on any level. Any species capable of carrying out brush strokes and sword strokes with equal measure - without a hint of shame across their speckled canvas of hypocrisies - was not worthy of a lesson, much less saving. It was no wonder their saviors never returned. They learned their lesson the first time, unlike the acolytes that bastardized their teachings - A.Flo
They call me The Pioneer - but it ain't the stars I'm chasin' and lookin' to lay claim to baby. It's the smiles - A.Flo
If not for demons, who would keep the saints employed? - A.Flo
Face down on the ground The world steps right over me Does it matter what’s been said or what’s been done If we've lost the only key? * Ashes to ashes dust to dust We enter the Kingdom of Rust Tread carefully * The world's drownin' in its tears my love Better learn to breathe underwater Can’t bring back the wasted years my love Will you sacrifice your son or your daughter? * When the sky falls and you can't get away, I'll stretch my fingers to the heavens Seek shelter 'neath my wings my dear, Then play for a pair of sevens * Ashes to ashes dust to dust Eagles have died atop this Mountain of Rust Speak quietly * The world's drownin' in its tears my love Better learn to breathe underwater Can’t steal the conquered fears my love Will you sacrifice your son or your daughter? * Got a price on our head, It’s what’s been written, it’s what’s been said The Select have climbed the darkest precipice To line their pockets and laugh at the dead * The world's drownin' in its tears my love Better learn to breathe underwater Can’t win back our greatest years my love Will you sacrifice your son or your daughter? * Stop waitin' for the savior, she's been here for some time, sippin' a seltzer and lime, bidin' her time, but she won't be turnin' water into wine or promisin' the kingdom of heaven * Nah, this bitch'll be raisin' Hell - A.Flo
Nobody would ever mistake him for Thor or his weapon for Mjölnir but the "Attitude Adjuster" did more than its fair share in saving the universe from villainy - one impertinent asshole at a time. The private sector had never experienced a paradigm shift quite like this and frankly, never would again. There was nary a coffee cubby or happy hour that didn't whisper his name. Not all heroes wear capes or speedos and this one's bark was sure as fuckin' hell equal to its bite - A. Flo
I ain't a child of the sun. Never will be. But I understand its allure. Its power. How it nurtures life and sheds light on the unknown. But I AM the unknown. And despite its potency and luminescence, it can't reach every dark corner and it doesn't want to. Because you want me there. You want me to do the things the light will never allow you to confess to. And it's a perfect marriage because I gave up on absolution long ago - A.Flo
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