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mornings presence . . feel the presence of morning: her silence. the light she radiates. the secrets she keeps and reveals. Accept her embrace and take from her the confidence to carry on your journey . . I wrote these words months ago. They seem right again for this occasion . . #morninglight #ethereal_moods #ethereal #daylight #lightbo #theroad #roadsidestories #makemoments #presence #seenonmyride #naturesbeauty #lightnessofbeing #lensculture #ifyouleave #reveal #radiate #thesemoments #makemoments #simplicity #firstlight
The past month I have heard of 2 adult suicides and 1 child in my circle of family. My teenage niece said they had 7 suicides in her school last year! So many of us are feeling hopeless and it’s heartbreaking! The constant barrage of racism, colonialism, bullying, homophobia, addictions,. is something none of us are immune to. Lightness of Being is the Sun’s golden rays in a bottle. Created to promote self-love and acceptance. ‘I am illuminated by the sun’s golden light that cast away all doubt and fear.’ 20% off Lightness of Being Tinctures or Tea -thru August 16th Midnight. Use codes: LIGHT for LoB Tincture LIGHTTEA for the LoB Tea ✨☀️💛☀️✨ Contains: St.John’s Wort, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Calendula , Citrine Gem Essence, Sunflower, Clary Sage, Yarrow, Pink Peony and Inside our Flower Flower Essences. 💛 * * * * * * * #letthelightin #lightnessofbeing #suicideisnottheanswer #StJohnswort #rhodiola #holybasil #tulsi #citrine #citrinegessence #floweressence #spiritualmedicinals #twospiritmedicinals #medicinefromspirit #plantallies #nativemakers #twospiritmedicinemaker #medicinewoman #madeinBattleGround #Washingtonmade
Dream space alert ☁️
Oh to be free like a bird or butterfly⁠ as the wind tickles the leaves of the trees⁠ I can hear them rustle⁠ I wish to be wafting on air current⁠ ⁠ #realisticdrawing #abstractdrawing #butterflyart #drawing #poetry #visualpoetry #tactilepoetry #visualart #delicateart #lightnessofbeing #seeingart #wafting
.....a longing for the lightness of being. #lightnessofbeing #colourfull #butterfly
BETRAYAL // Have you ever felt betrayed? Was there a time when the rug was pulled out from under you and you had no clue it was coming? Even if you felt it coming, there was no way to control it. There was no way to stop it. We have all felt betrayed at some point in time. Maybe you received a diagnosis... or your partner cheated on you... your best friend lied to you... or someone else got the promotion after all your hard work... your business partner screwed you... etc. etc. etc. I am sure you have a story to tell. I have a few of my own as well having experienced many life-crushing moments. But my question is always the same. How do I get to live a better life? What thoughts support me? What do I do with feelings of betrayal? For me it is one of the hardest emotions to reconcile. Feeling down and playing victim can feed the flame of unworthiness and keep me stuck in the downward spiral. Stuffing the feelings and pretending everything is fine is also not my best choice though I have chosen it before. So instead I get to practice balance and inquiry. I remember that I am keeping myself down. Noone else can do that to me. So is my story really TRUE? Perhaps it was an opening into possibilities awaiting me once I choose to be past the pain. Maybe I can move forward through the pain. Once you walk the path of awareness and light you don’t get to go back to feeling sorry for yourself...or at least not for too long because you KNOW! You see that everything happens FOR us, not AGAINST us. That can be a hard concept to swallow. But I assure you, beauty will arise out of the darkest moments if you WAIT and TRUST. It is ok to feel like crap. This is the path of the enlightened. Be with it and move forward in faith toward the path of light anyway. Find your inner fire. Take the high road. Take time to heal and possibilities will appear like a light at the end of a tunnel. The light is always there just waiting for you to decide to see it. Maybe today is your day. Maybe every day is your day. Keep walking. Don’t look back. // Pazitive.guru #bethelight #thework #inquiry #iamlight #positive #lightnessofbeing
When we show up drenched in uncertainty on wobbly legs with quiet willingness, there is a quiver of magic underneath all that unknowing. In the willingness to enter into the deep cave of the heart it is there that we can see - really see, with our heart -eyes. It is at the moment when breath becomes shallow and we remember to just take in one more breath - that is when our courage is re inflated. It is in the small remeberings and the big truths, in the quiet hours & silent hush and the gut stirring howls that we are our most true selves. What I know is that when I show up, with wet eyes and a raw beating heart the built up barriers of resistance have broken free and there is no going back. I am in the river. Held by the sky, and the lakes and the night bugs, by the land and the ancient ones and the living breathing ones sitting beside me. Sometimes the words don’t come, they stick right to my throat and my heart pushes them out anyways. They are almost never right - the words. The way they feel in my heart and how they land on the outside. But. I say them anyways, through shallow whispered breath. I let them out and when they leave me... my interior opens, truth makes way for space and space makes way for more practice. And this is how it goes. In my bone drenched knowing I know that showing up is more important than the words. We swim out, we leave the shoreline behind, with bare bones, a beating heart & hope. The swim is mostly our own to paddle, through the sorrows and ache of our human existence. Every now & again there are those who hold our beloved hearts so we can rest & float awhile. Those sweet humans who say, rest here dear one, I’ve got you. You have done enough, you are enough, breathe. They are the ones who remind me of our most important work, taking care of each other. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. We belong, to the woven web of all the living breathing things that pulse with life. Thank you @heart_roars @india.is.wild.at.heart for holding us in the wilderness of being ❤️ #lightnessofbeing #tenderisthenewtough #womenwholead #heartwork #wecandohardthings #keeploving
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