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Grazing paddocks a little dry . . . . #littlefarmsqld #littlefarms #grazingpaddocks #rosedalesunset
Loyal fans of the HASS avocados, REJOICE! They’re back in-stores. The change of season means that our stock in stores shifts from the green Shepard variety to the Hass variety that turns purplish-black when ripe. Unripe Hass avocados have green skin and feel firm. If you're buying a ripe avocado to eat on the same day, look for those with almost black skin that yield to gentle pressure at the stem end. #LittleFarms
Dinner: Halloumi seasoned with lime and pepper and egg. Trying halloumi for the first time and I love it! Great alternative to tofu! #cleanandlean #littlefarms
#TreatYourHealth with all-natural energy bars and raw bites from @squirrelsisters that are suitable for the vegan, paleo and gluten-free lifestyle. Look no further for the perfect guilt-free treat for any time of the day - pre/post workout, for breakfast, snack between meals and even after dinner munchies. With flavours like Raspberry Ripple, Coconut Cashew and Cacao Brownie, there is something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. #LittleFarms
Little Farms Bags are not so little if we had so much for a trash...how these bags can be of someone’s best dress, we could ask our Designer Juliet Dapilmoto😁 and how our Model Lea Castillo have a day with it 😍. 📸 by Glen Ico #recycledfashion #recycle #lunavmassfashionshow #marinabaysands #littlefarm #littlefarms #ofwdiaries
Here’s a new flavor added to our overnight oats. *Avocado with Salted Caramel*! Gotten these #shepardavocado from #littlefarms that brings in great australian 🥑! Just so you know, at The Trios Bakers, we use premium ingredients for all our bakes and oats! Our Easter Week Specials are still on! So WhatsApp me your orders now! #lactationovernightoats #supportmumpreneurs #breastfeedingmum #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness #sgig #sgfood #igfood #thetriosbakers #lactating #lactatingmom #breastfeeding #savetheearth #nowastage
Organic cake flour loaf topped with tangy black currant. Baked in oil with rich flavor of organic vanilla extract by flavorganics. Smooth texture and simply light for anytime bite 🤩#morningloaf #breakfastcake #littlefarms #flavorganics #teatimecake #kiallapurefoods #phoonhuat #blackcurrantcake #blackcurrants #dessertsg #desserttable #blackcurrant #anytimecake #teaandcakes #ilovetobake #breakfastideas #goodmorning 💗
We are letting nature do it's thang... shes been on eggs now for about 4 days. She still seems ok, I am guessing she gets down at night to eat and drink (or at least I am hoping). Hoping to get at least a couple chicks if Carl did his job 🤣😬 #broodyhen #barredrock #babychicks #chickensofinsta #crazychickenlady #whitewolffarm #eatwhatyougrow #mamahen #raisewhatyoueat #littlefarms #littlehomestead
The bulk of our household expenditure comes from food/groceries (cos we are what we eat right!!) and I’m someone who decides where to buy which produce after comparing prices and quality across the retailers available here both online & offline. ... Knowing what I know now about sustainable farming, climate change and food price Inflation, I am certain that there will come a day soon when I will cook the sweet potatoes that I have grown myself and have surplus to give away to my neighbours. And herbs, cherry tomatoes, spinach and enough produce to be > 50% self-sufficient. ... It doesn’t feel like an ambitious dream. I know that this is the future that I will create for myself, my family and others around me. I’m so thankful for all the resources available on the web and for inspiring people who have managed to grow an incredible range of produce in a city flat! Did you also know that NParks provides allotment gardening plots for anyone who wishes to have their own space to garden? A lease of 3 years for $57/year. (Thanks @bjornlee for sharing this!) ... The day’s gonna come when I call my neighbour to say “I have a surplus of sweet potatoes in my home garden. Want some?” 💛 #momlife #motherhood #motherhooddiaries #lifewithlogan #23monthsold #aspiringurbanfarmer #growyourown #growyourownproduce #setyourintentions #littlefarms #sgmom #sgbaby #sgmombloggers #plantbased #vegan
It's International Earth Day! 🌍 Here at Little Farms, we want to encourage the reduction of food waste. The financial and environmental burden of food production is incredibly high, especially for food that is not being eaten even when we exercise thoughtful sourcing. Thus, through collaborating with @foodbanksg , we look to reduce waste and hope to see our produce feed many more. ⁣ ⁣ Join us in our effort to reduce food waste by making small changes to your everyday routine. It can be as easy as planning your meals so that you don’t end up buying extra or be conscious about using up leftovers. Share with us in the comments below some of your creative ways to use up leftovers. Waste less, enjoy more! #LittleFarms #foodbanksg
Happy Easter🐰! Nothing says Easter more like indulging in chocolate! You’ll need something sweet and chocolatey to end of Easter lunch, so here are some of our favourite chocolate treats to share and pass around. Swipe right! #littlefarms
It's official. You guys LOVED the beyond meat pop-up! We're out of samples at the event but you can purchase the burger patties in stores. Tomorrow's the last day to sample the beyond meat sliders, so be there early if you don't wanna miss out! See you there at United Square Mall, 10.30am to 3.30pm! #littlefarms
Serve a special Easter Sunday lunch for family and friends. You can't go wrong with a classic lamb chop and oven-roasted vegetables! Not to worry if you don’t make lamb chops often, this easy-to-follow recipe from @foodnetwork will ensure the star of your Easter feast comes out amazing. Of course, quality produce is key to a fantastic meal! So time to load up your baskets with fresh produce from #LittleFarms ! Enjoy free delivery with a minimum spend of $100 online and $150 in stores.
#urgent event update today For our #tastetesting the venue has been updated to @littlefarms at @valley.point.sg We are all set up and making our yummy and protein packed Clean Lean Protein smoothies. #fitnesssg #fitnessmotivation #spartanracesg #littlefarms #nuzest #poweredbynuzest #plantbased
Kick start the long weekend with a hearty brunch at Little Farms. Spend some quality time with your loved ones in the spirit of Good Friday before participating in the Easter festivities! P.S. Keep a lookout for a special Easter recipe we’ll be sharing here tomorrow! #LittleFarms 📸:@shey.lim
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