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Enjoying the quiet of Going to the Sun Road before it opens to vehicles for the season.
What’s been one of your hardest struggles as an adult? +++ One of mine has been making, growing, and retaining friendships with other women! Can I get an amen?! +++ When I talk with other ladies my age, I find that this is a common theme! Especially with children, parenting styles, spouses, schedules... it’s hard, right? +++ I had TONS of preconceived notions about dōTERRA, and MLMs prior to partnering with them. I thought I was getting “roped in” to a “pyramid scheme gimmick”, have to invest a lot of money, and get a strange kit full of snake 🐍 oils that I would never use! Amiright? Nope, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! +++ But aside from allll those things being completely false perceptions, what I have been actually MOST shocked about, is the friendships I have developed!! +++ How do you feel when you finally find that friend that feels like “the one”?! You both have the same general ideas, values, mindsets, goals, KIDS!😂😂 I mean, isn’t it great?! Don’t you feel like you can just talk to them for hours about anything?! NOW, imaging that times 30,50, or more!! THAT is how I felt this weekend! +++ On TOP of that, it is quite literally our JOB to lift each other up, encourage each other, coach each other, and cheer each other on! +++ My “job” is to search and select people I want to work with! My goal is to literally find people that I would just love to be besties with, and then we can all work together, do all those things I just mentioned, go on fun girls trips like I did this weekend, and grow our #girlboss businesses TOGETHER! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 +++ I left this weekend feeling SO cared about, so poured into, so encouraged, so loved, and like I just gained TONS of new sisters! It was SUCH a blessing to my life, and encouraged me to GO forward, set some new goals, and kill them, because I am totally capable to do so! And guess what? So are you!! If you would have asked me a year ago if I could do what the amazing girls above me are doing, I would have probably told you “NO WAY! That would be my DREAM, but no way!” +++ I’m a yuuuuuuge wuss when it comes to putting myself out there, and over coming fears! BUT I’m DOING it daily! Cont. in comments!
You gotta love the way warmer temps bring back the freedom of a muddy fall not ruining your day 💦 #muddybuddies
She really is a tree hugger.
This weekend wraps up Lily's AYSO Alliance season. She has grown in so many ways. Made new friends and memories... She tried out for the United club team and made it!!! We are so proud and can't wait to see her play the game she loves!! #soccerlife #soccergirl #soccerdad #azliving 🌵 #livelifeoutside #ayso
I never imagined what goes into the engineering of optics until I toured @burrisoptics @steineropticsusa headquarters in Colorado. It’s truly changed the way I see the outdoors! Thank you, @adventuressmagazine and @burrisoptics for my binoculars! #betheadventuress #adventuress #optics #findwhatmatters #nothingescapesyou #livelifeoutside #adventuretime @extreme_instinct
If I was a bird I’d probably hangout there too
Cousins ❤️ . The long weekend was a good one in the big city.
Meet Bing Jowett. Bing turned 84 today, he has a passion for everything historical and heritage. Bing won the award in Wasaga for Historical Appreciation. The annual Historical Appreciation Award recognizes individuals and/or organizations that have played a significant role in the promotion or conservation of the history of Wasaga Beach. Bing is also a passionate advocate for saving the Terminals so how fitting is this hat for Bing? Apparently he never takes it off! This precious photo was sent to us from @comioncouncil & @ellen_oelbaum_stylist A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet soul. I can’t wait to chat with him to learn more about what he knows about the Terminals and their history!!
I sent the kids outside to wait for me to bring their toothbrushes out. Came out a minute later to find them sitting like this giggling together😍.. . I feel like they play so much better together than before we left for this trip. They still bug each other, but the big Kids are learning how to say "I need space" and all of them are learning to play with what they have. . . . . . #fulltimervfamily #rvfamily #rvlife #rvlifewithkids #rvliving #fulltimervers #livingontheroad #roadschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolfamily #travelfamily #travelwithkids #tinylivingwithkids #minimalistfamily #minimalism #simplelifestyle #livelifetothefullest #livelifeoutside #worldschooling #stayathomemomlife #choosehappiness #livewellbewell #exploretheworld #traveltheusa #identicaltwins #siblinggoals
Monday vibes , hope everyone has a great week. The further you go the harder it gets 💪😽💕 Thank you for the awesome photo from @mdozaphotography
This beautiful photo belongs to @dimples.and.the.blonde ↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ This looks like a slice of heaven! Thank you for sharing this moment with your big kid!↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ Feature selected by mod @jennydunnpray ↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ Tag #loveourbigkids for a chance to be featured. This month’s theme is #lobk_connection ↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ #lobk_dimples_and_the_blonde
The road less traveled is often the one I like to take. It was such a beautiful night to get outside and enjoy fresh air and some much needed sunshine. #embraceyourhippiesoul #raiseyourvibration #breathe #yooper #explore #livelifeoutside #loveoftheoutdoors #livelaughlove #calmyourself
Most of our days lately consist of Nat telling me no, her screaming, telling me she’s tired, and going around in a circle like that basically all day. Lately we’ve been dealing with her not eating too to top it off. Apparently toddlers can live off of only eating every 3 days so... . When I had Nat, I tried breastfeeding and it did NOT workout. She was basically starving, lost 12% of her birth weight by the day after we left the hospital and we had to have her re-admitted the next night after coming home to go hang under the billi lights for a night! I was totally devastated obviously but when I saw her thriving off formula and my husband re-assured me that being able to breast feed her did in no way lessen my abilities of being her Mama(which was completely true, btw. Thank you smart husband ☺️)things got a little easier. . When does this toddler phase end and she starts eating all the food again!? I know she’s not starving, but this mama heart is having a tough timeeeee.
05.16.19 - 05.19.19, I flew to Massachusetts to build a wooden surfboard with @grainsurfboards at @lowellsboatshop. I had been to Massachusetts, but never Maine. So, I booked a place in Wells at a converted church B&B. The beach is gorgeous and peaceful. I did a little yoga at Sunrise. I SUP at Sunset. The paddleboarding was exciting for me. I never paddleboarded in the ocean. The water was 50°F, but not cold at ALL! I wore a wetsuit, I'm not that brave. I was clumsy and awkward, which would have made for great pics and video. I had such a great trip, so looking to go back. #Maine #livelifeoutdoors #optoutside #livelifeoutside #sunset #sunrise #paddleboarding
I mean, nbd, it always snows in May right? What the? (For the record, it does NOT usually snow in May here in our high desert area) I’m appreciative for the moisture, I just wish I had thrown some seed down prior! The ski resort by us got 8” of snow today last I heard! 😳 ❄️
The Gorge du Verdon, also known as the "Grand Canyon of Europe", is a popular tourist destination with it's stunning turquoise water and over 1,500 rock climbing courses. It was formed when the River Verdon cut into the limestone plateau thousands of years ago. The reason how and when the gorge became so deep (as much as 700 meters), remains shrouded in mystery. 📸: @sennarelax
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