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A first for me 不不不 Monkey sneaks in by back door while I'm in the lounge and steals our avos right under my eyes 不不 Evidence is all over.... footprints and pieces of avo all over the place 不不 Hope he/she enjoyed them 不不不 Sneaky little buggers #firsttime #firstforme #monkey #monkeybusiness #wildcoast #southafrica #easterncape #livinglifemyway #fridayvibes #live #laugh #love #lifeafter50
Does your phone help you to be healthier? In my Menopause Monthly newsletter I have a real simple way you can use your phone to help you improve your wellbeing and help you to feel better in less than 5 minutes. If you are signed up to my free newsletter youll get it automatically on the 1st. Or you can click the link in my below to subscribe. Take care of yourself, Samantha https://samanthavaland.com/menopause-monthly/
Working from bed today ..... I had my varicose veins done yesterday! After achy legs and not very nice looking veins in my thighs, I thought I would get them sorted once and for all. I have them intravenously lasered and also injected. . . I thought Id be back at work at the salon today but got talked out of it by some of my friends, and thankfully (for once) I listened! . . The recovery will be quick, and the results will be awesome, so I cant wait to be back in action! I just need to get through two weeks of compression tights 24/7
It does not matter what gets thrown at me or what goes wrong if it doesn't kill me it will for sure make me a hell of alot stronger #golfdad #golfdadnick #buitifullday #livinglifemyway
I mean that's nice but google wasn't around back then
I consider my husband and I to be healthy people with strong immune systems, but we still get sick occasionally. Since being introduced to Young Living, I continue to learn about all the products that can boost and support our immune systems throughout the year. In order for us to continue to stay healthy during this upcoming "sick" season, I am being extremely proactive to make sure we have all the things we need on hand to keep our immune systems strong. What is your go to support? This is just a few things we use: 燜hieves Essential oil blend on our feet at night (powerhouse immune support) . 燜hieves Foaming Hand soap to make sure we are not spreading germs . 燙uper C chewable (whole fruit bioflavonoids) and tablets (includes essential oils that allow for better bioavailability of the ingredients) . 燉ife 9 (9 strains and 17 billion live cultures) and Mighty Pro Pre and Probiotics (Made for kids but great on the go because they require no refrigeration) . 燜hieves Lozenges and cough drops (always carry a few because you never know when you need one) . 澠nner Defense (Immune boosting essential oil supplement) . . . . #selfcare #naturalhealth #wellnesssupport #investinyourself #immunesupport #wellnesswarrior #heathandwellness #investinyourhealth #ylessentialoils #healthylifestyle #journeytowellness #livinglife #lifecaptured #livinglifemyway #livethelittlethings #youngliving #liveauthentic #abundance #yleo via @SmarthashApp #supplementsthatwork #immuneboost #thieves #stayhealthy
Welcome to the family little one . On Saturday we found this little guy out in the yard next a burrow and it's deceased sibling. I removed the sibling, but some grass over the burrow and the hole under the fence and it went undisturbed. This little stayed near the burrow but started to follow us back inside. I couldnt bear it being alone and seeming so confused. It wouldn't stray far from the burrow. So we took him in and I started to feed it goats milk from a baby syringe. Now it's become apart of the family. My son absolutely adores it (Shadow not so much at the moment). We named him Peter but we don't know if it has a or a.
You know when you know? When youre in a place where your face hurts from smiling so hard. When you have butterflies of excitement. When you feel a sense of belonging deeper than ever before. Our local tribe celebrated our first annual Sisterhood Summer Party this week and it was a HUGE success! Most of these women had never met in person but the hugs, laughter + smiles could have fooled you. . Women meeting women who they helped conquer an at home workout together. . Women meeting women who they have aligned with in business. . Women sharing + celebrating what these programs have brought them... . . it was electric to say the least. THIS is community. THIS is acceptance. THIS is enjoying life to its fullest. THIS is purpose. THIS is belonging. THIS community is here to STAY . . . #sistersquad #thesisterhoodfitness #findyourtribe #communityofwomen #liveyourlifenow #amazingwomen #inspiringwomen #womenraisingwomen #findyourbestself #believeinthepromiseofthisday #youdeserveit #inspireoneanother #takesometimeforyou #lifeincanada #createyourbestlife #pressingpause #momlife#matleavelife #lifeinottawa #findyourmotivation #youarestronger #teachertribe #findyourtribe #believeinyou #livinglifemyway #ottawalifecoach #canadianmama #canadianteacher
Top 10 things Ive learned over the years #9 DON'T PLAY IT SAFE, MAKE WAVES, BIG WAVES I still remember the last week of having my business I almost changed my mind I wasn't going to sell as planned, I got scared what if I couldn't..blah blah blah..... I was talking to my brother in a harsh loud abrupt yet loving voice, he said,YOU HATE WHAT YOU DO, and look at what you created, image what you could create if you like what you did? Sometimes fear stops us in our tracks, remember fear is only temporary regret is forever. Don't play it safe step outside your comfort zone ride the waves of life. #10 Age is nothing but a state of mind,STATE TO your mind you are ageless and gray hair is a sign of great wisdom. . . . . . .#playingitsafe #stopit #getoutofcomfortzone #goforit #livethedream #lovingliferightnow #livinglifemyway #livinglifetothefullest
I sometimes find myself getting distracted...by social media, by work, by family, by my mind. There are 2 types of opportunities, those that are seized and those that are missed. Please let me stay focused today! . . #livinglifemyway #arbonne #seizetheopportunity #focus
This is the life of gypsy girl! Our camping spot at #salmonriverhorsepark is amazing. It is especially amazingly because we have it all to ourselves right now! #horsecamping #gypsygirl #horsegirl #scoutstrail #livinglifemyway #trailhorse #puckthetraildog #thisisthelife #thisisthelifeilive #roadapplegang #fulltimefamilies #fulltimervfamily #fulltimervliving #salmonriverhorsepark
No matter whats going on in your life you will get through it..毋 #redhead #bigforeheadgang #livinglifemyway #dontcare #careaboutyourself #lippiercing
It's a Thursday, the new day for my newly refreshed, revamped, renewed & revitalised weekly newsletter! Filled with goodness to ensure you know how you can create & sustain a thriving, fulfilled life in your midlife years! Last week I mentioned that I've been having my own renew and refresh time, during which I've been working hard behind the scenes to bring lots of goodness your way and I'm focusing on ramping up this goodness as we head towards the end of the year and into 2020 - nope I can't quite believe we'll soon be in the 20s! You'll be seeing more of the 'real' me, not the me who thinks that she has to be like anyone else, or to be doing what everyone else is doing! I will be back to sharing more of my life, the ups, the downs, the in-betweens, the mistakes I've made, the lessons I've learned, how you can learn from that and apply it to your own life to help you. I will be giving you suggestions, recommendations, strategies, tools, tips, practices, through this weekly newsletter, as well as through my posts on social media and my blogs! You know I love to write! You'll also be interested to know that there's a membership, a book, a course and ... a podcast all coming up from yours truly. All things that I have been wanting to put out into the world for a long, long time but hey I didn't stay in my lane! Lesson learned. I'm back in my lane. I'm back on track! All so that I can be, and I can help you all to be, living thriving, fulfilled lives through your midlife and beyond! Because hey who doesn't want that right?! Have a great rest of the week and, if you haven't yet subscribed to the weekly newsletter, then make sure you do so! The link to subscribe is in my bio ∴∴∴ . . . . . #therealme #weeklynewsletter #lotsofgoodness #goodness #thriving #thrivinglife #fulfilledlife #fulfillment #midlifers #midlifeyears #thrivingmidlife #fulfilled #livinglifemyway #beingme #stayinyourlane #youdoyou #createyourlife #createalifeyoulove #renew #refresh #revitalise #rampingup #revamping #focus #beuniquelyyou
Spot of foraging just over 1kg of blackberries picked and couldnt resist a photo of these beautiful sloes. #sloes #blackberries #foraging #mothernature #Nature #receipe #cooking #baking #naturalfood #august #capturingmoments #livinglifemyway #mylifesripples #simplepleasures #lovinglife #happylife
What are you willing to do to live out your dreams, passions, goals or simply to live the life you want? How far are you willing to push yourself to 突 to the next level? . Growth isn't easy. It takes time, commitment, reprogramming your mind, self awareness, releasing fears and pushing yourself through ugly and beautiful moments. Growth is a journey not a destination. There will be highs and lows. There will be unforgettable magical moments and moments of grief. There will be moments where everything falls in place then the next it falls apart. There will be some people who will follow and support you and some people who will fall back and not understand you. Through all of the triumphs and woes it's up to you to keep going. #Empoweryourself &others #Nevergiveup #Visualize #Execute Let's grow & glow! #HowIEnVe . . . #♀休休攻2休荊唐 Stretch yourself. Today Try one activity or do something that is out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Anything. Eat somewhere different or order a new dish on the menu, say no, go for a run or walk. Say hi to someone, go dancing, wear a different color shirt than you usually do. Go to the movies alone, eat alone .....push yourself. Baby steps: If you start to feel anxious or you are overthinking; take a break to breathe. #MindfulMinute 攻氣賅 梗莞莞 遲莞氣蛤莞 塔 氣鳶 梗莞莞 荊遲莞氣蛤莞 滕. 休莞埠塔 踢滕塔塔 莞屢 氣屢賅: 氣 塔 埠滕鳶遲滕. 氣 埠氣踢氣荊屢 滕 遲塔鳶 鳶莞 蛤塔鳶湘. 氣 屢塔湘蛤, 莞莞遲蛤塔鳶 梗 氣鳶 滕埠 蛤塔鳶莞 荊遲塔湘蛤. 喫氣塔, 氣 氣荊屢 氣鳶 塔屢屢塔鳶 遲 氣湘氣塔 梗塔喫喫莞遲莞鳶 氣. If you attempted something new and couldn't complete the challenge. It's okay. The best part is you attempted. Elevate yourself higher and try again another day, another way untill you've conquered your fear of trying something different. Call a friend, family or someone you can trust to help you through pushingyourself. #enve #livinglifemyway . . . . . . #repost @timeinvestors #mindfulness #fear #mindset #growth
I am not perfect though I am told I am a perfectionist in everything that I do and they are not wrong. It hasnt always been easy and those closest to me have known me as someone who would go all out to make it happen for them even when it seemed impossible at first sight. You are judged by things you do and how you get it done but when disappointment sets in, you just need to know in life, you just need to accept the truth, learn from it and move on. I learnt these days, sometimes no matter how good we deemed ourselves to be, we might be short of something that others feel we are not quite there. Maybe you are given a second chance maybe you are not, but whos to say you wont make it in the end? Might take 10 years or even 20 or maybe never, but the journey towards where you want to be and see yourself to be is how you make of it. So, why let disappointments and setbacks hold you back? Instead, look forward and think for yourself and seek beyond your comfort zone in pursuit of your next goal. Theres no right or wrong, its what you make of it that defines where you are to where you want to be. Shot by @fats2fab June 29, 2019 @ 6.36pm posted August 22, 2019 @ 10.20pm #wallart #me #simplicity #girlwithadream #happiness #smile #photoshoot #photography #loveyourself #loveme #photooftheday #streetphotography #life #livinglifemyway #livelifewithoutlimitations
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