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Big Thanks to Eko Krisyanto, S. Pd. & Fatimatuz Zahro, S. Pd. Demak, 26-04-2019 _ semoga SAMAWA selalu kak...amiiin _ "Mahar 3D Seaworld Wreath Silhouette" size 30*40 Antique Wooden Frame Price >>> WA kak :) ___________________ 085 22 55 8888 4 ___________________ NO CALL pliss CHAT only yess
【一字記之曰:忍】maharishi x Suicoke FW19 系列亞洲地區正式上架!  早前介紹過由日本鞋履品牌 SUICOKE 將與 maharishi 攜手合作推出聯乘系列鞋款,包括以皮革與潛水物料打造的「Maho」,以及能因應天氣或者根據室內外環境而轉換三種不方式穿著的「Kuno」,均用上忍者鞋的分趾設計與 EVA 鞋墊及外底所打造。雖然於 maharishistore.com 上的抽籤已經結束,不過 SUICOKE ASIA 官網剛亦已上架,「Kuno」與「Maho」的售價分別為 $1520 及 $1720。  連結: https://shop.suicoke.asia/product-category/special-collaboration/  #deadstock #maharishi #suicoke #kuno #maho  ======================================== 如欲了解更多球鞋資訊及報導,請點按連結及開帖子與限時動態通知。  球鞋交易平台: https://www.deadstock.asia  更多球鞋資訊: https://news.deadstock.asia  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deadstock.asia  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deadstock.asia
Suicoke x @maharishi FW19 Presenting Maho, a Tabi boot crafted in leather and neoprene upper. Using the Maharishi’s Temple Bead and Snocord system. Stay tuned. #suicoke_official #suicoke #maharishi #suicokexmaharishi #fw19 #suicoke_asia
@suicoke_asia x @maharishi FW19 Presenting Kuno, a three-way Tabi Sandal. You can worn it with or without a bespoke neoprene socks. Available now @suicoke_asia #suicoke_official #suicoke #maharishi #suicokexmaharishi #fw19 #suicoke_asia . For enquiries: info@dstrt.com
#vintage1960s #vintagebooks original copyright first edition#maharishi ##maheshyogi 🙌inspired #vintagebeatles #woodstockmusicfestival #woodstock1969 #transcendentalmeditation #historyofmeditation authentic #civilrights pinback 😭still goin on in this world
Approaching the Autumn Equinox there are many things to be thankful for- Living in abundance of food, shelter, and an open mind. I am blessed to be open to receiving knowledge and truth. Really feeling the power of this equinox and getting in touch with inner and outer harvests. Upon this season of cold and rest I will remain grateful for my blessings and remain open to whatever may come 💞 #maharishi #thebeatles #inspirations #idols #love #peace #harvest #fallequinox #grateful #abundance
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. ❤️ What’s in a name? Maha = great. Rishi = saint / poet / sage - one who sees into the true reality of existence. Mahesh = great ruler also another name for Shiva. Yogi = bear (joking joking) yogi = one who practices yoga - yoga - to yoke - uniting the individual spirit with the divine spirit of God. The totality. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaching in his ashram in India. Grateful for the blessings of this invincible lineage. Knowledge is the greatest purifier. Thank you. Jai guru dev! Beautiful pic thanks to @maharishiayurvedcook being there. ❤️🙏🏻🕊🌎💎⏳✨👁🌌🌌🌌🌌☀️
Nike Cargos • Size: 36” - Fit 34/36” • Condition: 8/10 - No flaws • Pretty self explanatory, simple plain black Nike cargo trousers. Two zip pockets to left and right leg, tonal Nike swoosh to left pocket • £22++
#Sages from time immemorial are reputed to have lived in the caves and slopes of the Arunachala hill, sanctified by it and sanctifying it in turn. #Adi #Sankara , the great #Hindu reformer saint, had described #Arunachala as Mount Meru, the inaccessible heart center of Lord Shiva. Arunachala reveals itself as no ordinary mountain. In its timeless #majesty , wrapped in a shroud of mystery that centuries of legend have only deepened, Arunachala has a presence that is more spiritual than physical. The great #enlightened Master Bhagavan Sri Ramana #Maharishi calls Arunachala ‘the spiritual center of the world.’ It is not for nothing that Arunachala is known as ‘the hill that beckons’. Even the ordinary traveler, once having set his eyes upon Arunachala, is inexplicably drawn to dwell upon its sacred presence again and again. Seekers commonly feel this strange experience, known as ‘the call of Arunachala’, even today ( #Nithyananda Vol 1`)
Ann Demeulemeester did some seriously unreal stuff this season. Use code OJ10 for 10% off Ann D and other new arrivals online now.
Men’s Maharishi T Shirt 🔸Colour - Off White 🔸Condition - New With Tag’s 🔸Pattern - Maharishi Tibetan Fire 🔥 🔸Sizing - No Size as it’s a sample but fits Large - Pit to Pit is 21 inches ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Over 13 years old ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We Ship Worldwide 🌍 We’ve always looking to Buy Combats 👖 Any further questions drop us a message💬
У нас сегодня прекрасный день - воскресенье! 🥰 А это значит, что есть три часа свободного времени 😃👏 Можно сбегать в магазинчик, сделать маску и послушать музыку 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 ⠀ А ещё сегодня нам тайцы в столовой приготовили очень вкусную лазанью и вполне достойное шоколадное мороженое 😋🍫🍨🍝 Не джелато, конечно, но итальянки с удовольствием слопали 😁 Прям праздничный день 😂 ⠀ #юлины_путешествия #бесколготия #тайланд #дневникпутешествия #travelling #travel #thailand #ttc2019 #Maharishi #training #meditation #teacherofmeditation #teacher #медитация
A little fall layering courtesy of @gitmanvintage @sagedecretofficial and @maharishi
Evisu Multi Pocket Indigo Denim • Size: 33”- Fit 32/34” (30” Leg) • Condition: 8/10 - Few minor signs of wear • Very high quality and one of the more sought after pairs. Typical Evisu straight leg fitting with 19 pockets featured across the denim all housing ‘gull’ detailing. All pockets fully functional • £142++
NikeLab AAE 2.0 Tactical Vest • Size: S - Fits S/M • Condition: 9/10 • Made from a combination of compress polyester and nylon giving a silky soft finish. Bit of a madness, vertical full two way zip with parallel half zip providing neck opening/flap when unzipped. Two vertical front fully functional pockets. Two back pockets, back strap technology with flap closure fastening for adjustable fit. Subtle swoosh detailing to back left shoulder • Retailed at £165 • £82++
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