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NEW MARINA tweets on her initial thoughts after releasing LOVE + FEAR as well as quoting ‘elisabeth kübler ross’☁️ what are you thoughts on marina’s thoughts if that makes any sense~
What song on her LOVE + FEAR album do you want to see a music video of next? For me it’d probably be Karma🖤
@marinadiamandis hair + makeup was gorgeous in Manchester🍑
Favorite song from LOVE + FEAR? Mine are You, End of the Earth, To Be Human, and Emotional Machine🦋
I think Marina’s new album sounds the most like #tfj 💕
I need to believe In love Why is what you give Never enough?
NEW MARINA interview with @tetumag available now but it’s in french💕 i’ve translated the interview and there’s nothing new except that she’s mentioned she’s living between london + LA now💒
MARINA went out scootering with friends yesterday at venice beach🛴 also, enjoy the inaudible last clip😂
‼️ LILY FUCKING ALLEN WANTS TO COLLAB WITH MARINA AND I REALLY HOPE IT HAPPENS LILY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTIST AND I THINK THEY WOULD MAKE A SICK TRACK ‼️ • • • #Marina #marinaandthediamonds #thefamilyjewels #electraheart #froot #lonelyheartsclub #neonnature #marinadiamandis #marina4 #handmadeheaven #you #karma #baby #superstar #enjoyyourlife #orangetrees #nomoresuckers #endoftheearth #stbs #tenderaffair #theresnothingwrongwithyou
Marina's Gay Times cover is currently sold out 💅 #marinanadthediamonds #marina #marina4 #marinadiamandis
did @lilyallen hint at a collab in a comment under MARINA’S recent picture?? they’re both currently in LA + lily is writing there too👀 i would love this to happen because lily allen is also one of my favourite singers of all time😭
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