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#HonestMomPost I’m still trying to figure this whole mommyhood & self-care thing out! ❤️ I don’t know about you mamas, but on the weekends I struggle to fit it all in and still make time to relax. In fact, that’s probaly my problem, I don’t know how to just sit still and relax. This past weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday running around, in meetings, grocery shopping, preparing content, buying fabric for my kids brand, driving around the city in traffic trying to run as many much-needed errands as I could, cleaning my house, doing laundry, listening in on a weekly prayer call since I didn’t make it to church, and being a mom. By the time Sunday night came, I was meal prepping for the new couple of days and getting my little one to bed. And then it was time for me to go to bed and start all over again for Monday morning! These weekends go by so fast and before you know it it’s Monday before you know it. What do you guys do to manage your time so that you’re productive but still have time to enjoy your weekends? #amourgenesis #momlife #mommoments #motherhood #mombalance #motherhoodunplugged #weekendvibes #weekend #mommyproblems #momadvice #momcommunity #momsonthego #workingmoms #singlemom #singlemother #specialneedsmom #family #mommotivation
As a wife, mom, and business owner, I am very intentional with my time and energy- there’s only 1 of me. . And so, I’ve spent a great deal of time figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. I don’t waste time or energy on things that don’t light me up. If someone else knows how to do something better or faster than me, I learn from them. . I’m also very transparent when I’m working with my clients. I tell them all the success and lessons I’ve had from trying different strategies. I encourage them to follow their paths and think outside the box. I help them to learn who they really are, realize what they’re capable of and push them outside their comfort zones (heck that’s what they hired me for). . As much as I love the person I’m becoming, I get just as excited as I watch other mommas step into their power and find harmony in their own lives. . This week, starting tomorrow, I’m leading a FREE 5-Day “Mommies Making Money with Ease” Challenge and I would love if you would join us!! . What’s the worst that could happen? . You’d learn how to enjoy your life and business more and have a chance to win some money 💃🏼 . Sign up using the link in bio
Proof that yoga CAN happen, even with a toddler using you as an obstacle course 😝⁣ ⁣ My muscles needed this flow today. And honestly it was still super challenging (swipe to see me almost fall out of some single legged squat - things {super technical, I know 😉})⁣ ⁣ I’m thankful for this body & what it does for me 💕⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #yoga #yogaflow #balance #sundaystretch
Follow your dreams.. 🌌 Push even when the clouds are so thick you can't see a thing. ☁️ You are worth every possibility! Why are we so prone to doubt. To be negative after such a short time... Everyone wants things so quick and easy. Be patient be willing to fail and fall on your face. It might hurt like hell for a minute but I promise it gets better. Always be ready for the next chapter in your life because you never know when everything can change. To give you the joys of relaxing and visiting with the ones you love the most!! We are never guaranteed tomorrow, but we are always guaranteed to do something better for our selves. Happy Sunday you beautiful people! 😍🥰🌌✈️🚙🕺💃🌅😋
Storytime: Last week at preschool pick up, I wore this shirt and a mom asked me, “hey do you, I mean did you play soccer?” Me: (with probably the biggest smile and shocked face, turned around and said..) “YEAH I DID! I played in college!” She went on to tell me that she played in college too and we chatted for a moment sharing in our past times. But it got me thinking today when I put on the shirt again about when I started this journey as a fitness coach. I started this journey not just to get fit. 💪🏽 Not just to make money. 💰 But to find a community, purpose and passion like I did when I played soccer. After having two kids, I wasn’t sure I’d find it again. But I’ll tell you what, I’m so freakin happy I listened to that burning passion inside of me and said YES to this coaching gig a year ago. What passions fuel your life? ⚽️ ❤️ 🔥 🔥 🔥 ❤️ ⚽️
Mommy guilt is only alive if you allow other people to tell you how to parent. You should be a mom by now... You can be a good mother and work... You can’t have time off but you cant be a mom when your kids are sick... Be the mom you want to be. . . . . #mom #parent #bossmom #motherswithcareers #momcan #kids #parents #mommy #mombalance #mommanage #timemanagement #abreak #timeaway #mothers #cozywombmama #supportyourfriends
it’s ok to .. a) want a break b) take the freaking break. I had an opportunity to get away this weekend and I did ... and I’m here in the mountains for a few days 🌲 I miss my boys a lot, but I’m digging this getaway in the white mountains .. . . . . . . #momlife #mombalance #trimom #motherrunner #getoutside #hikelove #takeahike
Podcast interview!! So excited to hangout with @tara_counterman on her podcast chatting all things real about the guilt we all feel as moms at one time or another and how we can find that peace we’ve often lost. Take a listen - was so fun to do, lots of great info and of course realness 💕 LINK IN BIO 😊 Check it out on https://taracounterman.com/e27/ OR https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stopping-mom-guilt-you-feel-from-defining-your-entire/id1441689848?i=1000438150497
And so it begins... ☀️ 💦 🏖 Temps are rising here in Texas and pools are opening and this fam bam is ready for some fun in the sun! 🖤 Swimming 🖤 Sunscreen 🖤 Snacks (healthy) Will be our life this summer! Where do you spend most of your time come summer time?
Signing off #mombalance 💕💕
This life coaching business is no joke! Not only am I learning a lot through my @udemy course, I’m also growing a lot while going through the sessions with one of my coaching friends. This...this is why I haven’t always reached my goals. See these messy papers and open calendar? Setting dates for each individual baby step that helps you achieve your goal is key! Yes, this time I WILL make it!
Thursday afternoon bliss at @redchurchcafe ☕️
Something I’m learning... is you have to make habits, intentional. They don’t just become habits. You make INTENTIONAL HABITS! It’s not just doing something you do for 20, 30, or 90 days to make it a habit and then your just going to automatically do it. You have to work at it. You have to remind yourself. You have to have help. You have to make it a priority and you have to keep going! @msrachelhollis #risepodcast has been so enlightening and I’m obsessed with her podcasts ❤️ I can just throw them on while vacuuming, folding laundry, picking up toys or making dinner. It’s awesome! 🙌🏽 So what I’m saying is just because you think it looks easy for someone doesn’t mean it is. You know what I mean?! 👌🏽👊🏽
My #instablog is about motherhood and my endless love to my kids. I thought how I can help #mamas . And as HR person I took a decision to talk more about career after maternity leave, to inspire you with some success stories, to share some ideas how to organize balanced life 💓💁 YOU are welcome with your questions 💥
Episode 16 - Normalising mummyhood: the working mum with @ashleyknightco _ Today on The UnPodcast: Its about you, we chat to well-known business coach and online biz guru – Ashley Knight._ Ash shares her journey as a working mum, how she finds time for herself, her job and her daughter. You’ll walk away with a reality check of the normality of working mums lives as well as hopefully some inspiration for you to apply to your busy, beautiful life! 🌷
Monday Menu! Up this week... 🖤 Stuffed Bellpeppers - seriously our favorite right now. Black beans, corn, cauliflower rice, salsa, jalapeños, cilantro, guacamole 🔥 🖤 Meatballs- more cauliflower rice and stir fry veggies. Simple but veggie-licious 🖤 Cauliflower Chicken- with either buffalo sauce or orange sauce and a side of Brussels 🖤 Vegan Mexican Bowl- also a favorite! Yam, black beans, corn, onion, bellpepper, cilantro, guac, jalapeños... you know all those fixings! 🖤 Pasta & meatballs 🍝 with side salad 🖤Left overs (really just means we have flexibility if we have leftovers from another meal & also means I don’t have to cook that night 👏🏽) We already pushed everything a day because we had left over pizza from last night and just added a spinach salad with cucumbers, onion, carrots and tomatoes 😋 Tomorrow is stuffed peppers! 💚💚💛❤️
I can’t tell you how inconsistent I’ve been lately. 😳 It’s bad! And I can total see and FEEL a difference. And I don’t like it! I’ve been smashing pancakes and waffles for breakfast because it was just easy to eat what my kids were having. Mother’s Day donuts at church? Ya crushed those too. I even bought those mega stuffed Oreos people have been telling me about. 😬 It’s a slippery slope for me & now it’s time to climb back up the slope. Time for my portion containers to come out, meal planning to stay in check, my water bottle close by & check back into my accountability group. This momma has slipped off the tracks and I’m ready to get back on it! Anyone else feel like they’ve been slipping? Your not alone and we all struggle so let’s get on track together! 🙌🏽
Yep that my kid! Spending the day with the one that matters!!! He loves looking at how much taller he is than me. He loves to give me hugs too don’t know if it is to annoy me or he really means it lol
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