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Séjour à Hambourg avec @nk_la7 & @elodie_bt. Séjour humide mais séjour heureux ;)
Brighty whiteys.
A moody long expo to match the sunday feelings, any movies or tv-shows we should check out? 😬🍁
@christiantrustrup - Thórsmörk, or Thor's valley. This place just makes me breathless. #earthoutdoors
"Do you believe me if i tell you this is the most remote church which i saw in Iceland ?!?" ​.sandradogg_com
The road may get dark and you may get lonely, but when you finally reach your destination you’ll be glad you took the risk.
Practicing walking on air yesterday! Had an amazing time with friends and family in the westfjords! Heading to the city now to get ready for a music video that I am shooting in Denmark the next few days!!:)
Untamed Iceland.. A broad river slowly meandering through the sand lava desert somewhere in the Highlands - just one of innumerable places that will leave you in awe. #Iceland #Island #Highlands #Vatnajökull
Way down we go.
Explore the world without breaking the bank. Swap your place with accommodations like this in Reykjavík, Iceland for just $1 per night with Holiday Swap 😉 Link in bio
Do you know what the colors of the Icelandic flag mean? The blue represents mountains, the white represents ice and snow, and the red represents fire. This flag was officially recognized by Denmark in 1915 (who ruled Iceland at the time). Swipe to see the flag 👉🏻
As you might know we are big fans of @paul.watson.photography , even though he has not shaved in this decade. This homage to Stokksnes peninsula is an excellent example of his moody talent!
One week from today @historyboutique and I are headed to my favorite place on the planet! We are renting a campervan with @campeasyiceland and doing the 5 Day Road Trip that our friends Victoria and Terrance (@followmeaway ) wrote about just a couple months ago! The purpose of the trip is multi-fold but we are filming a short environmental documentary while we are there (details to be released soon!) plus partnering with some of our favorite brands who care deeply about the environment and making a difference. By far the most adventure packed trip thus far with @united and we are STOKED!
It's all in the eyes...
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