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Let me ask you a straight question: - Be honest while answering πŸ’― - Do you often find yourself looking at their profiles or worrying about if they have found someone else or wondering if they miss you? - IF your answer to any of these questions is a "Yes". KEEP READINGπŸ“–πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ» - The truth behind stalking πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ your Ex and then feeling bad about it is NOTHING but the that you are STILL holding on to SOME hope, a hope that may keeps you stuck and chained. - Probably, It is not that you don't want to move on or Let go..... - It is something deep inside that makes it really hard for you to cut that final tie and I understand how it feels like to be at your place. - I remember when I was struggling to move on and how the idea of just being away from the narcissist killed me inside. - It was through a lot of support and strategic help, I was finally able to make that final cut and claim my freedom back. - Now, I want to help you too as I helped so many... - Listen πŸ‘‚πŸ», If you have been struggling with what I have explained above and are willing to break free from chains, I am willing to help you. - I am willing to help to heal your wounds inside out so that you can reclaim your freedom and live a life that you were meant to live. - Now, If you are NOT one of those who want to stay stuck and suffer, Comment "Yes" below and I will get back to you with further details on how I can help you. - Sending love and light ❀️❀️
Why did I allow myself stay for so long 😭? Why can't I get him/her out of my mind? - These questions haunt a person as they leave the narcissistic relationship, fill with them rage and resentment which keeps consuming them internally. - You won't believe me if I say this but let me STILL tell you πŸ‘‚ - Recently one of my clients got so emotional because they couldn't believe that Finally, the anger and resentment, they had been carrying for 10+ years was released😩 - When they told me 10 years, I was shocked yet very happy. - The pain after Narcissistic Abuse is so intense that, no matter how much you want it go, it doesn't. No matter how much you want to forget, the shame, the anger, all those memories still keep you stuck and chained. - Now, If you are someone, who can completely relate to what I am talking about, someone who wants to break free from these chains. Listen πŸ‘‚ - I am on a mission of helping 1000 survivors to move on, heal and let go UNHEALTHY ATTACHMENTS and I would like to help you too. - Comment "YES", if you are really willing to let the healing begin and I will get back to you with further details. - P. S I will be replying only to first 10 " Yes" In comments due to limited availability of slots. Don't miss the chance. - narcabusecoach
As they say, Everything that glitters✨ is not Gold. - Even if the narcissist looks happy with the new person, even if it looks like the new supply is getting to see a better version of them, Remember, it is all an illusion, it is all going to end the way it ended with you. Why???πŸ€” Because, their is an Abyss in the narcissist's incomplete self which can never be filled by anyone, no matter who the person is. The Truth is...... - The only thing that can be filled is the wound that is still keeping you connected with them.The only thing that can be healed is the injured part of your self, so that it hardly matters for you if they are with someone else or not. - The only thing that can be broken is the unhealthy attachment that is playing a destructive role in your life. And - If you are willing to achieve all of the above mentioned objectives but don't know how, I am willing to help you as I have helped 100's of people. Just comment, 'Yes' below and I will message you personally with more information . Note: The Child and Toy metaphor has been used just to explain the unstable state of a Narcissist. By no means, it justifies the Narcissist's erratic behavior or victimizes the survivor.
Narcissists take advantage of the chances they are given, they stay the exact words, express them exactly and put on an exact mask. All these mixed together make a deathly mix, which a narcissist give you to drink in exact proportions. - Don't be fooled if you see the narcissist starting to become very polite, kind and respectful, don't take it as a sign that they have changed or they are being honest. - Rather, make sure that you raise your alarms & stay cautious because it is the narcissist trying their best to confuse you, manipulate you so that they can get the control & supply back - Everything an abuser does has a meaning HIDDEN or VISIBLE but it is there. To give such a person space in life means more suffering and pain. - That is why I always say, "SEE THE NARCISSIST AS THEY ARE, NOT WHO YOU WANT THEM TO BE". - Now, If you have been struggling to close the doors, make the final move and start your RECOVERY, ListenπŸ‘‚ I am on a mission of helping 1000 people MOVE ON and heal completely inside out and for real. Thankfully, I have been able to help so many and I want to help you too with the same - If you're someone who is REALLY willing to cut that final tie, find the strength to let go and move on, Comment "YES" I will get back to you with further details on how I help you do that. #abuse #abusive #abusiverelationship #mask #cold #cruel #traumatized #covertnarcissist #devil #narcissist #narcabusesurvivor #narcissists #nocontact #narcissisticabuse #narcissticrecovery #narcopath #narcisstrecovery #narcissistic #narcissistawereness #narcissistsurvivor #narcissisticabusesurvivor #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #personalitydisorder #selfserving #sociopath #staystrong
Narcissists often leave their victims brokenhearted, confused or I can say paralyzed in distorted realities, where they pretend to be sole givers and the protectors of the relationship you have with them. As a result, Victims often end up in the loops of destructive & self sabotaging patterns, stuck and chained in the hell of never ending pain and misery. If you are someone who can totally RELATE to what I am saying, I would like you to know that the key to ESCAPING 1 this hell is healing yourself inside out. TO HEAL in a way that leaves no trauma associated with painful memories to be triggered. THE WAY THAT IS TRANSFORMATIONAL And.... If you are interested in breaking the chains and healing INSIDE OUT, Drop "yes" in comments. I will get back to you with further details on how you can do that.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
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