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Posted @withrepost@narczzz I very rarely talk about the narc in my posts. Know why? Because where attention goes, energy flows. The narc has taken up enough of my time, attention, and energy. This is my life now. I’m grateful for the process and it’s my time to shine. I have no hatred or anger toward him. That took deep inner work... then I let it go. I let him go. - The same goes for you, beautiful soul. It’s time to to let go. It’s time to focus on yourself. It’s time to heal. - You can do this. The healing is beautiful. - Peace, Love and Honey. 🖤🤘🏻🦋 - #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #narcissism #triangulation #hoovering #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #narcissistrecovery #narcissisticabusesurvivor #narcissistsurvivor #domesticabuse #domesticabusesurvivor #domesticabuseawareness #toxicpeople #toxicrelationships #gaslighting #gaslightingawareness #crazymaking #lovebombing #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #selfcare #trauma #healing #psychopath #psychopathfree #selflove
Amongst all the things I’ve learnt and experienced over the last ten years or so, one thing stands out and continues to haunt me. The simple fact is, I’ve had no other choice but to be strong - and for far too long. I was coerced into what I can only describe as a psychological war that I was far from prepared for, and these experiences have morphed me into someone who’s now constantly in protective mode. Not everyone understands just how exhausting it is to always be ‘on guard’, ruminating about everything possible, and living in a state of hypervigilance, all the while trying to process a chaotic mixture of emotions day in, day out. It’s something that is not very easy to grasp personally, let alone explain to others, which makes it all the more difficult to deal with. Remember that there is often a lot more going on in someone’s life than you’re aware of, and what we really need most is a whole lot of patience and understanding. ~ Soul Me #cptsd #healingfromhiddenabuse #narcissisticabuse #narcissistsurvivor #healing #familyviolence #domesticviolence #cptsdrecovery #cptsdwarriors @soulmeofficial
Ironic that my ex was pursuing an acting career. Getting me to marry him was his best performance. But I think I became the better actor in the end. Just trying to survive. #walkingoneggshells #narcopath #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #lovebombing #acting #narcissistsurvivor #flyingmonkeys #projection
**note to self** ⠀ Yes, taking full responsibility for your life doesn’t mean denying what happened in the past. Your parents may have been emotionally illiterate, someone may have abused you, an ex partner may have manipulated you or a dear friend disrespected your boundaries. Those things are real. They happened (and still we could argue the role of our subjective interpretation on every human experience, but let’s no go there for now). They hurt you. Now what? ⠀ Are you gonna become a scholar of the past hurt and trauma or are you gonna take the reigns of your life, address your emotions, do the necessary healing and decide what do you want in life from now on? ⠀ They say it may not be your fault what hurt you but is definitely your responsibility to heal from it and rise. ⠀ Again, note to self and thank you @longdistancelovebombs for this blunt and necessary reminder. Always a good time to shake some things up! 👌🏽
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