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This is so true. I wasn’t allowed to go work out in the gym ( Cos he didn’t want any other men in gym looking at me ) while he’d go day and night to a mixed gym to work out on his body. I wasn’t allowed to speak to my male colleagues, while he’d always be surrounded by women who would be all melting around him. In the end I found he was cheating with other women while we were together. I can list so much more. Narcs are the ultimate evil, hypocrites! . . . #heartbrokengirl #ex #ifmywoundswerevisible #healingfromabuse #divorce #domesticviolence #narcissisticabusesurvivor #narcopathsurvivor #narcopathfree #sociopathsurvivor #emotionalabuseisstillabuse #abusiverelationship #toxicrelationships #narcex #domesticabusesurvivor #divorcedwoman #divorcerecovery #ptsdsurvivor #speakup #yourstorymatters #women #womenempowerment #sistersquad #sisterhood #womenpower #girlpower #divorcesupport #muslim #femaleempowerment #ptsd ( taken from psychopathfree )
You will continue to experience #heartache and disappointments if you continue to seek in others the love and validation that you need to be giving it to yourself. 💖💖💖
Some secrets enable abuse. We must realize when a secret protects the wrong people. Don’t give the abuse the power. Always speak up! If one person doesn’t believe you or can’t help, find someone who will. No one deserves to carry the burden of that secret. Share your story!
#narcissists are #energyvampires and feed of your emotions whether good or bad. Learn to starve #toxicpeople by standing up to yourself and giving them zero #narcissisticsupply . Wear your #boundaries like an armor. 🙅🏼‍♀️
Never ever ladies! And gentlemen for shitty women. Life’s too short and in the words of Sweet Brown: #aintnobodygottimeforthat 💁🏼‍♀️
On the contrary, when you #loveyourself you won’t accept anything less than you deserve. Many of us were already in a vulnerable moment and very self deficient in self love when you came across the #narcissist . #selfcare #selfworth and self love are absolutely priorities post #narcissisticabuse 💖💖💖
And if there’s no one, please re-evaluate your circle and in the meantime spend more time with yourself if that only person is you. ✨✨✨
#narcissists be afraid, be very afraid! Think about it, one of the narcissist’s biggest fear is being exposed and #empaths by nature are seekers of the truth, knowledge, like to help others and essentially human lie detectors. Every day accounts like these are created as more empaths wake up to the truth and raise awareness. Pretty soon it won’t just an #empathnation , but an empath universe. Continue to raise awareness anyway you can, even if it’s just by fully educating yourself and don’t let anyone tell you there’s anything wrong with your abilities. That’s #gaslighting of your power. ✨✨✨
It really will! Don’t just listen to me, try it for yourself and thank me later. 💖💖💖
It’s ok not to feel ok. Next time you don’t, try one of these. 💖💖💖
What going #nocontact feels like...🏃🏼‍♀️💨how long ago did you escape? Thanks @eempaths 🙌🏼💥
This moment right here, you’ll never get it back and that on its own should be something to be celebrated. We often take the fragility of life for granted, don’t wait until it’s too late. 💖💖💖
#forgiveness is something very personal. A lot of people say “ oh, but you have to forgive to move on...” I personally believe that’s a terrible way to put unnecessary #shame and #guilt on survivors. Even if you also experienced #abuse , only the person that went through what they did know what actually feels like, even if we empathize. I believe it’s part of the healing process feeling very angry at the #abuser , especially once one is out of the fog ( fear, obligation, guilt) and #cognitivedissonance . Once a person truly understands #narcissiticabuse for what it is and naturally starts to heal, eventually they’ll see their own worth and realize they deserve to give themselves more than waste time thinking about the #narcissist and all the abuse. That burden is eventually lifted as we shift focus inwards, this can be a way of ‘forgiving’, but not one should tell someone they should or shouldn’t forgive. It is the survivor’s choice.
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