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on friday it was time to say goodbye to our little friend. 😥 about two weeks ago @lyy.gi found a baby squirrel, almost frozen to death, while walking our dog. it was pretty obvious that he lost his mother and home because there were treeworkers cutting trees and chopping woods all over the park. after 30 min of observation and searching the web for help, ly decided to bring him home. we managed to work in feeding shifts and tried to give as much love and bodyheat as posssible - like every parent would do. 😉 our little friend became stronger and stronger and on monday he even started running, jumping and climbing in our apartment. after taking care of him for 4 more days it was pretty obvious that he became very healthy and fit again. he had less need for our attention and slept without his hot-water-bottle. we made the hard decision to let him go and play in trees with his own kind. we found a wildlife rehabilitation centre close to hamburg and on friday we brought him there. now the really hard part started: a final goodbye. it was very cool to see him saying hi to his new roommates but as soon as we started talking again and he heard our voices, he tried to come to us and reach lys arm to climb on her shoulder. a very heartbraking but obvious sign that we did the right thing, so we left immediately, with tears in our eyes, knowing we will probably not see him again. but, wild animals are not pets and we know he will have a great time exploring the woods in the north of hamburg and hopefully will be able to take better care of his own kids - go somewhere far away from humans, please. we wish u all the best "kleiner muck". // #babysquirrel #lovestory #nature #wildlife #squirrel #hamburg #squirrelbaby #naturegram #nikonphotography #visualsofearth #visualambassadors #outdoors #goodlife #nikondeutschland #animal #wildandfree #intothewild #outdoorlovers #goexplore #woodworking #takecare #eauyeahphotography
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