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I’ve spent too long being a product of my circumstances. I’m ready to be a product of my DECISIONS.💪 . I’ve missed a LOT of workouts thanks to chronic migraines lately, to the point that I stood in the mirror and said “maybe I just need to start over.” But I took my progress photos and realized that even though it takes me longer, I’m still seeing CHANGE.✨ . So here’s what eleven days of workouts looks like on my belly fat. Gotta say, I ain’t mad at it😉 . My bf got a promotion at work recently (PROUD of you babe!), and it’s meant longer hours & a longer commute while things get settled. He’s ROCKING it, but he said between all the time he’s putting in and that long drive home, he’s exhausted and living in temporary survival mode and he’s ready for a change. So we made a pact - changing just ONE thing nutrition-wise each day to do and feel better. That way he’s not adding even more to his plate, and my perfectionism of “omg I’m not doing everything perfectly so I’m just gonna binge🤦‍♀️” doesn’t act up. . Swipe over to the third pic to see my nutrition change for today - I’m naturally more of a grazer when it comes to eating, and if I don’t watch out I’ll end up snacking straight through the day. So today I made a point to cook myself lunch - scrambled eggs with feta, 1/2 an avocado 🥑, and cherry tomatoes slow-cooked with garlic and thyme🤤. I even sat at the kitchen table to enjoy it, instead of taking it to the couch or my office. . Ya know what? I haven’t snacked AT ALL today.👏 . Sometimes it’s not about the big gigantic decisions. Sometimes it’s about changing one small thing daily - and letting it add up to BIG results.💕
80s vibes. ❤
I'll be misbehaving at @globetheatre_la THIS THURSDAY, only I'm exchanging my whip for a crossbow as Queen Joffrey, first of her name 👸🏼 (I feel like one of the best kept secrets in 🍒 is that I'm actually a rather nice, sensitive girl...) . . . . . 📸: @danieljsliwa_photo #cherrypoppinsla #cherrypoppinsproductions #burlesque #burlyq #burlylife #gotcoq #tuesdaymourning #lathtr #audienceparticipation #dom #dominatrix #showgirl #showgirls #actress #comedian #singer #dtla #joffreybaratheon #genderbendcosplay #cosplaysexy #womenempowerment #actor #funnywomen #theglobetheatrela #dtlanightlife #joffrey #nerdygirl #nerdygirls #winterishere #clashofqueens
One of the best dives we’ve had in the Red Sea in a while - the south recovered so well! The perfect ‘see you soon Red Sea’ dive trip ❤️ Credit: @girlmonroe22
Who’s the nerdiest of them all? 💚🧝🏻‍♀️💚
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