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Thor is slaying Giants. Love The Sound of rain and the smell of rain in dry soil 😍. (In Scandinavia We have a Hijab emoji but not The hammer of Thor, just saying 🙄 ) #thunder #norsemythology #myhome #scandinavia #lovethesmellofrain #loverainydays #naturesounds #photography #art #musicismyaeroplane #thrashmetal #blackmetal #doommetal #groovemetal #heavymetal #melodicdeathmetal #rock #postpunk #punk #ambient #electronic #chillstep #industrialmetal #art
Rölundastenen. Upplands runinskrift 672. (U 672) - This is the last of the three runestones from Rölunda. It is now placed on top of one of the four large burial mounds on the property. The runestone is first mentioned in the early 1600's by Johannes Bureus who says "in Rölunda by Varpesund, there kings are buried" (he means the large burial mounds). Around the same time Johannes Haquini Rhezelius notes "it is in the same wall as the other" (U 671). Johan Peringskiöld in his "Monumenta Upplandica" (1669) mentions it as "in the southern wall only 10 steps from the other (U 671), not far from the burial mounds." After this it was lost for a long time but when Richard Dybeck visited in 1868 he found it buried in the soil. A few years later in 1871 the nobleman who owned Rölunda, H. H. von Essen had the burial mound restored and raised the stone on top of it. He was a history enthusiast but in this time people did not realize moving ancient monuments around was not a good idea. He was the one who moved U 671 to another location as well. This runestone is very badly damaged, most of the inscription is lost. We are not even able to make out one name on it, who raised it or who it was raised for. We only know that someone had it raised for their father. A fragment of a runestone (U 673) was also found in the 1600's but now has been lost. It could have been part of this one and read "Halvdan and". - ... ᚢ (ᛏ) ... (ᛚ) ᛂ ᛏ ᚢ ᛫ ᚱ ᛅ ᛁ ᛋ ᛅ ᛫ ᛘ ᛂ ᚱ ... ... ... ᚠ ... (ᚦ) ᚢ ᚱ ᛫ ᛋ ᛁ ᚾ ᛫ - ...u(t)... (l)etu · raisa · mer... ... ...f ...(þ)ur · sin · - ... letu ræisa mær[ki] ... ..., [fa]ður sinn. - ... lät resa minnesmärket…sin fader. - English: "... had the memorial raised ... ..., their father."
Ofegs-stenen. Upplands runinskrift 671. (U 671) - At Rölunda farm there are four huge burial mounds, it is a very old place. There are also three runestones from Rölunda, (U 670) from my last post stands at the foot of one of the mounds and (U 672) stands at the top of another mound. The third stone will be in the next post. In the work "Ransakningarna", the priest Andreas Andreæ Rydenius relates "there are three runestones in Rölunda, one at the farm of Erik Matsson, one at the farm of Mats Eskilsson and one in the wall between their farms. - This one now stands on top of a very high ridge overlooking the bridge that goes over Varpsund Straight. The ridge called The Rölunda Ridge (Rölundaåsen) stretches to Rölunda where the stone is originally from. While it was still in Rölunda it was described as "at the southern wall" It was moved sometime around 1860-70 to its current location by the owner of Rölunda, the nobleman H. H. von Essen who was interested in ancient monuments. The place where it now stands is part of the property of Rölunda but is 3km away from its historic location. The name "Olbusi" has not been completely interpreted, it doesn't appear on any other inscription. In fact even on the early sketches and interpretations the first three runes were already unreadable and left out but Hadorph and Leitz in their interpretation wrote "Olbusi". It is most likely the incorrect name. - [ᚬ ᛚ ᛒ] (ᚢ) ᛋ ᛁ ᛫ ᛚ ᛂ ᛏ ᛫ ᚱ ᛅ ᛁ ᛋ ᛅ ᛫ ᛋ ᛏ ᛅ ᛁ ᚾ ᛫ ᚦ ᛂ ᚾ ᚬ ᛫ ᛅ ᛏ ᛫ ᚢ ᚠ ᛅ ᚴ ᛫ ᚠ ᛅ ᚦ ᚢ (ᚱ) ᛫ ᛋ ᛁ ᚾ ᛫ - [olb](u)si · let · raisa · stain · þeno · at · ufak · faþu(r) · sin · - (olb)usi let ræisa stæin þenna at Ofæig, faður sinn. - (Olb)usi lät resa denna sten efter Ofeg, sin fader. - English: "(Olb)usi had this stone raised in memory of Ofeg, his father."
. .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. RECOMMENDATION . .If you are not already subscribing to @thecunningwife 's brilliant newsletter you, my friend, are missing out. This month's newsletter includes a poetic invocation of Walpurgisnacht, an exploration of a forgotten traditional craft, and a review of Neil Gaiman's excellent collection of Norse mythology. #witchesofinstagram #gaywitchesofinstagram #queerwitch #gaywitch #folkwitch #folkloricwitchcraft #mythology #myth #norsemythology
#оберег #EsotericHandmade#Агисхьяльм - «Шлем ужаса» является древним оберегом, призванным защищать носителя от злых сил, и талисманом, повышающим силу носителя. Агисхьяльм универсален, ведь его задача состоит в концентрации внутренней силы и отражении внешнего негативного воздействия, поэтому он подойдёт всем — девушке и парню, мужчине и женщине. ⠀ #Валькнут - один из важнейших символов в скандинавской культуре и мифологии. В современном обществе оберег используется для того чтобы получить доступ к тайному и непознанному. Расширить свои возможности в плане энергетики и скрытой силы. Интуиция, предвиденье – ценные качества, которые может даровать знак человеку, который его носит. Валькнут дарует своему владельцу мудрость и улучшает память, а также внимание. ⠀ #Чёрное Солнце - Этот сакральный знак обладает большой мистической силой. Помогает человеку получить защиту Предков. Они подсказывают верные решения владельцу оберега. Спасают его от чужого негативного влияния, в том числе от магических воздействий. Еще одно значение знака Черное Солнце – это помощь в духовном развитии. В осознании своего истинного пути и смысла жизни. ⠀ ⓘ Браслет "Обережный Северный" тонкий с тремя бусинами с мультиразмерной застёжкой из серии "Северные Амулеты" ᚠ Стоимость - 1500р ▻ Контакты для заказа, цены и отзывы по ссылке в описании профиля. ⠀ Online Shop 🌐 ALEXPEDITION.ETSY.com ⠀ #ALEXPEDITION #МастерϟАлекс #Paracord #runic #norse #paganism #heathen #norsemythology #asatru #odinism #vikingstyle #viking #nordic #valhalla #ParacordFashion #paracordbracelet #bracelet
Our latest range is now here!! This time around we've listened to feedback from our female audience and made our new line unisex! All tees are still made from 100% recycled organic cotton and good for the environment! The insanely talented @badgerkingtattoo his created us our own beautiful traditional Mjolnir design. Modelled by the beautiful @zoeelfreyah and photo taken, as always, by our good friend @mikeburnage #hornsofodin #drinkinghorn #hornmug #iceland #horn #warhorn #blowinghorn #vikings #vikingtattoo #viking #norse #norsemythology #nordic #berserker #warrior #odin #thor #aesir #medieval #reenactment #renfaire #stave #runes #pagan #heathen #carved #handmade
We all know #Thor is going to unite with the #Avengers & smash #Thanos in the #EndGame with his mightiest #Stormbreaker . If you are just obsessed with this great Asgardian do give #norsemythology a listen on @storytel. Listening to this book gave me the most intriguing insights about the light and dark days in Asgard. It also gives a quirky take on all the characters and their origin stories. As we all are already familiar with all of them, this book is one hell of a ride which share the relationship between cunning #Loki and his kids. #Odin and all the tales about his divine oaths, the righteous #Heimdall and the saviour of Asgard - Mighty Thor. Clicked by @verma_ankita
Yes I can't go a single day without posting art pieces that you've never seen before 😼 #Höder_schleudert #artistcarlemildoeplar #vikingart #carlemildoepler #norsemythology #germanartist #norwegianepic #masterpiece #1882
Our first prompts are here!! . . . Feel free to share!! The more the merrier! . . . We can't wait to see what you all come up with. Use the prompt however you wish, writing, pictures, photos, art, poetry - all is welcome. . . Make sure you use #mythsandmagickmay so we can find your posts. We will share all in our stories and highlights! . . There will be a giveaway at the end of the month, choosing from the people who participated the most 😉 . . The prompts start first May!
I am Loki of Asgard, and I burdened with glorious purpose. × #sketch #loki #asgard #mythology #norsemythology #marvel
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