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DERBY GREY / IDR 215.000 ALL SIZE Lingkar Dada : 134cm Pj. Tangan : 40cm Pj. Baju : 68cm Bahan : Katun Spandex Tebal (Interlock) ______________ Tinggi Model : 176cm #nursingwear #bajumenyusui #nursingmama
DERBY GREY / IDR 215.000 ALL SIZE Lingkar Dada : 134cm Pj. Tangan : 40cm Pj. Baju : 68cm Bahan : Katun Spandex Tebal (Interlock) ______________ Tinggi Model : 176cm #nursingwear #bajumenyusui #nursingmama
DERBY GREY / IDR 215.000 ALL SIZE Lingkar Dada : 134cm Pj. Tangan : 40cm Pj. Baju : 68cm Bahan : Katun Spandex Tebal (Interlock) ______________ Tinggi Model : 176cm #nursingwear #bajumenyusui #nursingmama
*Nursing / Maternity Bra* . Price : Rm23 + pos rm8 sm/rm12 ss . *Size:* S : Fit 32B 32C 32D 34A 34B 34C 36A M : Fit 32DD 34D 36B 36C 36D 38B 38C L : Fit 34DD 34E 36DD 36E 38D 38DD 40BC XL : Fit 38E 40D 40DD 40E 42C 42D 42DD . *Materials:* 92% Nylon 8%Spandex . #nursingitem #nursingbra #maternitybra #maternity #nursingmama
I've got some exciting news coming next week (biz news, before you all ask 😂), and in the meantime I'd like to ask some questions about your experiences. Your feedback will help so many mothers! How old was your child when they were diagnosed with oral restrictions by a medical professional? If you have more than one child, please share all of their ages. ----- I just love this artwork by @guadypleskacz
I shared some of my money-saving tips, universal birthday party games, & tips on how to plan fun birthday parties without having SO much stress on yourself on my stories. After having three babies & planning tons of parties, I promise you I’ve tried it all. 😂 I thanked the Lord after Eli’s party today because it was one of the least stressful ones I’ve thrown over the course of the past six & a half years. My main tip is to remember to have fun with your baby + your guests! 🥳🎈Everything else will fall into place.
Give it 30 days momma. I remember sitting alone, awake in the wee hours of the morning, my shirt soaked in tears & milk. Crying my eyes out. My nipples hurt so bad: cracked, blistered, engorged, & bleeding. I’m crying. Babies crying. “I can’t do this another second.” I thought. Baby latches on again, as my milk had just come in & she had been waiting & is so hungry, cluster nursing nonstop. The pain was unbearable. Worse than labor. Had we had formula in the house, it may have been game over. I totally understand why so many don’t make it breastfeeding for very long: it’s physically & mentally ROUGH. I called the midwives. They gave me amazing advice & support. They rushed me a nipple shield. It doesn’t last forever. For me, by 30 days, we are in the bliss stage of breastfeeding. Those rough first days soon turn into the best thing imaginable. You & baby, bonding on a level only you two can understand. You have this special connection that needs no words to communicate. It’s releasing love hormones. Calming stressful days. Your body is in tune with your babies. Creating antibodies to heal them & prevent sickness from entering them. Creating a custom milk for what baby needs that very moment. Your breasts become softer as they regulate to babies needs and you no longer feel engorged and leaky. You alone are a safe haven for baby. Comfort & warm milk to quench their thirst. Skin to skin is regulating their body temperature & they feel & hear your heartbeat which reminds them of the womb which they called home for 9 months of their life. Our bodies are amazing. . . . . . . #breastfeedingjourney #breastfeedingislove #breastfeedingisnormal #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingcommunity #fourthtrimester #fourthtrimesterbody #nursingmama #nursingjourney #attachmentparenting #cosleepingfamily #attachmentparenting #babywearingchallenge #wildbirdsling #wildbirdringsling
#milkmaker 💦 19 months going strong. Have I been judged for breastfeeding? Yup. Have I been shamed for doing it/talking about it/posting about it? Yup. (By other moms no less.) Have I been asked, “You’re STILL nursing him!?” Yup. Have I been praised for it? Yup. Doesn’t matter tho. Can we all just chill and accept that moms are doing the best they can? They find what works for them and they do that, no judgement necessary. . However you feed your child, wherever you feed your child, you’re FEEDING them and that’s what matters. I see you formula and pumping and supplementing mamas! Baby led weaning and purée mamas too!! YOU DO YOU🙌 . For me, I’ve always wanted to at least attempt to breastfeed. It’s something most of the women in my family did and it’s just been something I’ve believed in and felt called to try. Now that we are here, 19 months in, I have no words of wisdom except I just have listened to Luca’s cues and fed on demand since day one. I also feel truly, truly blessed that it worked for us and that Luca and I have shared this incredible journey. . It did not come easy though. And it is *definitely* not all rainbows and butterflies, far from it. Those first few weeks were excruciating as he was learning to latch and I was learning to hold him properly/recover from his birth. Cluster feeding, engoregment and oversupply galore too🤪 . But like everything else in motherhood, it ebbs and flows in difficulty, still to this day. My feelings about it also ebb and flow, especially now that I know we’re nearing the end💔 Some day’s I’m so ready to be done and have my body back to myself and other days I cannot even think about stopping. . Luca of course doesn’t nurse for calories anymore, it’s more of a comfort thing. As you can see he likes playing trucks on my chest while nursing #dontask 😂🤷‍♀️ . So yeah, we’re going to continue for now. I always thought he would just wean himself when he was ready and I’m still kind of waiting for that I guess. Anyway, soaking up these moments and just wanted to shoutout to all the mamas keeping their babies fed and comforted. You’re doing AMAZING💗 . 🌺Milk Maker ( . )( . ) tee is by @thelittlemilkbar_
As you can see this little guy is very healthy. He is strictly on a milk diet and doing my best to keep up with his demands. At 6 months weighing 21lbs he got GAINS everyday! #healthybaby #healthybabies #nursingmom #nursingmama #breastfeedingmom #breastfeeding #funnybaby #puns #punsaregreat #babyplaying #babyrolls #babypuns #instababies #funnybabies #babycreative #babycostumes #childrenof_instagram #kidsfun #babiesbabiesbabies
You know what I found out today?⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ That if you don’t sleep for 11 days, you die. Yikes!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ So this is a little Sunday night reminder that sleep more than counts as self care. In fact, if you happen to be in a wacky season of life like I am, sleep is paramount! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ [This picture of a sleeping woman with freshly manicured nails is unfortunately not me, as my plans for nail care were overthrown by sleep last night, and likely will be tonight as well! Keepin’ it real. Being a perimenopausal nursing mama is NO JOKE.] #sleepisselfcare #selfcare #sundaynight #sundayselfcare #sleep #nursingmama #perimenopause #sendhelp
My baby at 6 months. Tomorrow he'll be 15 months and still nursing aaannndddd I love it. #nursingmama
・・・ "Sharing this unfiltered image of me ✨giving my all✨ for #nationalbreastfeedingmonth My hubby snapped this pic as I fell asleep sitting up, breastfeeding our 2 week old twins. Exhausted doesn’t fully describe this experience as I was healing from 2 types of births (Baby A vaginal, Baby B cesarean) and my body is working non-freaking-stop to make all the milk for these boys. . This is the least flattering/aesthetically pleasing image I could share of me bfing my twins but, man, it makes me proud as I look back at how hard my body was working. Sneaking in a nap while the boys ate because, holy crap, I could have fallen asleep anywhere during that first year of their lives. . Our bfing journey lasted 28 months. I amazed myself. Each day/week/month/year that ticked away was mind boggling to me. We were figuring this thing out. Together. It was not easy and required so much sacrifice, but I was 1,000% committed to this part of my journey and thankfully we made progress together. . I enjoyed so many beautiful moments with my boys nursing side-by-side. The first time twins hold hands while bfing is heart-bursting 💗 Those moments of connection, warm snuggles, love given and received got me through. . Any twin mamas out there bfing? Give me a 💜💜 If you need a little encouragement, share a message below. I love cheering others on along this journey and remind you of just how amazing you are!" - @amy_exercisingbalance . #pregnancy #nursingmama #breastfedbaby #breastfeedingmoms #breastfeedingmama #breastmilk #newborn #breastfeed #breastfeedingsupport #pregnant #pumpingmom #breastfeedingjourney #motherhood #baby #family #postpartum #breastfeedinginpublic #breastfeedingawareness #nursingbra #parentingmemes #normalizebreastfeedingn #breastfeedingfriendly #motherlife #nursingcover #motherlove #breastfeeding #lactationcookies f#breastpump #nursingpillow #motherlove
@_gracefully_fit - Top 3 reasons why I breastfeed 1. The health benefits for baby: Improves baby immunity, reduces risk of SIDS, provides best nutrition, increase in healthy weight, can make children smarter 2. The natural way of life: God designed this as a tool so I’m going to use it. 3. The financial inexpense: it’s free! What are some reasons you breastfeed or plan to breastfeed? Also for those who don’t, why do you choose not to? . . . . . . . . . . #mommyfashion #lactatingmom #momof2 #weightlossjourney #mombody #thisispostpartum #igfitmom #breastfeedingmom #postpregnancy #fitmomof2 #postpartumdiaries #1weekpostpartum #mombod #milkymama #momswhoworkout #legitmomstyle #momofgirls #fitmomlife #momstrong #postpartum #nursingmama #momlifeunfiltered #mommyhood #postpartumdiary #mombosslife #sahmlife #fitpostpartumjourney #nursingmom #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody
Eli has had the absolute BEST day today! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our big F O U R year old!!! 🎈
Here, there, and everywhere, baby boy 💙 These past 6 months may have been an eternity to you, but for me they have been mere seconds. Gone in just the blink of an eye. I know we won't have this special connection just between you and I for long, so I promise to cherish it while we do! I count my lucky stars every time I am able to feed you, for it wasn't this way with your siblings. And I pray that we can make it another 6 months. Aside from our first latch, I think nursing you around our Nation's Capital are my favorite memories yet ❤ *on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on a bench in front of the Federal Trade Commission building, outside one of the Smithsonian museums, and on the steps of the Dauthers of the American Revolution Constitution Hall* #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #babyboy #nursingmama #6months #memories #washingtondc #herethereeverywhere
Comfortable for use inside and outside the home, the Compact Nursing Pillow gives mother & baby all the support they need while still being small enough to take wherever you go. Free shipping > www.simplygood.biz . . #nursingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #mommyhood #mama #breastfedbaby #momlife #breastfeedwithoutfear #newborn #breastfeedingisbeautiful #babieswithstyle #babyboy 💙 #babies #little #breastfeedinginpublic #nursingmama #nursingmamaproblems #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeedingprobs
Guys, with all the business showing you our new dresses I forgot my one huge love- FOOD!!! I love baking and I love food and I’ve become obsessed over the years with food that tastes yummmmm and is clean, healthy, and makes you feel like a million bucks when you’re done instead of that sugar low I was used to for years that kept me bloated and tired. Moms need things that give us energy, are easy to make and are delish, no? Hope you enjoy this recipe for chocolate chip spice muffins from @cookingbykylie ❤️ 2 flax eggs 1/3 cup applesauce 1/4 cup coconut sugar 3 tbsp cashew butter 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1/2 cup almond flour Your favorite chocolate chips Bake on 350 for 20 minutes—Kylie recommends doubling the recipe! Xoxo, Tsippi . . . . . . #nursingmom #breastfeeding #havahtribe #healthyeats #cookies #momlife #easyrecipes #chocolatechip #muffins #greatrecipe #momonamission #nursingmom #nursingmama #recipes #sundayshares #yummy #womensupportingwomen
It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here. My social media cleanse has since ended and I’ve got news that has made me really wonder what to do with this account. ⁣ ⁣ When I took my break, I planned on creating content, which never got planned. ⁣ But I also had longer term plans that have been placed on hold for a timeframe that I’m not even sure of. ⁣ ⁣ A few weeks ago, before I got the news that I would be leaving for Korea in January, without my family, I planned on extended breastfeeding again. I figured around 2-3 years old we would wean, and If have so much time here with you to share my journey, share tips, and embark on my new plans I had. ⁣ Since getting that news, I know that I’ll no longer be nursing past 11 months. I’ve thought about pumping in Korea, and sending it home but I have no idea on the logistics of that right now and with my mission there, I don’t know how realistic that is going to be. ⁣ ⁣ With all of that said, I’m lost as to the purpose of this account at the moment, and wanted to share this photo that was taken yesterday 😍🥰⁣ ⁣ #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #eatlocal #nursingmama #lactationlink #lactationhelp #supplyanddemand #spectra #medela #mommymilk #nursing #csection #breastmilk #pumpingmom #foremilk #hindmilk #workingmom #busymom #justenough #milksupply #lactation #lactationconsultant #breastfeedingcounselor #breastfeedinginpublic #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeed #newmom #momlife
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