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just let it be ac/80%rm lovxholland cc yt dt @lauranarjes
fav friends of kenzies - ac: idk + dt:tagged edit creds: aepalana tags: #kenzieedits #kenzieziegleredits #mackenzieziegler #maisystella #kenzieziegler #omgpage #explorepage
they said we in love and you can leave us alone🥰
Midoriya: *makes a slight movement* ⁣ ⁣ Me: OML MY PRECIOUS BBY BOI DEKU YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SINCE EPISODE 1. YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT MAKES ME SO HAPPY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️💞💖💕💞💖💞⁣ ⁣⁣ ———⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Day 2: Edit your first bnha stan⁣ I was too proud of this edit so I decided to post it now :’’’)⁣ cc; mine⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ac; loqjm⁣ dt: anyone who loves him (`・ω・´)⁣
Miss them so much
⚠️ DO NOT REPOST ⚠️ . . . AU: Daenerys dies, and her soul falls into Mordor. Sauron offers her a deal with him: she will continue to live, but will destroy the armies that hinder him. Daenerys agrees and first takes revenge on those who betrayed her. She was then ordered to destroy Torin's army, but she lost. But she will be back . . . ac idk cc me oc youtube and @videooverlays_ dt tagged + @mystic.starks @cxrseii @legolas._greenleaf_ @emilia._.daenerys @scqrletwitches @prxciious @poldark_edits
momo says rawwrr! 🦕 [4/7] dt;momo lovers★彡
first edit of the page Song:sleep thru or alarms Dt:@mishuzg @sunset.exez @slyx.amv @aestsuki @dvrkq @fletcher.mp3 @numb.aep @scream.aepxx
is typing... 💌՞🕸⋆¸*ೃ tatbilb is such a good movie uwu also i got 2 bad assessment results back and i wanna cry but my grandmas gonna question me in cantonese and I'm just not prepared for that . ° : ✩˚。⋆༉‧₊˚✧₊˚.༄ ꒰🌺꒱ :: 1370 ༑ ࿐ྂ。 ꒰🐠꒱ :: comment for lfl/fff ꒰🍣꒱ :: photolayers & phonto . ° : ✩˚。⋆༉‧₊˚✧₊˚.༄ ꒰🌷꒱ :: tags #nichememes #nichememe #niche #memes #starterpack #starterpacks #selfcarethreads #selfcare #tumblr #nichememeaccount #nichememer #nichecommunity #aesthetic #explorepage #explore #omgpage #trending #cute #gain #gainpost #moodboard
Does anybody still play this game? (I’m curious) 🧐 I know I’ll be back playing it once the Halloween update comes at least 🎃 👻 🦇 #tsto
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